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You need to be very careful about who’s advice you follow, as it could take you down a long path that leads to nothing. You need to

AzonSnipe – 4 Page Sites Make 4 Figures Each

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Dear Friend

Let’s get straight to the point…

There is a lot of BAD information out there about how to build affiliate websites that will make money.

– Some people say you need to build huge authority sites.

– Some say that CPA offers are the only way to go.

– Some even say that affiliate websites are pointless and SEO is too hard these days.

You need to be very careful about who’s advice you follow, as it could take you down a long path that leads to nothing. You need to be totally clear that you are following people who are walking the walk…and not just talking the talk.

I DO actually know how to create affiliate websites that make money. In fact, almost every one I make brings in a nice 4 figures in profit.

– They are not huge authority sites.

– They don’t use CPA offers.

– They rank with just a handful of backlinks.

And the best part is, ANYONE can create the type of sites that I make as they are super simple to put together. In fact, it only takes an hour or so of actual ‘work’ to build each one.

Before I move on, here’s just a few details about the sites I create (some of these may surprise you):

– I use the Amazon affiliate program

– My sites are TINY. Most of them have just 4 pages.

– I build them on Exact Match Domains (EMD’s). Yep, everything you’ve heard about them is probably WRONG. They are more powerful than ever in 2016.

– Almost every site I create will bring in more than $1,000 in profit.

– I build them and then flip them for easy lump sum cash.

That’s $112,182 in pure profit, creating and selling simple websites. I also sell my sites to previous buyers, so the actual total profit is a LOT more.

Here are just a few of my recent site sales (These receipts are for the sale only. The sites have made hundreds in affiliate commissions on top of these amounts):

So let me ask you a question…

And when I say ‘show you’ I don’t just mean give you a 15 page .PDF document, nudge you on your way and never hear from you again.

I mean actually hold your hand through every step, give you videos on each step, show you REAL sites I have sold and even share a live over-the-shoulder complete system walk through from choosing a niche to putting the site live.

So you walk away with an easy to follow, hugely scalable system that can be used over and over again to create 4 figure payday’s whenever you want them.


I will guide you through each exact step that I use to build my super simple sites. From choosing a niche through to actually selling your sites (if you want to sell them), nothing is left out.

Here’s exactly what you get:

– Video training

Each step is fully outlined in my video training, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything and can watch at your own convenience.

– Live over-the-shoulder case study

A complete case study that covers everything from choosing the niche, domain name through to building the site.

And here’s one of the most important parts:

– Daily email support (Mon-Fri) for 30 days

Stuck on something or need to ask a question? No problem. I’m available Mon-Fri for 30 days to answer your questions. That’s plenty of time for you to go through the entire system and then to continue to build these 4 figure sites in your own time.



Due to me personally helping you via email each day, I have to limit this offer to just 10 people. Once 10 people have signed up, this offer WILL be removed. If the buy now button above isn’t there, then I’m sorry but the offer has been closed. If it is still there then you can still be one of the 10 people, don’t delay!

Remember: You are getting a genuine system that actually works and can be scaled up to be as profitable as you wish. Not only that, you have access to me for 30 days to guide you through the entire process.


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