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Volume Spread Analysis developed by Veteran Trader Tom Williams is fast becoming the “Third Way to Trade”.

Throughout the world a growing community of traders and investors are embracing the methodology and using its principles to “Lift the Fog” on the international markets.

The VSA Club is dedicated to:

Growing the methodology

Developing the methodology

Spreading the benefits of VSA

At the same time the club provides an online community forum and a comprehensive suite of services and benefits to club members.

Benefits include regular Online Events, VSA Mentorship and Trading room, Online Knowledge Base, Club Forum, Blog Facilities, online access to the VSA experts including Tom himself, plus regular chart presentations, advanced product previews and a chance to play a part in developing this powerful methodology for future generations of traders.

VSA Panel of Experts

Tom Williams, is a retired US Syndicate Trader. His professional experience gained a great impetus several years ago when reading what Richard D Wyckoff had to say on the subject of volume reading in the early thirties.

Tom further developed Wyckoffs methodologies to develop his own more potent methodology – Volume Spread Analysis – regularly referred to as “Wyckoff on Steroids!”

Tom Williams has been energetically applying his unique methodologies for the last 30 years to the Stocks, FOREX and Futures markets.

He retired from professional trading to take up a number of commercial ventures. However, Toms real ambition was to help traders operate in a more informed way, and this idea formed the basis of his software development company he set up 14 years ago. Tom has spent many years refining the signals in the TradeGuider range of Software Systems.

Tom is the inventor of Volume Spread Analysis and the Chairman of TradeGuider Systems .

Gavin Holmes
TradeGuider Systems

Gavin has helped thousands of traders in over 36 countries learn how to track the “Smart Money” and avoid the tricks that the “Smart Money” play.

Gavin was taught to trade by veteran syndicate trader, Tom Williams, now 78, and was fortunate enough never to have picked up the bad habits that many retail traders suffer from.

Gavin is now based in Chicago in the US and regularly hosts seminars and events sharing his experience and knowledge developed through talking to hundreds of retail traders each month, most who are finding the markets a challenging environment.

Dr Gary Dayton
Professional Trader

Dr. Gary Dayton is the president of Peak Psychological Services, a consulting firm that specializes in developing peak performance in traders. Dr. Gary is a licensed psychologist and holds a doctorate in psychology from Rutgers University with specialization in clinical and sport psychologies. He is also an active trader in the CME futures markets, applying VSA and Wyckoff methodologies.

Through workshops, groups, and individual coaching, Dr. Gary helps traders overcome the psychological pitfalls unique to trading. He applies state-of-the-science knowledge in behavioral finance, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, and sport psychologies to help individuals systematically develop as traders, enhancing emotional control and trading performance, with the ultimate goal of instilling in the trader the ability to become their own peak performance coach.

Brad Bedford-Brown
Full-time Trader
Brad has close to 3 years study and experience with Tradeguider VSA principles and over 4 years deep research in the practical application of price action volume trading, which led him to Tradeguider initially as a customer.

He has spent over a decade intensely focusing on the Forex arena.During this time he realized that using “Technical Analysis” as a singular approach still left a significant piece of the puzzle missing.

The missing element was Order flow, which is the quintessential structure by which all traded instruments adhere to. Trading with volume price interaction is the way we navigate that order flow.

Price action is binary “you can buy it, you can sell it”, these are the only two things you can do when trading the markets

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