Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime – Webinar Genesis


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Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime – Webinar Genesis

Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime – Webinar Genesis

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You Already Know This…

Smart Marketers understand that live Webinars convert more website visitors to high paying cash customers than any other form of online marketing. PERIOD

No ‘ifs, ands or buts’ about it.

Here’s why:

Regardless of whether you’re a complete online newbie or have a business that’s using traditional marketing methods…
The simple truth is most people don’t understand the science to running live webinars.

And that’s why, we’ve broken this science down in our simple to follow Webinar Genesis blueprint, based on our past history and success that we’ve had with webinars in our own businesses.

This blueprint is based 100% on hundreds of webinars that we’ve done over the years. And we’re talking mega successes –  many have done six figures or more and we’ve even done a few million dollar campaigns using webinars.

Webinar Genesis will walk you through everything you need to know to maximize the power of your webinars.

There Is a Precise Process to Running a Breakthrough Webinar.

  • Rule # 1: Make them drool. – The first thing you have to do when creating a webinar is get the right visitor in the exact right frame of mind to your landing page, then you have to get them to register because they’re so excited about your webinar that they’re practically drooling..
  • Rule # 2: Build the buzz – Then you have the anticipation sequence between the time they register and the webinar so they not only show up, they show up ready to participate and open to new ideas and possibilities.
  • Rule # 3: Follow Up – This part is vital – so vital that executing it correctly can increase your sales by 2 to 3 times – this is…knowing what to do AFTER the webinar – like using “strategically framed curiosity and urgency” email campaigns to those who didn’t show up, or using on-demand or even encore presentation replays and even setting it all up as a evergreen webinar that runs on software-based autopilot for maximum profits.

We’ve broken all of this down in the Webinar Genesis course, with mind maps and process maps.

We’ll Walk You Through Step-By-Step and
Show You Exactly How We Do it In Our Business.

For instance, we’re going to show exactly where you should use video in your
webinar campaign and break down the exact formula for you to model.

You will learn why you should always be testing creatively and what it is you actually should start with.

You’re also going to get our guide on the type of copy to use to create engagements and elicit the biggest response.

You’ll discover the best way to get people to register with a powerful free premium and what are the best days and best times to use webinars for maximum attendance.

You’ll get the exact page blueprint for after they register with a sneaky little trick you can use to get people to actually share your message across their networks so you can get even more people coming back into this webinar.

There’s also something called indoctrination. If you do this right, your webinar attendees will be ready to buy before you even BEGIN the webinar

Plus it’s simple to do:

it all happens with an email follow up sequence…. You’ll learn EXACTLY how to execute the proper follow up, and much more in Webinar Genesis!

You will be given our proven template on how to do this email campaign which builds excitement and actually has people queuing up to attend your live webinar. More importantly, with this campaign they will understand more about the proof of concept about what you’re doing that will make conversions on these webinars even better.

Plus you’ll get the types of follow-up emails and our text message strategies that you will use to make sure people don’t forget to show up to the webinar.

Next you’re going to see the best webinar format that you should do in order to get the results you want.

  • Should you do a 60 or 90 minutes webinar?
  • How much training should you do?
  • When should you get to the pitch?
  • How much pitching should you do?
  • Should you do Q&A?

You will see what analytics you should be paying attention to. This is very important.

You’ll know things like EPCs, Dollar per lead, campaign value, etc, so that you know how much money can spend on advertising and how much money you can pay your JV partners just based on how many people they get to register.

Now the Webinars All Done, Where Do You Go From There?

Well now you need to have a post event profit strategy. So immediately you want to get people onto the replay.

How do you get your affiliates to mail the replay, when should they mail the replay?

All those different things about segmenting those lists, we’re going to break it down for you and give you a mind map so that you know exactly step-by-step how to do your entire webinar from positioning to strategy to tactics.

And on top of that, the evergreen model after that, being that you have evergreen business system, you can take your live webinar, and then put it into an automated system, that will automatically do this message for you. People can then come to these pages choose the date and time that works for them and choose to watch a webinar that you’ve already done where you’re giving all of that great information and the profits just keep rolling in.


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