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Yanik Silver - Information Marketing Players Workshop

Yanik Silver – Information Marketing Players Workshop

Price: $2995
Sale Page: infoplayersworkshop.com/
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“Here’s Every Shred of Yanik Silver’s Information Marketing Knowledge Extracted and Distilled Down to a Comprehensive Step-by-Step Formula to Duplicate His 7-Figure ‘Kitchen Table’ Empire”

If his story sounds exciting — you’ll want to hear about the 7 reasons it’s easier to make money selling information than just about anything else…

7 Reasons Why Selling Information

Might Be the Best Business in the World:

Reason #1: You have no competition. Everything you sell is copyright protected so you can’t be “knocked off”.

Reason #2: Incredibly huge profit margins. People aren’t paying for bits and bytes, a bunch of CDs or paper & ink they are paying you for the value of the information. In fact, with a digitally delivered or downloadable’ product your profit margin is nearly 100%. (Compare that to any giant online retailer who can only compete on price and eeks out a slim single digit profit margin.) Or with a physical information product you can easily 10-to-1 margins or more.

Reason #3: You can work from anywhere you wish. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing beach volleyball in Aruba or skiing in the Rockies. You can run your business from anywhere you can find an Internet connection.

Reason #4: You can set up your business so it works on complete autopilot That’s how my web sites work right now with about 90% of the hard work’ handled automatically. (Of course, a real person still needs to jump in every once in awhile but once you get your system down it really is only a few hours a week to keep it all going.)

Reason #5: No need for employees. I have absolutely zero employees (it’s just Missy and I running the whole show) and I couldn’t be happier not to deal with all those headaches and hassles. We do have 2 virtual assistants and one tech’ guy on retainer but no real employees.

Reason #6: Incredibly low start up costs. You don’t need a factory or even a store front because you can run your business in any spare space a computer fits. I actually started from the corner of our living room in our 1-bedroom apartment with $800. Today you can get going for way less! Your biggest costs will probably be finding a good web designer. (Don’t worry — I’m a total “techno dunce” and I’ll give you some of my go-to-guys to help you!)

Reason #7: You get paid over and over again for work you do one time. Once you create your information product you can keep selling it over and over again. The work is done one time and you repeatedly profit from it. That’s incredible leverage so your income isn’t tied to the number of hours you work.

A Quick Glimpse At My Information Marketing Track Record:

In 1998, my very first information marketing business selling to a small niche of 10,000 prospects produced $150,000/year.

4 different products have eclipsed the monumental 7-figure mark for sales and one of them was a just simple $40 downloadable product.

My free viral ebooks, which are specifically designed to sell other products, have been downloaded over 3,000,000 times online (and this is probably a very conservative estimate).

Last 5 launches have all broken $100,000.00 in their first 7 days of release.

Held the largest Internet marketing only conference with 521 attendees for my “30th Bday Bash”.

Sold-Out a $14,497.00 “Apprentice” program (Yes, before Trump!) and created a wait list using nothing more than email. Side note: Participants not only paid the hefty program fee but also a 12% royalty on sales!

Brought in over $500,000.00+ selling rights to pre-existing products.

Sold over $212,117.00 in one hour from a single 1-hour teleseminar.

Little print newsletter generates over $650,000.00/year and it’s barely been promoted.

Created the “Underground Online Seminar ” which was sold out every year weeks in advance of the actual event. (This single event has exceeded 7-figures in income each year.)

Designed a Peer-Advisory MasterMind Group. In the first year 18 individuals paid $15,000.00 to be part of this group which met 3x/year. In the second year I’ve added one more group and raised the bar up to $20,000.00 per person. (Just these 2 groups alone are worth an extra $400,000.00+ in NET profits.)

I love MasterMind groups because if done right they require significantly less personal time and can create disproportionate profits for you. The big secret is when you bring the right people into your MasterMind group they’ll end up doing the heavy lifting and it actually works out better than any type of one-on-one coaching or mentoring.

Initiated a group coaching program for $7,500.00 per student. Allows you to get paid more by going away from one-on-one coaching.

Held numerous small workshops on specialized topics ranging for $3,000 to $10,000/person. (What’s more, I packaged up the DVDs/Audios from these events for hundreds of thousands in additional profits that’s still selling strong.)

Developed multiple high-end “e-classes” which were $2,000.00 for tuition and always sold out with days of announcing each new class. (One of the best ways of getting significantly more for roughly the same content but only giving limited access to students via email homework assignments.)

Modified an existing information product (kit) for Cosmetic Surgeons into a high-priced, done-for-them service type business. Went from a $900 sale to a $43,500.00 per year revenue stream from those doctors.

Licensed existing content Internationally and for other marketplaces where I’m not currently involved in for extra 5-figure and 6-figure windfalls. And more…

Here’s the bottom line, never before have we lived in such a time filled with immense opportunity to do your own thing…quickly and easily.

I know you might be skeptical and that’s totally understandable.

That’s why even more exciting than my own success is the success of my students, who have gone on to build 6 & 7-figure businesses selling information in every conceivable field.

  • Investing
  • Business
  • Music Lessons
  • Fitness
  • Obsessive/Compulsive behavior
  • Sports
  • MLM
  • Child Development
  • Business-to-Business training
  • Professionals
  • New age development
  • Natural medicine
  • Dieting
  • Self-Help
  • Real Estate
  • Work-at-home Moms
  • Pets
  • And lots more…

Here’s What’s Inside Each of the Workshop Recordings…

Mega Course #1:

The $5,000.00/person “Information Marketing Players” Workshop

Here’s Your Blueprint to Profit From Almost Any Passion, Hobby or Niche and Cash-in By Selling High-Margin Information Products

The first major component of this System is my just released “Information Marketing Players Workshop”. Think of this as your college degree for Info marketing.

The price to get in this workshop was $5,000.00 per person and the room was totally packed. (Yes, attendees really pay $5k to get in – unlike other events or products that give you some over-inflated value.)

During these 2 days, we covered absolutely every element of the information marketing, loads of examples, different models, a bulging swipe file and everything I use to consistently knock out one winning info product after another.

It was a complete “TELL ALL” about the information marketing business. How I’ve sold millions online & offline — and how my students have sold millions more. I revealed secrets I’ve never shared publicly. In fact, much of the information revealed hasn’t even been given to my close marketing buddies’ except for bits and pieces here and there.

But this was full disclosure time…

That’s right, every single thing I’ve done in just a few years to sell $12,000,000+ myself in information products with absolutely zero employees (except my wife, Missy)!

The Workshop Will Not Be Repeated

But YOU Can Still Have a Front Row Seat!

First, you get the complete Workshop on audio CDs. It comes out to an entire library of professionally recorded audio CDs of almost the entire 2 day Workshop.

You’ll be able to listen to these audios anywhere you are. Whether driving in the car, working out at the gym or just lounging around the house. You’ll want to listen to these powerful audios over and over again to fully imprint’ all the breakthrough copy ideas, concepts and techniques presented.

Next, you’ll get the entire Workshop captured on 9 DVDs for you. This is a like a front-row seat in your living room for the whole 2 day event. That means anytime you’re ready you can pop in one of the digitally mastered DVDs and watch at your convenience. Whatever fits your schedule. Spend a little time each night or on the weekends mastering everything from the comfort of your home. The professional DVDs let you feel like you’re right in the room experiencing and participating with attendees.

Finally, you get Three GIGANTIC Manuals: #1 and #2 are the actual Workshop notes, slides, exhibits, and swipe file and #3 is a complete A-to-Z sample of 5 different information products and all the promotion pieces.

During these 2 days, I covered absolutely every element that goes into creating a winning internet marketing business (from product idea conception, to creation to maximizing revenue). That means everything from all the little nuts and bolts that normally get glossed over to the big picture stuff to ensure you have a “MICRO” and “MACRO” view of the internet marketing business.

Here is Just a Tiny Sampling of The Topics Covered:

  • What you MUST do differently to create a MILLION dollar business vs. a business that only makes you a few thousand a month (99% of internet marketers will never crack the 7-figure mark… but in this course you’re going to learn the specific techniques and strategies I’ve used in creating several million dollar businesses not only for myself but for my students)
  • How to come up with the “BIG” idea for an information marketing product. (To me, this is the true difference between a home run info product and one that barely has a pulse in the marketplace!)
  • 7 proven ways to get a slew of powerful testimonials even if you don’t have a list or a “name” in your industry.
  • The big secret to making it a “non-decision” for customers to happily pay you each and every month. (This is a complete 180-degree shift from how you’re typically required to make back-end’ offers. One student’ just told me he went from about zero in his information marketing business to $400,000.00+ with this one secret!)
  • How to truly build a million dollar+ affiliate program that generates non-stop sales for you and you pay them after they make the sale. (I’ve built my own affiliate network to 42,000+ affiliates generating $1.5M+ in commissions each year and I’ve developed the Glazer-Kennedy affiliate program that was responsible for $4M+ in sales from a tiny group of 170 affiliates.)
  • A major mistake beginners (and even some experienced marketers) make when launching an affiliate program that practically guarantees they will LOSE their affiliates soon after they join up
  • The exact email that gets 40% of the people who read it to sign up for my affiliate program immediately! (It’s easily customizable to any market, and works even better in fields unrelated to marketing)
  • The exact email I send to strong affiliates to light a fire under their ass and get them working hard to promote my stuff (This one is easily customizable as well… and you’ll be amazed at just how fast the sales start rolling in when you use it
  • A simple secret to use with your own affiliate links that increases your commissions and prevents them from being hijacked (I recommend you Create these links for your own super affiliates to motivate them as well)
  • The simple question you need to ask yourself to have a flood of non-stop moneymaking information marketing ideas….and how to TEST them quickly without breaking the bank!
  • How to successfully leverage your existing information products and squeeze even more profits out of them (with little or no additional work).
  • TRUE Joint Venture Case Studies — I’m going to “pull back the curtain” and show you how I established 3 of my most successful joint ventures, step-by-step. (This definitely isn’t what most people call “JVs” — but real joint ventures.)
  • How to handle the “ugly stuff” like creating contracts, agreements and even new corporations with your JV partners (It’s actually brain-dead simple when you follow these simple steps)
  • The wrong and right way of using Teleseminars to sell! (Teleseminars have become the new hot’ concept online but 90% of people doing are making major mistakes.)
  • How to successfully build up a product launch from inception to execution to keeping the momentum going!
  • The secret back-door technique to selling eBooks on Amazon.com to use as lead generators. Amazon is one of the web’s largest and most overlooked search engines. (This section alone is worth the price of the entire program…you can generate targeted traffic CHEAP and almost NO ONE is doing it!)
  • Speaking of overlooked search engines…eBay gets more searches than Google! And it just so happened we had one of the foremost renegade eBay insiders at this event spilling the beans on how he’s generating THOUSANDS of dollars in sales and tens of thousands of leads on eBay for us. (If you like inexpensive traffic that converts well, you are going to LOVE this)
  • How to integrate “personality” in your product and marketing so that buyers want more and more and more!
  • How to use viral eBooks to increase the traffic and sales of any internet business — first right away with the initial launch — and then FOREVER as they spread out over the web (I’ll also show you my 7 secrets to double or triple your eBook downloads that work even betterin markets that aren’t related to internet marketing)
  • Offline secrets of direct mail, space advertising, telesales, etc that can quickly and easily DOUBLE your profits.
  • My #1 secret for getting customers to “pre-pay” for me to create an information product!
  • How to use resell rights to create dramatic profit surges plus long-lasting benefits without devaluing your product.
  • How to create home study courses and “Big Package” products (You’ll learn not just what to put in the product… but my secret tactics for strategically cutting return rates down to almost ZERO)
  • The right way to conduct “sales” and special “savings events” so that your customers don’t get used to waiting for a sale and driving your profits into the toilet.
  • Creating a “Godfather” position so you can leverage your list and get paid on everything they’re going to buy anyway (without you having any of the headaches of fulfilling, customer service, etc.)
  • A slick way to capture the names of buyers of people who buy your products from other people!
  • “Trojan Horse” information marketing (advanced secret that I don’t want to even hint at here!)
  • Already selling online? Use these “point-of-transaction” secrets to instantly double or triple your ROI on practically any product you sell!
  • How to protect your market by knocking yourself off and being your own competition… eliminating any chance of a competitor coming in and stealing your profits
  • The “dirty work” made easy — I’ll show you how to easily set up the behind the scenes stuff for your business… I’m talking all the nitty gritty’ details of merchant accounts, fulfillment, customer service, software, legal forms, copyright protection, and everything in between without going insane (It’s actually much easier than you think to create a business that runs itself, and that’s exactly what this course is going to show you how to do

Plus, I’m going to cover all kinds of intimate details from my business life – including:

  • How I manage my time…
  • How I motivate myself…
  • My goal setting systems…
  • Checklists I use…
  • Software & tools I use to run my business…
  • Dealing with copyright theft and out-right rip-offs…
  • How/what I outsource and much more!

Mega Course #2:

The $10,000.00/person “How to Sell Super High Priced Information Products & Services” Workshop

“Here’s Everything You Need To Sell High-Priced, BIG-Profit Products & Services To Eager Buyers…Without Working Any Harder”

This was (and is) the first (and only) workshop devoted to the psychology, creation, execution and implementation of selling high-ticket information products and services.

Here’s where it gets advanced!

If the previous workshop was your college degree then this is like your Masters and PhD all rolled into one.

Frankly, if you boil down my biggest profit windfalls in my business (and the most astute marketers I observe) it has come down to selling premium products and services at premium prices. That’s how my business has leapfrogged from 6-figures to 7-figures and now multiple 7-figures a year!


Real-World Experts Selling High-Priced

Information Products & Services Teleconference Calls

As I mentioned, there where no other speakers at these workshops except me. There are several other big ways to profit from high priced information products & services and I cornered my friends and colleagues to spill their guts about their own discoveries.

We covered even more of the nuts and bolts from new perspectives…to give you even more ideas for different ways of selling high-end products and services.

Martin sells a $30,000.00 “business-in-a-box” for people interesting in becoming consultants.

This bonus shouldn’t be taken lightly and could be sold on its own for the price I’m charging for this whole package.

If you’re already using info-products in your business – then everything in the package will give you a truckload of other ways to profit from them.� (I guarantee you haven’t even scratched the surface!)

Special Bonuses To Complete “Yanik’s Info Marketing Brain-in-a-Box”

You’re already getting a killer deal here, but I always like to throw in something “extra special”…so here’s what else you’ll get when you grab this package:

Special Bonus #1: Instant Traffic Stampede

To succeed online, no matter what you’re selling, you must get people to your website. We call that “traffic”. In this audio recording, 7 of the shrewdest Internet marketers on the planet give you the 7 absolute best, NO-FAIL traffic systems to blast your web traffic through the roof!

Special Bonus #2: My Personal Critique of Your Idea and Website ($875.00 value)

To make sure you’re on the right track I will personally critique and evaluate your initial idea. It’s absolutely critical that you have someone with real-world market experience let you know if you’re headed in the right direction or for a train wreck. Just think how much money and frustration this will save you because you’ll have the confidence of knowing your Internet project or idea actually has some “legs”. (This is a very real $375.00 value since I charge $750.00 per hour of consulting – and this takes at least a half hour – but you’ll get it free included with your package.

And then I step in again at another critical part…

When you’ve completed your website’s copy I will thoroughly review and check it out. I will give you feedback on design, layout and most importantly your selling potential and how to increase it! This is another $750.00 free bonus for you.

As you can see I’m willing to personally coach you through the most difficult and confusing parts where most people get stuck You just fill out the certificate and get my best-reasoned advice for both of these critical areas.

Special Bonus #3: My Personal “Million Dollar Rolodex”

My own closely guarded list of reliable vendors who will help you with everything you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. Just having this list will save you hours of time and frustration!

Remember, I’m a total computer dunce and could not put up my own website if my life depending on it. That’s why, over the years I’ve jealously-guarded some of the most reliable people I use in my business day-in and day-out. But now I’m handing them to you on a silver platter.

Special Bonus #4: Sales Letter Templates

In only minutes you can quickly and easily create a winning sales letter guaranteed to sell your information product…without writing! I’m going to hand you a collection 5 different boiler-plate’ letter formats you can use for any niches. It’s easy because you don’t need to be a master copywriter once you follow the formula in this exclusive bonus.

Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to write a powerful sales letter yourself. Or pay big bucks hiring a top copywriter. Now, you can get everything all done for you, practically handed to you on a silver platter. You simply fill-in-the-blanks…and you’re done in about 7 minutes — flat!

Special Bonus #5: Six-Week Turbo Charged Roadmap (Perfect for Newbies)

If you’re like me — it helps if you have everything boiled down to the most critical parts. That’s why I’m going to hand you a week-by-week blueprint for the closest thing I know to legally creating your own automatic publishing cash-generator.

If you follow this guide, you’ll finish up the 6-weeks with a ready-to-go website, information product and killer sales process in place — ready to launch your online success story.

Each week you hit the critical elements and do the assignment — there’s no second-guessing what you should be doing . . . just do exactly what I tell you 1-2-3. (And Feel free to “work ahead” if you’re anxious to see that money start rolling in sooner!)

And there’s still more…

Special Bonus #6 & #7:

When I sat down and thought about what would make this truly the ultimate A-to-Z resource I realized it was lacking in 2 important areas — so I set out to change that. The biggest issue I hear from people who want to get started online is…


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