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Anik Singal - FB Academy

Anik Singal – FB Academy

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Get Unlimited Traffic Within Minutes For a
Starting Budget of Just $20…
…All Using My 3 Step Process for Facebook™ Ads!

Here’s What You Get When You Join FB Academy

Become a FB Academy founding member and learn how to drive high-converting profitable traffic – all from Facebook™ advertising!

#1 – Training & Full System Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step ($2891 Value)

#2 – Community of Facebook™ Advertising Specialists ($1891 Value)

#3 – Industry-Recognized Certification for Facebook™ Advertising ($2991 Value)

  • FREE BONUS #1: Facebook™ Ad Swipes (Value: $997)
  • FREE BONUS #2: Ad Creation Mastery (Value: $797)
  • FREE BONUS #3: First Campaign Checklists (Value: $697)
  • FREE BONUS #4: Kick-Start Targeting (Value: $1,497
  • FREE BONUS #5: Decision Maker Bonus (Value $1,997)

You log into Facebook™, put some ads together, hit the submit button AND…


  • No clicks, conversions, or income…
  • You thought it’d work (but, it flopped)!
  • Or maybe, they shut down your ad account…

Now you’re frustrated, a bit annoyed, and wondering if all the stuff you’ve read about Facebook™ advertising is even true?

Will you ever be able to do this successfully?

...because every time you try, you just get overwhelmed.

You see ZERO results.

Why Mastering Facebook™


Advertising is Essential in 2017

Listen, I get it.

Facebook™ can be incredibly frustrating if you don’t know how to use it.

It can even be downright scary!

But – it can also be VERY PROFITABLE if you get it right! And in 2017, you definitely want to learn how to do that!

Here’s why:

  • 72% of adults who use the internet use Facebook™ (Pew Research, 2015)…
  • 74% say they use Facebook™ for “professional purposes” (HubSpot, 2017)…
  • 100 million hours. of video are watched on Facebook™ DAILY (TechCrunch, 2016)…
  • Facebook™ now has 5M active advertisers, up from 4M in September (CNBC, 2017)…

Now think about that…

All you need to do is get a tiny sliver of those users to do business with you.

Just a fraction of a percent…

…to watch your video.

…to click on your ad.

…to get out their credit card & hit that BUY button.

All you need is a small piece of the pie – and you’ll see your income will go through the roof! Believe me, as someone who just started less than 2 years ago…

…this is 100% achievable.


I Didn’t Launch My FIRST
Facebook™ Ad Until January 2016

I started with $20.00…

…that’s what I spent on my first serious Facebook™ ad in January 2016.

Just twenty bucks.

You see, I was already a successful entrepreneur. I already had a decent income and a business I was proud of. But, I wanted more.

Up until January 2016, I pretty much stayed away from Facebook™.

  • It was SCARY!
  • It was intimidating…
  • It was a whole new world of advertising I didn’t even want to touch!

But here’s what I was seeing everywhere online…

…people were making A BOATLOAD of money on Facebook™!

  • My friends…
  • My colleagues…
  • People I followed…

I kept seeing ads, and blogs, and articles…

…all talking about how Facebook™ is making them a lot of money.

Now, they were either lying or they knew something I didn’t. And as it turns out, they weren’t lying at all. So, I made some calls, sent some emails, and after hundreds of hours of digging in I found out one thing:

There’s an entire system to follow to be successful with Facebook™ advertising.

I just needed to LEARN IT!

My Journey to “The System”
That Changed My Business

When I launched that $20 ad in January 2016, it was a BIG MOVE.

Because that’s when I went from focusing on “free-traffic” to paying for investment traffic.

This was a BIG jump for me because I wasn’t comfortable doing it. To be honest, it was a move I made out of sheer desperation. But you know what?

I did it!

After several hours of research, many long nights, and a lot of whiteboarding, I finally discovered a way to make Facebook™ ads work.

To be clear, I didn’t make tens of thousands of dollars off my first ad…

but I did make a PROFIT.

Fast forward to today, and I’m investing not just $20 a day into Facebook™ but nearly $14,000 daily. Every day. And even on slow days, we’re easily making over $32,056 back (per day) on a regular basis!

Since January 2016, I’ve put in $3.5 Million and made $13.5 Million back.

…that’s a 285.71% ROI!

90% of the Features Facebook™
Offers Aren’t Even Needed…

To be clear…

…Facebook™ is a beast.

It’s a large platform with A TON of features. And that’s why I think so many marketers and business professionals are intimidated by it!

I get it (believe me I do).

But please hear me loud & clear: Facebook™ is a beast that can be TAMED!

As a matter of fact, in the past year and a half alone:

  • I built an email list of 526,000 for “FREE” Using Facebook™ Ads…
  • I consistently make back 3X what I put into Facebook™ in a matter of DAYS…
  • I’ve actually got Facebook™ PAYING ME to send traffic to MY OWN SITES!

Before my credit card even gets billed for my ad spend, Facebook™ has already paid me a 300% ROI. All before the original bill even comes.

And THAT is the power of my 3 Step System…

..this is happening DAILY.


The 3 Steps You Need to Become
a Facebook™ Advertising Wizard

Listen – there are 3 steps to mastering Facebook™.

Ignore everything else on the platform and focus on these 3 simple steps.

Believe me, I’ve spent HUNDREDS OF HOURS perfecting this. I’ve tried it all. I’ve read every post & tutorial. I’ve even listened to podcasts on this! And what I’ve found is…

…you only need to master 3 things to make Facebook™ profitable:

  • Objectives & Targeting: This is how you tell Facebook™ WHAT you want and WHO you want to reach. But only a few of these goals actually matter (5 to be exact)!
  • Creating the AdTHIS is where most people get it dead wrong. You need to know about copywriting, psychology, visual flow, and so much more. Master this, and you WILL succeed.
  • Scaling UpTo launch a successful campaign, you need to know how to optimize it. You should be able to look at an ad and IMMEDIATELY determine if you should invest more, adjust it, or shut it off.

Inside FB Academy, I GO INTO EXCRUCIATING DETAIL on each of the 3 steps above.

When you master each step, you’ll be able to create, launch, and scale your Facebook™ ads with complete confidence…

…and FINALLY, see a healthy profit!

Want to Master Facebook™ Ads?
Step #1: Join FB Academy

I’ve never released a course quite like this before.


After experimenting on Facebook™ for the last 18 months and investing $3.5 million – I’ve made $13.5 million back. In just a year and a half. Listen – nobody in the “internet marketing” niche has ever put out a course like FB Academy.

What I teach inside is 100% up to date, practical, and proven. All my steps. All my templates. It’s everything I’ve learned about Facebook™ since January 2016 – all in one place ready for you to use.

I go into incredible detail in FB Academy. From building, to launching, to scaling – there’s NOTHING I leave uncovered.

It’s honestly my 100% complete brain dump on Facebook™ Advertising.

I show you EVERYTHING…

The 3 Things Needed
to Master Facebook™ Advertising

#1: A Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step System…

I’ll walk you through 9 powerful modules (+ 5 bonuses) that show you how to become a Facebook™ Ads Wizard.

I covered all the bases:

  1. Getting Started…
  2. The Sales Funnel…
  3. Landing Pages…
  4. The Ad…
  5. Targeting…
  6. Optimization…
  7. Advanced Strategies…
  8. Certification…
  9. Nuts & Bolts…

I even bring in other experts & interview them for you! So you get to hear from Facebook™ advertising legends!

I’m telling you, the modules alone are worth the price to get in.

I’ll also go one step further, and bring on the greatest minds in copywriting and grill them. Learn from the legends.

#2: Real Community…

This doesn’t mean that you just get thrown into a Facebook™ group and left alone. You get full 24/7 access to our coaches and team too! Not only that, we bring in experts, host continual training sessions, and give you real-time feedback on your campaigns!

With FB Academy, you’re never “on your own.”

#3 “Door-Opening” Certification…

Get instant credibility when you become a certified Facebook™ Ads Expert through FB Academy. This will open doors, get you clients, give you opportunities, and set you up for long-term success.

Not only do you get these powerful modules, a supporting community, and an industry recognized certification…

…you also get BONUSES!

5 FREE Bonuses Available For
FB Academy Founding Members

When you join FB Academy today, you will also gain immense benefit from these bonuses.

Bonus #1: Facebook™ Ad Swipes…
You get to swipe the “dark posts,” images, videos, and copy from some of my highest converting campaigns. I’m GIVING you what to write, post, build – all of it. If you need some inspiration, start with these!

Bonus #2: Ad Creation Mastery…
This is my entire ad creation toolkit – all yours. Get the tools I use to create images and videos that get CLICKS! It’s not a technical thing either, this is EASY. Just copy & paste.

Bonus #3: First Campaign Checklists…
I never launch an ad campaign without going through my checklists. I’m kind of a checklist nerd. And, I’m giving them to YOU. Get all of my ad checklists, PLUS my “5-minute routine.” All free when you join FB Academy.

Bonus #4: Kick-Start Targeting…

This is a continually updated list of interests, niches, and keywords to use when you’re building your campaigns. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. I’m giving you an “unfair advantage” here that will save you TONS OF TIME!

Bonus #5: Decision Maker…
When you join FB Academy, you also get ONE-YEAR of coaching calls! That’s a full year of access to the Lurn team. 24/7. This also includes personal training with Anik, and LIVE training every 2 weeks!

Here’s What You’ll Get TODAY
When You Join FB Academy


  • #1 – Training & Full System($2891 Value)
  • #2 – Community of Facebook™ Advertising Specialists($1891 Value)
  • #3 – Industry-Recognized Certification($2991 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Facebook™ Ad Swipes (Value: $997)
  • BONUS #2: Ad Creation Mastery (Value: $797)
  • BONUS #3: First Campaign Checklists (Value: $697)
  • BONUS #4: Kick-Start Targeting (Value: $1,497)
  • BONUS #5 – Decision Maker Bonus (Value: $1,997)

TOTAL VALUE: $13,758

$300 Founding Member Discount if you join today for a one-time payment of $697

Start Mastering the Platform That
1.28 BILLION People Use EVERY DAY…

  • You can become a founding member right now. It won’t be available at this price forever.
  • I only have 2 team members and a handful of coaches who work with me on Facebook™. So, we can’t enroll EVERYONE. We don’t have the bandwidth. Once we’re full, we’re shutting it down.
  • The $300 discount is applied now. It might not be there if you leave & come back!

What are you waiting for? Click through, get your spot, and become a profitable Facebook™ Master. There’s no course like this anywhere else on the internet. Especially not at this price…

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  1. Katie Cruz (verified owner)

    I feel more prepared for my career after taking this course.

  2. Erin Barnes (verified owner)

    The course was very informative and well-structured.

  3. Stephanie White (verified owner)

    The lessons were clear and easy to understand.

  4. Justin Gonzalez (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

  5. Justin Gonzalez (verified owner)

    In-depth coverage of the topic. I learned a lot!

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