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Amber Jalink - Build Grow Launch Training

Amber Jalink – Build Grow Launch Training


Price: $997
Sale Page: www.incomesleuth.com/build-grow-launch/
Archive: archive.is/DlySY


What are these numbers? These are real numbers that membership sites have created and earned, most of them within 72 hours of launching…. One of them from open to close in under 21 hours. Recently.

The last number is not mine. But I watched it live. Literally, live. And it was incredible. Yes, in under 21 hours, that offer earned $1.3 million dollars.

So put away ALL doubts aside and just read every word on this page before you decide that this is the one thing that can change your entire future.

(Now I’ll cue the headline )

Whether you’ve ever released any product online or not, you’re going to discover the most powerful way to create your own LIFESTYLE BUSINESS and launch it to waiting, hungry buyers, even if you think it doesn’t fit your niche.

The Ultimate Live Case Study

You are just moments away from getting back-door access to a brand new course that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to create, build, grow and launch a membership site of your very own
when you join the Build Grow Launch Method Beta Class.

The most powerful step by step, “watch over my shoulder” Ultimate Live Case Study and training you’ve NEVER seen before, even if you have no desire to learn how to create a website.

Buckle up – the next 7 weeks can change your life forever – IF you grab our special back door access. But as a warning, this is the ONLY time this year I will be offering this. If you don’t get it now – you will have to wait till 2018 – “IF” I choose to release it again. (I wasn’t planning on it).

You’ll get:

  • 7 Core training lessons (how to take any idea – yes ANY idea – and turn it into a money sucking lifestyle business from start to finish)
  • Advanced Bonus access: 7 incredible weeks of watching me, over my shoulder as I create and launch a site to the public (not beta, in full), WHILE you are going through your core training. (This runs simultaneously so you know every stage is done correctly)
  • Step by step workbook, tools and templates (so you know exactly what to do next)
  • 12 months access to the Build Grow Launch method private facebook group

IF ONLY you could stop accessing “courses” that tell you the things you need to do to launch a site, ignoring some of the most important parts… and instead actually WATCH someone do it!

Let’s get real. There’s a ton of offers hitting you in every direction. In fact, I bet today alone you’ve seen a bare minimum of 5 emails hitting your inbox, with something to sell you, enticing you to get that “one more thing” to help you have your success. (It’s probably more like 25)

Except you find that there are anywhere from 1-5 upsells to “truly” help you.

You may give in and buy all 5… only to find you’re:

  1. totally overwhelmed and can’t get through it all
  2. “IF” you get through it all, you struggle with the implementation

Of course they often then “upsell” you later to buy another higher ticket course in an effort to teach you how to do something for your business.

There’s some really great courses out there, teaching you concepts such as how to structure a membership site, how to build your promotions, how to launch it.

But after seeing many of them, I can assure you, almost every single one of them (100% that I’ve personally seen), completely skips some of the most important steps in the process!

Worse, they typically tell you to outsource it.

What on earth do you do if you don’t have the funds to do that?? Unfortunately, it stops too many people from the success they deserve.

Sure, some of them cover the details on how to pick a product, or how to create your own.

The marketing side is absolutely a critical process that all of these courses cover.

And of course several of them focus on the launch process, getting JVs and so on.

But there is a major absolutely MAJOR piece missing, that I’ve had several of our customers beg me for:

A complete, UNCOMPLICATED method that shows Every. Single. Step.

Not just the “you should do this”… but the “this is HOW you do it”.

This is the part where all of the other courses skip.

Yes, EVEN the $2,000-$5,000 courses.

And have you noticed, that either leaves you:

  1. A) floundering to figure everything out (until in most cases you give up)
  2. B) Outsourcing to get it created (without knowing if it’s done right… and costing you a probably not so small fortune to get it done)

Or worse yet,

  1. C) giving up to move onto something else that is hopefully simpler to get going with. (You haven’t been sucked in by “sos” (Shiny Object Syndrome), right? Truthfully? Probably!)

Before I continue, I want to ask you a few blunt questions.

It may hurt a little, but I’m going to ask you to be 1000% honest with yourself.

Yes, I said 1000% – not 100%. After all, it’s easy to lie to ourselves or make excuses, isn’t it? To find reasons to fail.

So take the next few minutes please and really think about these. (Take a piece of paper if you need to and write down your answers). Gut check time:

Why are you working online?

To earn more money right?

Of course… but why?

(Could be to add some extra income for your family… to replace a job, retire).

Now think deeper… WHY?

Why is it so important for you to do this? Is this just for fun so you can dabble a little?

Or are you really looking to make this internet thing work?

Perhaps you don’t want to be floundering at a job that you hate.

Perhaps you need to earn some extra money just to survive because your job doesn’t pay enough.

Perhaps you or your significant other have lost your/their job, and you need to replace that income.

Perhaps you’re tired of a long commute, or only seeing family members part of the time because you have to travel too much for a job you’re currently bound to.

Perhaps you have family members who think that you won’t succeed..

Is that you?

Dig deeper. WHY??

So you don’t have to worry every month?

So you don’t have to borrow from credit cards just to pay a bill, hoping you can pay it off next month?

So you can put your kids in sports, dance, or some other activity?

So you don’t have to say “no we can’t afford it”?

So you can retire from your job and stop working for someone else?

In your gut… isn’t that almost painful?

It’s truly the reason why you’re here, isn’t it?

You are looking to earn or expand your income online.

… so you can fix your problem… your deeper problems, and stop the pain and frustration you’re feeling.

How does that make you feel? Completely frustrated I’m sure.

Look – the definition of insanity is “doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result”. Following the typically recommended “create a report and sell it” or “email affiliate offers” to make your money – simply doesn’t provide the income you need to get to where you want to be. That means…

Build Grow Launch Training

So let’s turn it around to the positive:

  • Wouldn’t you LOVE to enjoy what you do – not to do it because you have to, but because you WANT to?
  • Wouldn’t you love the to feel the joy, the fun and excitement of seeing consistent sales coming through?
  • Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be proud of what you’ve accomplished?
  • To know you’ve done it, to have the success you truly want?

Let me tell you a true fact, that you can probably relate to. From my own experience… it’s absolutely gut-wrenching to feel that you can’t provide for your family… to have to say no to basic things. To have to go to a job you hate, or are completely bored and miserable at.

It’s even more painful to have your family brush off your plans with a “Yep, you can do this” remark but you know deep in your gut that they don’t believe you can. It’s all talk to them.

I will admit something I’ve never admitted publicly before: Years ago, I cried over this at times. Seriously. There were ups and downs, as with any business, but it devastated me when I knew – truly knew – that this internet thing would work, and could work. But it killed me when I tried to get something to work, and it didn’t – because I missed the right pieces.

Yet I knew in my heart I needed the determination to plow through and find a way.

(Sidenote, my husband has ALWAYS been supportive and has never criticized any of my online business… however, *I* knew it was there in the back of his mind, when things would just trickle.)

And that made me feel like a failure at times.

I’m a real person, just like you. I can completely relate to those feelings because I’ve been through it.

Fast forward to today. Yes, there’s still ups and downs, but now – this year in particular, I looked back on everything I did in the past. I took stock of it. I knew what worked, and what didn’t.

And I knew that while I had everything lined up, there were still a couple of things even I missed – not so much missed but didn’t get right, and I knew SOMETHING was just not quite right.

Even though I had it all, I still messed up in a few places. Yes, in EVERY one of my most successful sites, I still screwed up some aspects. (Goes to show you, even after 20 years of being online and launching many sites, even successful ones – there’s still stuff to learn!)

And then I watched a process, one that brought in 6 figures in one week. And saw 3 other people do the same. And I’ve seen others do 5 figure launches in that time or less as well.

And I realized exactly what was missing.

And that was confirmed when I attended that conference at the end of June, and I actually watched live, $1.3 million be earned in under 21 hours.

Yet still – there is a HUGE piece missing that even they flushed over. Yes, even that $1.3 million dollar launch.

And that’s why I’m here right now.

If you’ve been on my lists any amount of time, you know that back in January we launched a “profit challenge”, to let people see me launch several info type products over a period of time. And of course I gave them the tools I used, told them what software, and gave several quick tutorials on how I created the products.

But a common question cropped up.

And it’s cropped up elsewhere – not just in my groups, but even in others I belong to.

And NOT ONE person has ever stepped up to the plate to reveal it all. (Especially not with massive insane overwhelm).

Even the Gurus. (I’m NOT bashing that term in any way – many of them truly are incredible experts).

So here’s the thing… I have an invitation for you. And in a way, you can get paid for it.

(Heads up: this isn’t something new I’m doing to take me away from other things. The fact is, I’m already doing it – I’m just letting you IN on it to SEE me do it, as I go through the entire process, you get to watch and see it so you can implement too).

Unlike all of the varying launch courses out there… and the different “create a product and sell it” or “create a membership site and make money” offers…

I officially invite you to watch me, with STEP BY STEP VIDEOS and walk throughs as I
Build, Grow, and Launch a new membership site.

REMEMBER as I said at the start:

I don’t care who you are, what your level of expertise online is, whether you do coloring books or offline customers or ecommerce – I can assure you this is the strategy to change your life like you’ve never seen before.

If you haven’t successfully launched a website in the past, this is for you.

If you’re a technophobe, but willing to do just a few simple things, this is for you.

If you’ve never considered launching a membership site, it’s for you.

If you’ve released any products of any kind, or even just created some but not had much success – this is for you.

If you get STOPPED because you feel you don’t have the knowledge, this is for you.

If you have ANY determination to prove EVERYONE wrong, to prove you CAN succeed and finally make it work – this is for you.

If you are willing to follow along with me, you will be able to launch your OWN membership site, WITHOUT having to pay big money to someone to build it for you, and you’ll ALWAYS know how to do it.

Build Grow Launch Training

Look, you may already know how to use wordpress, and that’s fantastic! That means it’ll be even faster for you. But if you don’t, that’s ok too.

You may or may not know how to use Wishlistmember.

But even if you have it – do you know how to truly structure it all?

Too many don’t. Not like this.

Watch the entire process to build a membership site (using wordpress/wishlistmember) including how the content is positioned

Then watch the entire launch sequence LIVE, including the promotions.

Not only that – I’m going to add in the extra details on how YOU Can be creating YOUR site as I do it.

That means, I’ll guide you in how you CAN build a membership (or product) out of almost any idea. And I’ll show you how to find out if it works or not.

You’ll learn exactly how to structure it, in multiple ways and which one is best for your idea.

This is really, “How to create and launch a membership site in 7 weeks”

  • Learn how and watch me build and launch a membership site in 7 weeks, including to cart close.
  • The different methods and types of memberships
  • Why most people completely over think this (hint: you DON’T need tons of content or tons of money!)
  • Pricing – what you should and should NOT do.
  • Design Tech – get rid of the roadblocks, watch as I build it from scratch. You’ll watch the step by step of setting up the site, members area, from start to finish, even if you’re a ‘technophobe’. (You can outsource this if you have the $ and prefer to, but it’s really quite simple). And if you already know how to set these sites up, now you will learn the right way – and what you may (very likely) be missing.
  • Getting it ready for the public.
  • The launch process, from initial promotions through cart close (or launch phase close, if evergreen).
  • Running the system in 4-8 hours a week (and how to do it for far less)

But here’s the thing that in all the “launch” type trainings I’ve seen or been part of, NOT ONE OF THEM follows the process I’m going to take you on, for so little.

Every one of them tells you (in brief) what to do. Sometimes the “how to” in actuality is an add on.

But you won’t get that with this. That’s right. I’m not just telling you.

I’m going to walk you through every stage – the IMPORTANT stages that 99% of them all leave out.

Yes, I’ve run many memberships before. Several of them have been very successful.

Others have not been “as much” as I’d hoped for.

And I’ve figured out why. Yes, I did go through a mini course to tweak what I was doing wrong – and I know exactly the two tiny fixes I needed to make.

I’ll explain these in the training by the way, so you can learn from my mistakes.

But guess what? I’ve already implemented it, and have had nothing but incredible responses and feedback on the tweaks I made.

Because it took the crazy overwhelm down to an, “I can actually do this!” approach.

Thankfully, everything else I was doing, I was doing right

So here’s the thing.

You may be having success online. You may think you know everything there is to know about launching a membership site, and maybe you’ve even tried it.

Didn’t go as well as you hoped for?

Did you find it dropped off too quickly?

Did your launch process fizzle, or did you struggle to get affiliates on board?

I highly suspect there were big flaws in your process.

And just what if, you could actually do a launch that didn’t have affiliates and JVs at all??

They’re great to have… but sometimes people forget about everything involved in that aspect as well. I’ve seen more people wonder why they came out with barely anything, or even in further debt at the end. (Get this wrong and you too will be floundering. Get it right and you’ll be the expert to go to!)

This is where SO many stop or fizzle because they didn’t do it right.

If you haven’t ever released a product or membership site… what’s stopping you?

Don’t know what to create one for? That’s an easy fix.

Don’t have the time to do it all? That too is an easy fix.

Contrary to what you think, the creation process is NOT difficult!!

Look, I can probably help you take almost any concept and turn it into a membership site, and yes, I will cover that.

Just to reiterate – I want you to open your mind to the possibilities, and really think about this:


Just what if you could literally watch over the shoulder to learn EVERY step of the way?

That means, determining the right type of membership site – and what those types are?

That means, determining how to see where your idea fits.

That means, watching virtually every single piece required – not just “what” is required but HOW to set it all up? (Even if you’re a technophobe)

That means, watching the entire launch process – from building a list, to promotions, to opening and closing a cart (or keeping it open if you choose monthly/residual)?

Now – imagine you could be the fly on the wall to watch a big, full blown launch – one that will bring in thousands of dollars…

So that you can do it yourself?

Because I can assure you, MOST launches, MOST product releases are done completely wrong.

Even the big “JV” Launches out there. MANY of them are still wrong. (I don’t join other memberships now because I know this, unless I know FOR A FACT they have these fixes in place).

And they do it the ‘wrong’ way, so that they can launch it and pretty much walk away to leave you to figure it out from what’s inside.

Obviously you’re going to see me create ONE project – I won’t create every single variety of option out there, but I WILL go over them so you can implement if your approach needs to be different. (I.e., ecommerce).

You WON’T have to spend huge amounts of money to do it, in fact, what I will be showing you can be done for well under $500. (If you already have some tools and licenses, you can do it for far less). You might not have to spend anything if you already have for example, a license to wishlist member.

You’ve seen the launch processes of some of the big guys…

But you rarely EVER get to see the hands on side behind-the-scenes side of it.

Why? Because 9 times out of 10, they outsource the entire thing, especially the tech side, they just do their sales and sometimes training videos.

The rest is done by an expensive tech team.

But what if you don’t have that kind of money??

Whether you have launched a membership site OR NOT – you have NOT seen this level of training.

I haven’t seen it in $3,000 trainings.

I haven’t even seen it offered at this level in $20,000 coaching level courses.

The only thing I’ve ever seen is “done for you” offers, which still does NOT teach you every aspect of a launch from absolute start to finish. (Meaning, you’re reliant on them for future help… and they leave half of it still in your own hands).

Look – I’m not at all against outsourcing.

But let me tell you this – and this is a 20 year proven fact:

If you learn how to do something yourself, you can NEVER be forced to rely on someone else, to wait for them to create it for you, or to have your money thrown out the window because they took off with it or created complete garbage.

Build Grow Launch Training

I’ve had that happen with software in the past.

But I can guarantee it hasn’t happened with websites – because I learned how to do it. And if I’ve EVER paid anyone to do it for me, I make it VERY clear that I know exactly what to do, so they can’t pull the wool over my eyes.

So even if in future, you hire someone to do this for you – you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you do understand what is involved.

Ever wanted a $20,000 client? You could start creating these types of sites for others, ONCE you know how. (Yep, you can create this as a service if you wanted to!)

And – every single time you want to launch something new, YOU will have the knowledge and ability to get it up within 24 hours or less. (Seriously).

So here’s how this all works.

Upon confirming your back door access, you will be given the link for the private facebook group (for starters). This gets you in, and ready for the training areas where you will have the videos to watch.

** Note this is entirely confidential, it is NOT to be shared except with a business partner (who is under the same confidentiality).

Each week, starting August 10th, you will begin receiving the training that will show you each step of the way.

It will be mostly in video format, but we will also provide transcripts for you in case you prefer words. (However, the pictures etc will all be in the videos, so you’ll probably want both at the same time).

Each week will be a step by step partially overview format so you can learn what you have to do, and what I’ve done.

EVERYTHING will be there, I simply won’t bore you with the sales letter writing process, EXCEPT to show you HOW to create it in the system, and using the tools I use. I also won’t show you “how” to create a video – but I will go over what I use.

If you wish to follow along and do your OWN site (which I highly recommend), you will be given some optional homework.

You will then watch as I explain and show you every step through to the launch that I have set for September 14th.

You do NOT get access to the site that I will be launching, but you will be able to watch the entire process at every stage.

And we’ll talk about how YOU can launch your own too.

Here are the stages we’ll be covering:

Stage 1: Discovery. This is where we start off with discussing the different types of memberships that can work for you, and the way to get it structured. You’ll also discover some the varying ways to release it, and why you would want to with each.

Stage 2: Build. Watch as I create a new website, install wordpress, install a theme, customize it, and build out the members area completely, INCLUDING tying in the payment parts.

Stage 3: Grow. This is where we build the lists and interest for the launch process.

Stage 4: Launch. This is where you watch the full sequence of events, from cart open to close. (Sidenote: my “minimum” goal for the launch in September is to have 500 members join. My preferred goal is much higher. You get to watch this process happen.)

Stage 5: The Afterglow. This is how to handle it all after the launch.

Want proof that I do everything I can to help you succeed? Here’s a COMPLETELY UNSOLICITED testimonial I got about a week ago from one of our publishing empires members (The system I implemented my changes to, and what you will be watching me pull from beta to the FULL public launch):

And here’s another:

But what’s REALLY cool, REALLY powerful – is the fact that because I’ve tweaked and improved the way I’m training with that beta course, SEVERAL of our members are not only loving it, they’re understanding it, they’re PUBLISHING and are receiving their proof copies already!

It’s such an incredible feeling for ME even, to realize my members are having success with it, because it’s understandable.

THAT is the power, because they’re admitting that this process strategy that I’ve been taking them through, with full walk throughs, is helping them finally take the action that they kept holding back from in the past.

And I will do the same for you. Enroll now and you’ll have amazing insights to explode your income and business (as long as you implement of course!)

You would expect this kind of training to be very expensive, and I assure you – you’re right.

I was at a marketing conference a few weeks ago, and an offer was made. (No, I didn’t take it because it didn’t fit with my plans).

It was a fantastic offer though…. But expensive. $12,000+ – and it STILL didn’t include any walk throughs! (In fairness, you could ask questions and get tech help, but they wouldn’t do it all for you).

Perhaps you’ve bought training courses on membership sites before.

If you have, you know they typically cost around $3,000. Often more.

And that’s just the initial training on the basics of launching a membership site.

That does not at all include any of the tech aspects. (And if they do, it’s because it’s forcing you to use THEIR software or tools, which you usually have to pay for after).

Yes, you can use other membership tools than what I mention. That’s ok – but I won’t be showing you how to use them.

I’ll be showing you live what *I* use, what *I* do, and how **YOU** can do the same with any system you choose.

Structure and concepts should be the same.

With the level I’m showing you – comparing with all the launch trainings out there, with THIS much detail – it should be at least $5,000.

Pick your jaw up, it won’t cost you $5,000 🙂 At least not this time.

But let’s look at the REAL numbers of this:

To get a membership site built – just installed and customized and connected would cost you at least $1500-2000. (Or more. I know, I’ve been paid for this in the past, and I’ve also had many quotes in these ranges, often higher). This doesn’t usually include any sales copy, just the site designs and copy you supply plugged in.

To learn the process of a launch would cost you $3000, just based on other courses out there. (The good ones).

To learn the “grow” (marketing) process, would cost you another $2,000-$3,000.

To have this level of access/coaching/feedback, would cost you $10,000.

Total cost “should” be: $15,000-18,000, and that is absolutely what I would charge if you asked me to build the entire process for you. (Yeah, that’s an actual invoiced real number, not just made up).

Look – once you know how to do this, you can do it over and over again.

If you had just 1 membership, with even 250 members paying you every month, let’s say, $29 a month… your income is now $7,250 before transaction fees. (About $6800/mo after).

That $6800 a month… x 12, translates to $81,600 in income per year. (I do not guarantee incomes, this is a simple example of possibilities. It is entirely up to YOU to take action and implement).

Wouldn’t that be worth even $3,000 to you?

Of course it would be.

But I also know, that many of our members and subscribers struggle to come up with something like that.

Yet I’m sure you realize I can’t just “give” this away. So I’m going to make you a deal – and, I’m going to give you options to make it affordable for most budgets.

Remember – if you follow along with me, and implement YOUR process at the same time, within 7-12 weeks YOU could be launching YOUR site and earning your money back.

A few warnings first:

1. This will only be up for a few days. It will close on Thursday, July 27th by midnight eastern time zone (Toronto Canada).

2. EVERY 48 hours, a bonus is removed. Only those who get in when it’s up, get the bonus. Once it’s removed from the page, if you choose to wait, you risk losing them (And you probably don’t want to).

3. This is NOT part of any other offer or membership site. It is extra, because of the coaching, time, and revelations involved. (And it’s probably the last I’ll do with this level of coaching in a long while).

You are just moments away from getting the access to the facebook group… and a short bit away from the start of the project.

WHY am I calling this a “beta” class?

Does that mean it’s testing? No, not at all. I know exactly what I’m doing, and I’m doing it ANYWAY, AND I’m documenting it anyway. The reason I’m calling it “beta” is because you are the FIRST to access it – and I’m hoping you’ll give me feedback to know that I provided what you needed, and that you understand it to be able to implement it for yourself.

BUT… I don’t promise that I will release it as a full class later. The main reason I’m doing this is because I’ve been asked repeatedly for the last 6 months+ to help with it. But there’s far too much involved (not to mention the secrets I’ll be sharing) to include it at no additional cost in our main memberships. The level of training and coaching is too high.

“IF” I choose to release it as an actual training course later, it would be in the $3,000 range – AND I won’t be doing it again “if” I did, until 2018. (My calendar is booked solid for the rest of the year with already scheduled projects – This is included for now, but won’t be again this year).

I’m also hoping YOU implement the strategies and create your OWN site like this, so you can enhance and expand your business. (So obviously that means, I’d like your feedback, and I want to help YOU have fantastic success!)

IMPORTANT ALERT: The following bonuses are available to you – but ONE will be removed EVERY 48 hours. That means, if you purchase for example within the first 48 hours, then you get everything listed below. If you purchase after 48 hours, then one of the bonuses will be hidden and you’ll get the currently available bonuses listed below

Fast Acting Bonus #1

Detailed Facebook Ads Training.

This will show you in a much deeper level the ads that I run, targeting, the funds spent and so on. Of course this gives training so YOU can do the same for your releases. This extends your training by 2 weeks, and includes 1 live Q&A call.** This is worth hundreds of dollars on its own, and will be removed after the first 48 hours **

Fast Acting Bonus #2

Detailed Facebook BOTS Training.

You will learn how to use Facebook Bots to build your lists and get an average 80% + response rate. (I’ve actually seen the average on this strategy to be more like 97%… but I’m going “low” for the sake of being a different offer). This extends your training by 2 weeks and includes 1 live Q&A call. **This too is worth hundreds of dollars on its own, and will be removed after 96 hours**

Fast Acting Bonus #3

“The After Glow”

This is an extended 1 more week of training so that you can learn how to truly “love” your members and how to proceed once the launch has completed.

Fast Acting Bonus #4

2 Q&A sessions

These two Q&A sessions will allow you to ask me anything within the parameters above (outside of bonuses 1 & 2). That way, you can ensure you know everything you need to. Of course, you can always post in the facebook group too, but some people like to hash it out on a live call, and that’s what this is for.


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