Amy Schmittauer – Addictive Video for Business

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Amy Schmittauer – Addictive Video for Business


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Addictive Video for Business
3 steps to creating video content that keeps your customers wanting more from your business.

If content is king, then video content is Julius Caesar. As digital attention spans get shorter, nothing gets your brand moving like moving content. But creating videos that are both an effective marketing tool and a compelling audience experience is a tricky balancing act. Join us as Amy Schmittauer, founder of SavvySexySocial.com, shares her three steps for producing video content that goes beyond strategy and education to become engaging and fun. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Social Funnel and how your content plan contributes to it
  • Defining your strategy for a successful video campaign
  • Structuring a content plan that keeps great ideas flowing consistently
  • Brainstorming 30-plus topics for your editorial calendar in one sitting
  • A YouTube formula for creating effective, engaging videos every time

This is an ideal event for marketing agents, creative directors, PR professionals, content strategists, social media managers—anyone looking to make their video content more powerful, memorable and shareable.


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