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AWAI –  Pam Foster –  Site Audits Made Simple: Consult Your Way to Lucrative Web Copywriting Projects

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Read on to learn how you can use this process to identify dozens of new money-making opportunities for your web copywriting business …

Dear Reader,

Why are certain copywriters like Nick Usborne, Heather Lloyd-Martin, and Andrew Palmer wildly successful? Because they provide their clients with trusted marketing advice delivered through a “diagnostic-prescriptive” approach. They show clients how to fix their weak marketing with brilliant ideas and winning copywriting services.

They don’t just get paid for individual writing projects …

They command large fees because they’re problem-solving consultants … and then they charge top fees to write the solutions they’d recommended.

You can do the exact same thing as a web copywriting “doctor” who breathes life into ailing websites.

Most companies have no idea why their websites aren’t working as they’d hoped.

They’re frustrated that their websites don’t show up in search engines … that they’re not getting the online sales they expected. And, they sure don’t know how to fix their websites.

As you can imagine, these clients are anxious to find answers … FAST.

That’s where you come in.

You can easily become a web consultant who specializes in diagnosing ailing websites, identifying weak content, and recommending solutions that truly work.

And when you do this, you’ll be the go-to resource for writing the content that helps those websites quickly recover and thrive.

Let me explain …

Revealed at last: your diagnostic tools for healing websites and demanding high fees as a web consulting specialist

I’m Pam Foster — a web copywriter, consultant, content writer and trainer, and I recently became the Director of Copywriting Training for AWAI. I specialize in helping my clients improve their website performance.

For over a dozen years now, I’ve worked with a wide range of clients to launch or re-launch multi-page websites and landing pages that generate leads and sales.

Quite often, I start a new project with a “strategic Site Audit” that educates clients about content opportunities they’re missing … and then I’m hired to fix the content problems that hold clients back.

When I started offering these audits, I charged $1,000. Now, my clients are happy to pay me $2,500 or more … and I’m about to raise my fees even higher. Keep in mind that this fee COMES BEFORE my fees for writing any web copy for them.

Interested in doing this, too?

Let me show you how.

Introducing Site Audits Made Simple: Consult Your Way to Lucrative Web Copywriting Projects

When I started offering Site Audit services, I couldn’t find any resources to help me put a structure or system to the information I was providing my clients. There was no template or checklist I could follow to help clients understand what their website was lacking.

So, I had to make up my own system. Along the way, I developed a number of cool tools I use to diagnose web problems and provide a “show and tell” report to my clients, setting the stage for ongoing work.

Now you can use my time-tested steps and tools, detailed in the first-ever Site Audit guide that focuses 100% on web content that works.

You’ll see precisely how to conduct a professional review of how the web content performs to:

  1. drive traffic to the client’s site, and
  2. drive sales activities or help your grateful client achieve his or her marketing goals.

Right away, you’ll become an expert at evaluating how web content reads on a page, how it guides people through the sales process, how clear it is, and how it drives action.

How great will it be to know how to do that?!

Additionally, you’ll become highly proficient at looking at how content is positioned to attract people in search engines, beating out the competition.

Bottom line? You’ll become a skilled, highly-paid advisor who improves web content performance.

As a web copywriter, you already know a lot about writing content that works. So really, this is a natural extension of your professional services.

But, it’s so much more than that.

Consider how a strategic Site Audit will help you grow your reputation and your business.

You can skip all the time and trial/error phases I went through. With Site Audits Made Simple, my guide from AWAI, I show you each of the steps I use to successfully conduct strategic Site Audits and win my way into the hearts of my clients.

This is the first program I know of that gives you a structured, 7-step approach for conducting a thorough Site Audit your clients will value.

Just follow the steps I’ve outlined, use the tools I created, and provide the best prescription for your clients’ struggling websites.

Sounds simple, right? But how exactly does this help you grow your business?

  • First, it positions you as a qualified web content consultant and strategic advisor who’s worth more than someone who just writes web-page copy. It’s like getting paid to write a proposal for your web copywriting work!
  • Second, your recommendations will usually require your client to revise the existing copy or create new pages to attract more visitors in search engines and drive more leads or sales throughout the website.

And who will write that content? YOU.

  • Plus, you’ll uncover all kinds of additional web copywriting opportunities to help your client. This includes landing pages, emails, blogs, videos, and other online and offline marketing approaches that can drive success.

And who will write that content? YOU, of course!

Not only that, but it’s very likely your client will refer you to colleagues who need help with their websites, too.

So, in many ways, your Site Audit services become a powerful perpetual marketing machine for your web-copywriting business.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned writer, you can leap to a higher professional level by guiding your clients to a more profitable site through a strategic content evaluation.

“I discovered five new ways to make more money before I even finished Step 1 in Pam’s guide. By the time I reached Step 4, I realized I might have already gotten more specific, practical and immediately usable advice than from any other marketing book I own!”

Steve Coombes, Copywriter
StepUp Creative

Armed with the information in Site Audits Made Simple, you’ll uncover your clients’ barriers to success and offer great solutions that can make big differences in their sites’ performances.

And, all recommendations will lead to content you can write for them.

With our easy-to-follow steps, you’ll know exactly how to:

  • Submit a winning Site Audit proposal
  • Measure content against the three core elements of successful websites
  • Get the right information from your client up-front, so you can do an excellent job
  • Identify barriers to success and opportunities for improvement on each web page
  • Evaluate competitive sites for strengths and weaknesses, and help your client rise above the competition
  • Provide checklists and screen shots that point out problem areas and opportunities to support your recommendations
  • Prepare a formal and polished report your clients will value
  • Recommend a detailed content improvement strategy to lift your client’s website traffic and sales conversion rates
  • Make the most of this opportunity to identify ongoing website and marketing projects for your client, otherwise known as “50 Ways to Please Your Client … and Prosper!”

When I first proposed this program to Rebecca Matter, AWAI’s President, she was very excited about it because of the role it can have in your career. She told me,

“I love this program because it shows the web copywriter how to rise to a whole new professional level while identifying all kinds of money-making opportunities!”

I designed each step of this program to show you how to …

  • Conduct a complete, valued Site Audit in the most effective way,
  • Know the difference between a website that works and a website that looks good but doesn’t work,
  • Examine website screen shots so each point is very clear,
  • Use proven checklists, tools, and approaches to complete a detailed site analysis,
  • Follow the content success tips I’ve been studying and compiling for many years,
  • Present your analysis report in a way that helps clients clearly understand your findings and embrace your recommendations, and
  • Open the door to ongoing web copywriting work for that client, plus other marketing copy and strategy work.

“If you’re looking to make serious money as a website copywriter, this program will cut years off your learning curve — literally. I’ve already implemented dozens of Pam’s tips.”

Eddie Adelman, Copywriter
Have Quill, Will Write

In addition to learning and practicing each of the seven steps, you’ll receive exclusive online access to every Site Audit document I use. This set of web copywriter work forms and templates, based on the latest web content best practices, is available to you for unlimited use — saving you countless hours of time creating your own materials.

With Site Audits Made Simple, you’ll know how to review your client’s web content, report on findings, and make strategic recommendations to improve SEO and sales-conversion results.

Those recommendations will turn into potential web copywriting projects and profitable ongoing relationships.

The end result?

You’ll help clients attract more buying customers … and, therefore, you’ll be considered a hero who may have saved your client’s online business.

This leads to more copywriting and consulting work, a great track record with proven samples, and ongoing referrals to new clients.

If you’re looking for this kind of business-building device …

Order Site Audits Made Simple now.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that you can use this guide as a new-client prospecting tool.

For example, in the guide, I explain how Margot Teleki, an enterprising web copywriter, took it upon herself to evaluate a number of websites in a niche market and then create a breakthrough Site Audit report that she reveals to potential clients, showing them how they measure up compared to their competition.

Just another great use of this hands-on Site Audit guide!

Ready to wow your clients with thoughtful, practical advice on how to improve their websites?

If you truly want to become more than a web copywriting hired hand and turn your role into an in-demand advisor, don’t waste another minute!

Site Audits Made Simple costs only $179.

When you consider that you can charge $1,000 or $2,500 or even more for a single Site Audit, this is an incredible value. Especially when you consider how it will set you apart from most copywriters who battle for attention in the vast sea of copywriters who simply write web pages.

If you’re ready to say, “The Web Doctor is IN” … be sure to order this must-have guide using the order button below, or by calling our Member Services team toll-free at 1-866-879-2924 …

and get started on attracting more clients — and more copywriting projects — through your new role as a brilliant web content consultant!


Pam Foster

Director of Copywriting Training, AWAI

P.S. Even if you’re just starting out as a web copywriter, this guide shows you dozens of tips for creating a Site Audit report that will impress any kind of web client, including corporate executives. Hint: I show you how to include visuals that support your findings, so your clients will “get it” immediately and want you to fix the problems you find. They can’t get this type of clear, no-nonsense content-improving advice from anyone else. Imagine what this will do for your business.


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