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How a hometown gal from Colorado went from zero money in the bank
and OVER $20K in credit card debt, to being the #1 authority on
Real Estate Investing…

And how YOU can join her!

Worrying all the time?

Maybe you’re ready for retirement but there’s just one problem – you don’t have nearly enough money, and no good prospects for making enough part time to retire.

The truth is, it’s to get ahead these days; especially with the rising costs of living and education. All the while your wages fail to increase, your savings decrease, your debt rises out of control, and that retirement nest egg dwindles as you scramble to keep up with an ever-changing economy.

You are not alone!

Most of the people I talk to are nervous about their financial future. The biggest problem is that most people don’t know what to do about it.

Let me ask you a personal question…

Does a little hard work scare you? (if it does, then you may want to turn back now, this system isn’t for you.) If getting your “hands dirty” doesn’t scare you then read on…

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your finances? Tired of worrying about your earning power diminishing, or time running out to sock away cash for retirement?

If you’re tired of wasting your valuable time worrying about your financial future, then there is just one solution…

Stop Worrying And
Start Taking Action!

Worry is the opposite of action. It’s a proven fact that people taking action worry less, make more money and get things done.

“But Wendy, it’s not easy to just ‘take action’ and stop worrying…”

Sure, but nothing worth doing is ever “easy”. This system is going to require work – but the payoffs go to YOU, not your boss!

You’re responsible for whether you fail or succeed in this life – but, with a little help, you can increase your chances of success to nearly 100%!

Introducing The
Sandwich Lease Option System


Creative Real Estate and Lease Options

(or “How to take control of your financial future NOW!”)

Imagine a future safe from automation, with a nice income and plenty of cash saved up if you chose to stop working. That’s what the Sandwich Lease Option System has done for me! It is MY choice whether or not to work – and Trust Me… this is a position YOU want to be in.

The thing is, there will always be a need for people like you and me. The real estate industry will always need real live people to interact with. From Buyers and Sellers, to Mortgage Bankers, Loan Officers and Realtors, these are the “moving parts” of this industry, and they will always require a human touch…

You’ve already got that, so let’s get started. Let’s take all of your accumulated worry about your financial future and channel that into a money making machine. I did it, and I started off as nothing more than a small town gal from Colorado with over $20K in credit card debt…

So trust me, YOU can do this!

What Is Sandwich Lease Options

In short, the Sandwich Lease Options System means monthly cash-flow, lower risk, low startup costs and potential for huge paydays!

I’m Ready Now – Tell Me What’s Included!

Like most people, you want control over your financial future, that’s the whole reason I got into real estate, and over 20 years later it’s still what I love to do. I love it for the freedom and lifestyle it has afforded me – and I want that for you!

If you’re willing to do the work, I can show you the way; but you have to be committed to the process.

You’re going to have it a whole lot easier than I did, though. Let me tell you why…

Throughout my years in real estate, I’ve made many mistakes; but one of the benefits of making mistakes is that they become teaching moments for yourself… and others!

You don’t have to make the same simple (and often costly) mistakes I made when I was getting started, because I’ve laid out my entire Sandwich Lease Options System in this simple to follow course.

In fact, the costliest mistake you can make now is to continue doing nothing!

Sandwich Lease Option Business in a Box:

All The Tools, Training and Contracts You Need To
Take Control of Your Financial Future, and
Start Making Money This Month!

With this proven system and contracts, you’ll have an insider’s edge, and a real head start on your business. You’ll have the infrastructure for your first deal at your fingertips. That sounds pretty good, right?

These courses and contracts (buying on a lease option and selling on lease option) will allow you to start closing sandwich lease option deals right away! These Sandwich lease option deals are perfect for people who want to make money in their first 30 days, but have little to no experience investing in real estate.

Sandwich Lease Options are the perfect place to start for beginners, and a reliable source of profits, that seasoned investors often find themselves returning to.

Sandwich lease options have a ton of value to offer new or inexperienced investors:

  • • Your Capital Risk: Little to non-existent
  • • Ability to find a lot of leads
  • • Helping buyers and sellers find solutions to their problems
  • • The market is plentiful and there are a lot of quick deals out there right now.
  • • Sandwich Lease Options are Easy to understand

“I’m ready, Wendy – Let’s Do This!”

What’s Inside The Sandwich Lease Option Business in a Box?


Buying on Lease Options Training Resources and Contracts:

  • • Forms and Contract Library | The same ones I use to close lease option deals.
  • • Why sellers need and will accept lease option terms
  • • Where to find lease option sellers
  • • How to secure properties with all of the legal contracts and forms designed to protect YOU! (they are ALL included)

Selling on Lease Options:

  • • Forms and Contract Library – all the forms in Microsoft Word, Excel and Editable PDF’s so you can download and tailor fit them to your specific deal.
  • • All of the forms that Wendy uses are in “Understandable English” and an easy to understand format.
  • • Putting It All Together: The Ins and Outs of Structuring the Deal: details on how to fill out all of the forms in the course along with her advice on structuring a deal.
  • • Live Buyer Conversations – Wendy recorded her calls so you can listen and learn – these calls have Wendy’s script to find buyers that will close on your home.
  • • Getting Your Buyer to the Closing Means Cash to You – Wendy talks with a mortgage broker and credit repair company on the latest and greatest techniques to you get paid.

But wait… there’s MORE!

Order now, and you’ll receive:

  • My award winning and nationally recognized eBook on Sandwich Lease Options! This book takes you step by step through these types of deals, and gives you the information you need to understand and close Sandwich Lease Option deals FAST!
  • • Access Invitation to AFFORDABLE Legal Review for Your Deals (this is HUGE)
  • • Free Access to Future Course and Contract Updates
  • • Profitability Worksheet with instructions – this is the exact Excel spreadsheet I use to calculate my profit for each deal I make.
  • • Rental Agreement, Purchase Agreement and of course the Option Agreement – all pro-seller and included.
  • • Ads to attract tenant buyers and where to place them.
  • • Rental applications, deposit form, payment ledger, pet agreement, and much more.

The Contracts alone for this course would cost you thousands of dollars to have drawn up by legal experts. But, now, you can use the system I created for myself through trial and error (and a lot of money); a system that has enabled me to close hundreds of deals and earn recognition as the nation’s leading expert on creative real estate and lease options – all for one affordable price!

This system is now available to you, eliminating the high costs and obstacles that usually hold people back.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Don’t waste time or money on expensive legal fees.

Don’t grope in the dark looking for information all over the web on how to start a business.

STOP wasting your time, and START Taking Action!

All you need, if you’re ready to do this real estate thing for real, with little or no money down, are these courses and contracts and a willingness to work.

That’s it!

These Courses and Contracts Empower You To:

Truly create a real estate business using sandwich lease options. These courses allow new investors to start closing cash flowing deals in the next 30 days. You really CAN do this stuff, have fun and MAKE MONEY doing it!

The Best Part of Sandwich Lease Options?

Besides the ability to make money with little or no money down, is that you are truly helping homeowners and potential home buyers find solutions to their problems.

I can’t wait to hear about your first deal!

Wendy Patton

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