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Will Haimerl - Master Facebook Ads Group Coaching

Will Haimerl – Master Facebook Ads Group Coaching



Price: $294
Sale Page: ppc-coach.com/group-coaching-forums-introduction/
Archive: archive.is/OwM5K


My Story

Lead Generation Was My Thing…

  • Started full time online in 2007
  • Was selling secured loan leads to UK banks using Google Adwords
  • Credit crisis hit worldwide and wiped out my business in 2 weeks
  • My business tanked

My Story

Turned To CPA Offers Using Google Adwords

  • I had to reinvent my business
  • Started doing CPA offers, (cost per action), from affiliate networks using Google Adwords
  • Got really good at it
  • Made really good money


My Story

I wasn’t happy though…

  • I was making good money but was getting bored
  • I needed more out of life then just running campaigns non stop
  • I turned to video games
  • Got addicted and lost myself for awhile in them
  • I needed more out of life
  • I had awesome kids, (i’ve got 5 now!), a wife and was miserable

My Story

Helping others helped me

  • I started helping others learn online marketing
  • I finally found the thing that I was looking for
  • Helping others was the key to my happiness in business
  • PPC-Coach.com was born
  • It is the oldest monthly membership forum out there
  • Several others have copied this exact format over the years
  • I was the pioneer

My Story

Great but what do you do now?

  • Now my bread and butter is Facebook Ads
  • I sell physical products using it
  • I coach people on how to generate leads and sell physical products using it
  • I am an expert at both selling and coaching
  • I know that sounds bad, but would you want help from someone who wasn’t good at their job?

Helping People

Well over 10,000 marketers have been on this site since 2007

  • That’s a lot of people through here
  • Some have gone onto great things
  • Others have failed
  • But the key is they took the first step
  • They got some help
  • Would you like some help?


It’s the only constant online

  • It’s CONSTANTLY changing
  • New techniques are always coming up
  • New experiments are constantly being run
  • What worked last month may not work today anymore
  • That course you bought 3 months ago, well it may be different now



Adapt or die

  • You need to see the experiments
  • You need to adapt to the change
  • That’s what I can offer you with your membership here
  • How does that sound?


  • Facebook ads is tough
  • You’re going to fail
  • What if we can reduce your failure rate a bit?
  • Would that help?

You will fail


Be around others like you

  • Ever try to “talk shop” with your friends and family?
  • See their eyes glaze over as you talk about CTR, CPM, ROI, ROAS, Click through rates?
  • Well here we’ve got your back
  • Would a community of like minded people help you?

Old Courses

They still have value

  • So you get them in the forums
  • I post my old courses so you can view them
  • I post my old bootcamps so you can go through them at your own pace
  • That’s great, but would that help you too?



  • That’s what PPC Coach is all about
  • We support you
  • We answer your questions
  • You get group coaching in a positive and friendly forum
  • How great is that?

Getting answers and support


Tiny monthly cost

  • How much do you spend going out for dinner each month?
  • We cost less
  • How much do you spend on your internet bill each month?
  • We cost less
  • How much do you spend on gas each month for your vehicle?
  • We cost less
  • How awesome is this?
  • Join now…


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