Yanik Silver – 8-Week Public Domain Quantum Leap Home Study Program

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8-Week Public Domain Quantum Leap Home Study Program

Originally this material was introduced only as a private and confidential “online workshop” for $1,995.00 per person and the response was so overwhelming that all four classes we offered completely SOLD OUT within a few days! Now the entire system has been turned into a comprehensive home study course for a fraction of the price…

“Give Me 8 Weeks And I’ll Show You Step-By-Step How to Create Your Very Own High-Profit Internet Empire Using Nothing But FREE Public Domain Information”

Let Me Walk You Through Everything Once The Right Way Then You Can Do It Over and Over Again Yourself Literally Anytime You’d Like To Crank Out A Moneymaking Web Site

“8-Week Public Domain Quantum Leap Home Study Program”

For 8 weeks (or as long as you need) this complete program will take you through my unique system for uncovering public domain material, analyzing markets, creating ‘kick-butt’ sales letters, profiting from joint ventures, putting it all on autopilot and everything else you need to get going.

If you put in the effort to do the homework assignment my goal is to have everyone with their own product ready and making money in as little as 8 weeks.

Bottom line – you do it the right way with me just one time and then over and over and over again you can set up your own automatic Internet money machine that cranks out cash for you day and night.

Just imagine having your own product you can keep selling for years and years. If you put in the effort – I’ll make sure you get there.

Think about waking up every morning and finding orders waiting for you in your email box. While you were sleeping customers from all over the world were giving you money. And you don’t have to do much at all because your computer takes the order, processes the credit cards, delivers the product and then deposits money in your bank account – all without you lifting a finger.

It’s like having your own perfect moneymaking machine working for you tirelessly day and night. I know this sounds a bit far fetched but it’s all true because I’m living proof…

Personally, I’ve taken several public domain works and used them as bonuses or as actual products. One of them is used as an “upsell” to a regular version of my best-selling product. This upsell goes for $15 extra dollars and a whopping 66% of people take it. (Now when you’ve got an extra 200-300 people a month taking you up on this – it adds up pretty quickly!)

Next, I’ve used a little-known public domain book as an exclusive bonus for a recent product launch that brought in $19,453.00 in the first 3 weeks. Frankly, there are lots of people quietly making a small fortune from public domain material and now you can join them…

And It’s Not Just “How To Make Money” Products

Here’s a perfect example.

My friend Matt Furey, stumbled over a long-forgotten dusty manual on “catch wrestling” and turned it into a six-figure bonanza. Furey quickly purchased this course for a couple measly bucks and turned it into a complete manual and video set for his market of fitness and wrestling buffs. He now charges (and gets) $597.00 for this material – making himself $100,000.00+ each year from just this one product.

Not too shabby. But perhaps you don’t believe you have the expertise to create a full-blown video series like Matt. No problem.

I’ll give you the almost ‘no-brainer’ way to putting up public domain products for sale on the web. In fact, you’ll even get to see exactly what I did every single step of the way. I’ll explain more in a moment but for now, check out the results:

This is a Clickbank statement of recent bi-weekly checks. (In this case the amounts are all NET that comes into my pocket not gross because Clickbank pays out affiliate commissions and handles all the credit cards for me).

I literally threw this public domain project up on the web in about 9 hours (working on and off between other projects).

And the funny thing is I created this project as a challenge to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this works in almost any kind of market. The public domain work I picked is a book that teaches artists how to draw people and human anatomy better (www.figuredrawingsecrets.com).

Can you imagine a worse market to go after?

You’ve heard the phrase “starving artists” before, right? Well, this market would definitely NOT be my first choice however you can see for yourself it is bringing in about $300 a month.

Now I literally haven’t even touched the site since I put it up and even with me completely out of the picture not lifting a finger it still makes hundreds every single month like clockwork. (Of course, if I was a little more motivated I could easily double or triple this site in no time flat.)

Of course, this project isn’t going to make me the filthy rich – but hey — who wouldn’t want their car payment or maybe even their mortgage covered by one of these little autopilot “oil wells”?

Listen, the best part is once you figure this all out it takes you almost no time at all to set up 5, 10, 20 or more of these little moneymakers for you. (Personally, I’ll have at least 4 other public domain projects on all different topics set up and going in a few weeks when I get a couple spare moments. The next one on houseplants is already up and bringing in revenue.)

Frankly, you can have as many of these autopilot sites as you want since there are millions and millions of pages of public domain content out there just waiting for you to snatch it up.

Let’s Do a Little Fun Math So You Can

See The Real Profit Potential Here…

If you have just one site doing a measly $300.00/month (like I do) that makes you an extra $3,600.00/year. Not bad.

Now how if we had a few more sites to our stable?…

5 sites x $300.00/month = $1,500.00/month or an extra $18,000.00/year.

10 sites x $300.00/month = $3,000.00/month or an extra $36,000.00/year.

20 sites x $300.00/month = $6,000.00/month or an extra $72,000.00/year.

Now I’ll let you figure out what happens if the sites are doing just $500.00, $1000.00 or even $2,000.00/month. It gets really exciting in a hurry!

Listen, there’s another BIG benefit to all of this – and that is you’re practically bullet-proof to any competition. Even if somebody starts competing with you on one or two of your sites – no problem – you’ve still got a dozen more all churning out money for you day and night.

This truly is something you do part-time and then move full-time when you’re ready to go for it and fire your boss!

But remember it all starts with the proven system that I’ll hand to you…

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To Inside the “8-Week Public Domain Riches Quantum Leap Home Study Course”

Week One – Finding Public Domain Material and Checking Market Potential

  • Hint: I’ll let you in on my ultra secret method and checklist of determining whether to pursue a project or not. And the best part is it only costs you a couple bucks and 48 hours.
  • My unique and proprietary spreadsheet to determine if a project is worth pursuing or dumping in the trash
  • Why you should actually be happy to see competitors selling similar information products.
  • 12 additional little-known and super secret sources for public domain materials never revealed before.

Week Two – Clearing Rights for Your Public Domain Material and Formulating Your Offer

  • How to find out in 5 minutes if a work really is public domain or not.
  • 19 examples of moneymaking public domain projects in all different niches.
  • 13 highly profitable ways to package up and sell public domain information online and 9 additional ways to sell it as an offline product for even more money.
  • How to create a hot, irresistible offers and powerful bonuses that help the sale not kill it – like many bonuses accidentally do. Plus lots more…

Week Three– Researching the Market and Starting Your Ad Copy

  • The little-known secrets of “talking” just like your market. (Warning: If your message does NOT match your marketplace – you are sunk before you even start.)
  • The right and wrong way to organize your bookmarks while focusing on your product.
  • How to come up with “copy nuggets” and how to use them to make writing your winning letter a breeze.
  • The powerful secret to coming up with “grab-‘em-by-the-throat” bullet points (plus 55 proven formulas for you to copy and steal)!.
  • Find out how to use the most persuasive and powerful words in the English language to get people to click, read and order practically anything you want with just the words on the screen.
  • The amazing trick to coming up with world-class headlines in less than 18 minutes and more…

Week Four – Creating Web Site Copy That Practically Forces People to Whip Out Their Credit Card When They Hit Your Site

  • Uncover the 13 psychological “buttons” for making people order now and not “think it over”.
  • Discover the surprising secret for getting the 2 kinds of web surfers (readers and skimmers) to order and how to write for each one inside your letter without annoying the others ones.
  • Quiz: Do you know the job of your first sentence? Simple. It’s to get people to read the second sentence. And the job of the 2nd one is to get people to read the third, etc. etc. But do you know the absolute best ways to “suck” people into your letter and not let go until they pull out their wallets? You will!
  • The fastest shortcut to turning you into a world-class copywriter in less than 1 hour.
  • My 12-part power formula for putting together a “killer” web sales letter. Pretty pictures and graphics alone won’t cut it – that’s why you need these little discussed (and seldom taught) secrets to mastering the art of web copywriting. (Theses are the same techniques I use to sell 1 out of every 32 visitors.)
  • How to make even the most reluctant and skeptical visitor practically beg you to take their money. And still even more…

Week Five – Quickly and Easily Building an Opt-in List and Preparing Your Highly Profitable Product for Sale

  • The “sneaky” way to automatically publish an ezine that you don’t have to write every issue. Do it once and forget about it!
  • A simple 5-minute solution to what you can do if you don’t want to create an entire autoresponder sequence to capture email addresses.
  • The profit multiplier formula for wringing every last dollar from every single email you capture.
  • 3 ways to get your public domain product ready for sale (2 are entirely hands off).
  • Five easy-to-follow examples of how to take your public domain material and turn them into a derivative work for 5x-10x the price you could charge just for an ebook.

Week Six – Automating Your Online Business So Your Computer Does All The Hard Work While You Build More Sites or Just Goof Off

  • The no hassle way to set up your entire web site on autopilot. You can have credit card cards processed, orders fulfilled and money go right into your back account immediately while you sleep or play “hooky”. Let your computer do all the dirty grungy work that forces other businesses to hire “worker drones”.
  • How to set-up automatic systems that continue to sell your customers and keep pouring more and more money into your bank account every single day.
  • The easy way to accept credit cards, have your affiliate program run for you and you just receive checks each month for only $49.95.
  • The single greatest producing page on your website and most people completely ignore it (no, it’s not the ‘home page’ or even the order page).
  • How to calculate your web site’s critical numbers and why you need these to “roll out” big time.
  • Think you’ve won the battle when people click to your order form? Think again. If you’re not using these 7 important parts to a winning order form you’re driving potential customers away. Find all of this out and much more….

Week Seven – Driving Tons of Traffic to Your Site Without Breaking the Bank

  • The big secrets to driving gobs and gobs of traffic to your site with my 6 absolute best techniques that always work. (BIG POINT: This is not 167 different ways to drive a tiny drip of traffic- I’m going to come clean on every humongous source of high-quality traffic!)
  • What to do if your site gets traffic but doesn’t make a sale. VERY IMPORTANT – Most people would give up, but with a few simple tweaks you can start making money each month with a “dead” product.
  • How to generate thousands of dollars in free advertising using Ezines. (I’ve spent less than $200 advertising my web site and you can too – after you learn this coveted secret.)
  • Discover the secret to free publicity and how to turn yourself into an “expert” with discussion boards. Careful: there are plenty of pitfalls here just waiting for you to fall into.
  • My simple “no-geek” way I handle search engines.
  • Ways to use pay-per-click search engines without spending more than you need to. Plus, there’s still more…

Week Eight – Getting Dozens, Even Hundreds of Sites Working For You Selling Your Product and The Right Way to Set Up Joint Ventures

  • Where to uncover the elusive “Super Affiliates” that will drive your sales through the roof.
  • How to get your competitors thrilled to send you their best customers and traffic.
  • The 4 components of building a successful affiliate program from scratch.
  • How to get hundreds, even thousands of websites working for you advertising and selling your product and you only pay them once they make a sale!
  • The 15 ‘must-have’ features your affiliate software needs to have or else you should keep looking.
  • The “back-door” secret to getting top 10 positioning on the big Search Engines without even submitting your site or hassling with META Tags. (Yes, even Google!)
  • Arm yourself with the dirty secret nobody wants to talk about – Affiliate Fraud. Here’s how to protect yourself from paying out to people who only intend to rip you off. Yes, it’s happening right now and one of my colleagues almost went bankrupt because of this.
  • The pros and cons of running your affiliate program yourself or letting someone else handle all the details for you.
  • How to get all your affiliate payments out quickly and easily with just one click of your mouse. Absolutely painless I promise!


Video1 – How to find public domain material online part I
Video2 – How to find public domain material online part II
Video3 – How to find public domain material online part III
Video4 – How to find public domain material online part IV
Video5 – How to find public domain material online part V
Video6 – Marketplace evaluation of project
Video7 – Verifying Public Domain Status for works 1950-1963
Video8 – Verifying Public Domain Status for works 1923-1949
Video9 – Marketplace evaluation Worksheet completion part I
Video10 – Marketplace evaluation Worksheet completion part II
Video11 – Testing Your Public Domain Idea without spending a fortune
Video12 – Creating your Google Ad Words Account for testing part I
Video13 – Creating your Google Ad Words Account for testing part II
Video14 – Finding ‘comparables’ to sell
Video15 – Creating powerful offers
Video16 – Reading results of your Google Ad Words test
Video17 – Finding more bonuses
Video18 – Writing hot selling bullets for your ad copy Part I
Video19 – Writing hot selling bullets for your ad copy part II
Video20 – Getting ad copy ‘nuggets’
Video21 – How to quickly and easily write a winning headline
Video22 – How to “talk” the langauge of your marketplace
Video23 – Writing your winning sales letter part I
Video24 – Writing your winning sales letter part II
Video25 – Writing your winning sales letter part III
Video26 – Writing your winning sales letter part IV
Video27 – How to create your bonus material
Video28 – How to create PDF files
Video29 – Working with Clickbank part I
Video30 – Working with Clickbank part II
Video31 – Working with Clickbank part III
Video32 – Creating your opt-in system
Video33 – Creating your autoresponder messages
Video34 – Ezine advertising
Video35 – How to revive a losing product?

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