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SRS Trend Rider

READ BELOW why this unique Hybrid Forex Strategy is unlike any manual or automated system in existence,
with the power to deliver…
+100 Pips Per Trade

You’ve never Seen Anything like this…The World’s First and Most Profitable Forex Hybrid – SRS Trend Rider

For the first time ever, we’ve combined the strength of a sophisticated Forex robot with a market tested 4 Step Blueprint to produce a semi-automate strategy that simply cannot lose.

You’ll supercharge your trading session with 4 clever tools:

  • The sRs Trend Rider Secret Template – It’s like watching the markets with magic profit goggles
  • The ultra-accurate sRs indicator – Know exactly when to enter and exit the market – at a glance!
  • The sRs Set-and-Forget alert – Don’t worry about watching the market. sRs will watch it for you and alert you when there is money to be made!
  • (Never Seen Before) The sRs Management Robot – Your personal Pip Butler who will manage your trade, protect your profit, and extract the maximum pips from every engagement.

Watch this video of Vladimir introducing his creation:

Here’s a glimpse of sRs Trend Rider in action:

Here is your chance to finally master the Forex Market and permanently escape the 9to5 rat race forever.

Take action now and watch sRs Trend Rider

  • Snatch 3,600 pips per month from just 2 currency pairs
  • Protect your profits with Automatic Risk and Money Management rules
  • Make money in roaring bull rallies or heart-stopping bear reversals – It doesn’t matter because you still make money
  • Unchain yourself from your computer – you will make all the money you will ever need with just 30 minutes a day
  • Stop worrying about making the right decision – my proven pip snatching algorithm is built right into the strategy
  • Finally you can ignore the conflicting gibberish from so-called Forex experts. Now you can quietly and quickly make money with a push of a button

From the desk of: Vladimir Ribakov
Re: I can’t believe I’m offering this…
Date: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear FX Trader,

Let me be absolutely clear. It doesn’t matter if you are a trading rookie who’s never invested a dollar in your life or an advanced trader! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made money in the Forex market, hate computers, or can barely do basic math.

I can teach you how to make money-making Forex trades in 24 hours or less. Plus, I will give you a powerful tool that will automate your trades so that you can…

But before I show you how to change your financial destiny forever

Ask Yourself :

Do you want to double or triple your net worth within the next 6 months?

Are you sick of purchasing Forex Trading systems that are too complicated to understand in just a few minutes of reading?

Are you frustrated with guru’s who make you feel stupid and insist you invest money without a proven guarantee of success?

Do you wish that you had a simple automated system that didn’t require an engineering degree to understand?

Are you willing to keep an open mind and learn a simple strategy for making consistent profitable trades?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions?

Then sRs Trend Rider may be the perfect solution for you.
But before I show you how to get this never seen-before strategy, let me tell you a bit about myself –

Years ago, I decided to make a little easy money with the Forex market. I’ve always been good with numbers and I believed that the fast action of the Forex Market played nicely to my talents.

I obsessed over the markets day and night. I attended every seminar that I could afford. I read thousands of articles and devoured books from trading gurus. I couldn’t get enough of the market and quickly applied my strategies using a demo account.

And like magic, I began to make a few percentage points on the market. It was addictive to make $50, 100, or $250. I got so good that I convinced myself that I couldn’t lose and was ready for some real cash.

I approached my parents and convinced them to try out my strategies. After some soul searching they gave me 10,000 to invest.

Which, I quickly lost.

I was devastated, humiliated and ready to call it quits until…

I stumbled across a pattern in my trade logs that seemed too good to be true. Luckily, I had recorded every trade that I made and the result. I meticulously wrote down my logic and the conditions for the trade. Basically, I had a clear blueprint of what NOT to do while trading the Forex.

It didn’t take me long to do devise a new trading strategy built on my hard-earned trial and error of the past. In fact, I discovered that my new strategy could be summarized into 4 Easy Rules!

I scrapped together some money and started over from scratch. Day after day, my strategy delivered profitable trades in some cases up to 100 pips per day. Soon, I was able to repay my parent’s 10,000 with a substantial profit!

I kept refining my strategy for 4 years and privately using it to build a massive “egg nest” that allows me to work full-time trading my own account. I later named my method: “The sRs Trend Rider”. It is simple, elegant and powerful.

But most of all it delivers consistent results.

Although I refined the system for myself, I wondered if sRs Trend Rider could work for others so I signed up a few beta traders to try out the system. Here were my ground rules. They had to be non-professional traders. All testimonials were at their discretion. They had to use real accounts and real money…

So this is what they had to say…

Fred B, UK
Age: 55
Occupation: Retired (electrical engineer)
Experience in Trading: 3 Year
Opening Account: $2500
After 1 Month: $5,221.43

Since I retired, 3 years ago, I spent some time per week trying to make a few bucks out of the forex market. Until today, it seems like I am standing on the spot. Even with the newest and promising trading robots came out to the market recently, I didn’t manage to gain profits into my account.

This strategy amazed me by its simplicity but more than that, it actually works. The system is so flexible that I could adopted it to the most convenient time of the day for me to trade.

Although the sRs strategy is not classified as a full automated robot, and offers me the manual control I need, but in practice, with the amount of time I need to invest in it, it simply is – an accurate “automated” trading system.

For the first time I encounter such a profitable system. In 1 month I was able to turn the $2,500 deposit into $5,221.43.

Isaac F, USA
Age: 35
Occupation: School Teacher
Experience in Trading: 1 Year
Opening Account: $1000
After 1 Month: $1143.15

I view Forex trading as an additional source of income. However, in the one year since I first learned about trading and Technical Analysis I haven’t been able to see any money coming out of it. In fact, I’ve entirely lost my first real-money account…

That’s why I’m much more cautious now and been using the sRs Strategy with very low leverage. I must say I’m astonished by the fact that even though I used such low risk and traded rarely (it was a busy month) I was able to watch my account grow by 10%!

It was profitable trade after trade, and the strategy guide is fascinating and easy to follow.

Rachel S, UK
Age: 27
Occupation: housewife
Experience in Trading: none
Opening Account: $500
After 1 Month: $950.94

I must admit I had almost no prior knowledge of forex trading. When I read the srs guide book for the first time it was a bit difficult, since I don’t know how to read these “candlestick” charts.

But after a second thorough reading and looking at the trading software, I actually made a profitable first trade! It took me several days but after one month I feel I understand forex much better, and I have doubled my deposit which exceeds my expectations.

Soon you will discover what my beta testers realized…

If you’ve tried trading on the Forex and lost money then you should know that it wasn’t your fault!

Today, most Forex traders are taught the wrong way to trade! They are handed complicated books with exotic theories or hopelessly complicated software and sent on their way. This process just doesn’t work.

Let me tell you why:

The best way to make money fast is to understand the signs of a favorable market condition at a glance. Any training program should teach you how to find an opportunity and pounce on it immediately and decisively.

You should not need to spend hours studying trends and charts. You SHOULD be able to receive a simple alert, make a decision, and make your trade – within 12 seconds or less!

This is what the sRs Trend Rider is here for.

With the sRs Trend Rider user guide you will learn how the strategy works, and how to spot a profitable market swing by looking at just one factor!

The 4 sRs components you receive will do the work for you. It couldn’t get any easier.

Without a doubt, sRs Trend Rider will make more Forex Millionaires this year than the rest of the industry combined. I can be so bold (maybe a bit cocky) because I have been making money every day for the past 4 years with what you are getting today.

You can’t lose.

Let’s review the components of the core sRs Trend Rider system:

This is the secret and foundation to the entire sRs Trend Rider system. The indicator is built upon a highly sophisticated algorithm that I developed and refined over my years of trading the Forex market. It’s accuracy will absolutely amaze you. I’ve jealously guarded this secret for years.

If you take a close look at the Indicator you will see one of the key secrets to the sRs system – “The 10,000 Level” – I will show you how to use the indicator to:

  • Know the exact time to enter and exit a market.
  • Expertly evaluate currency pair momentum and market trends as it provides you with proven buy long or sell short signals.
  • Avoid unfriendly market conditions that potentially cause losses.

The sRs Template plugs into your MetaTrader software and makes your trade decision simpler than picking a pair of socks to wear in the morning. You won’t believe your eyes as the template magically simplifies market movements and erase all stress from your decision making.

This sophisticated template combines all the rules of the sRs Strategy to alert you when the right conditions exist for your next profitable trade.

The sRs Trend Rider Alert component will free you to do everything you like, instead of constantly staring at your computer screen looking for trading opportunities.
The sRs Alert will produce an audible alert to call you to your computer when a good opportunity presents itself in the market.

Lying at the core of the sRs Trend Rider is the fully trained and semi-automated sRs Money Management Robot or MMR. You’ll be amazed by how smart and simple this robot really is. 

The MMR takes all emotion out of the trade. No more stressful trading sessions second-guessing yourself and worrying about every tick of the market. 

Just sit back and let the MMR bring you trades to consider. You use my 4 proven rules to make a quick decision to confirm the trade. Push the button and you’re done.

Plus, the MMR takes over the chore of watching and protecting your trade. I’ve programmed clever “profit maximization and profit protection” rules into the robot using my proven 2-Phased trade management strategy. The robot will reliably stop you out of a bad trade and safely extract your profits on a good trade. There’s no risk to you.

You won’t find a better trading partner anywhere else.

Best of all, the sRs Trade Management Robot is simple for the beginner AND gives complete control to the advanced trader.

But that’s not all! You also get:

  • Step-by-Step tutorials and over the shoulder screenshots so that you can start making winning trades immediately
  • Exclusive detailed instruction on how to use my “Always Win and Never Lose” 4 Rule Strategy. I used these 4 rules to create the lifestyle of my dreams – you will too!

    Don’t worry, I would just like you to know them, but actually the sRs Trend Rider Template and components will do everything for you.

  • Get the “Eagle Eye” and learn to spot bull and bear trends AND know exactly the right strategy to use to cash in
  • The secret money-making currency pairs that consistently offer profitable pip opportunities throughout the trading day (up to 100 per day by my last count!)
  • Learn the best time to trade and smuggle out pips when everyone is looking the wrong way!

  • Exact instructions on the best price to enter a trade and how to accurately set your stop loss and take profit triggers
  • My personal cheat sheet for easily installing and configuring your MetaTrader Software. I’ll have you up and making successful trades in 12 minutes flat…
  • And much, much, more!

We know that most of you already experienced trading manually or with a Forex robot, but nothing has prepared you for the sRs Trend Rider strategy. It has the accuracy of a professional trader but yet with my help, it has the ability to do 95% of the workload for you.

This cutting-edge system is on a completely different level of sophistication and accuracy than anything ever to be offered to private traders and investors. However, this doesn’t mean you must have the experience of a top pro trader to enjoy its power, since as I explained earlier, I designed the system to do 95% of the workload for you.

Let’s go over a typical sRs trade:

Install the sRs package into your MetaTrader Software. The sRs Trend Rider comes with an automated installation program that places all the sRs files in their appropriate folders in your computer. It’s simple and I will show you how to complete the easy process in under 10 minutes

Get a cup of coffee and wait for the sRs AI Engine to alert you that the market is “ripe” for a trade

Once you receive an alert, take a look at the chart and apply the simple “sRs Human Eye Rule” to confirm the entry. It takes exactly 12 seconds to do and requires a human being to make the call.

Confirm the trade and apply the sRs Trade Management Robot, that will continue from there.

That’s it. You’re done!

The trade in the chart in Step 3 above lasted 30 minutes and delivered 160 pips for a profit of $2,000

The entire trade was managed automatically by the sRs Trade Management Robot that watched my risk and extracted my profits at exactly the right time.

This is a typical trade in a sRs user’s day. sRs has performed flawlessly for me (and my closest friends) for years. Now you can use it too…

Please read this very carefully.

You might be asking yourself – “Where will I find the time to work this strategy?”

This is a fair question. Afterall, other manual strategies require you to stare at your trading screen for hours waiting for opportunities. However, sRs Trend Rider is drastically different.

I build the sRs Trend Rider to be a “Glimpse, Decide, and Trade” strategy that will require a “minute” investment of your time.

Here’s how sRs Trend Rider makes you more money in less time:

  1. The strategy is almost 100% automatic. You only need to take a quick glimpse at the Trading Robot’s recommendations to confirm that the situation is favorable for a winning trader. From there, you just push a button to execute the trade.
  2. You can trade and extract pips at any time of day with every currency pair. This means you can trade when it’s convenient for you. Feel free to relax, spend time with your family and then when you have a few minutes make a nice profit with almost zero work.

This will shock you but I strongly advise that you not make more than 2 trades a day. 2 trades is all you need to make a nice profit in minimal time.

If you can always spot which direction the market is trending, and you’re almost always right, then you might not need it.

If you are a professional trader with a large staff of analysts at your disposal, constantly charting market activity and trading your account then sRs Trend Rider might also not be for you.

But, there are certain persistent challenges that Forex Traders have but other trading systems can’t solve or are not addressed.

Take a look at the list below and if you have experienced any of these problems then I strongly recommend you purchase sRs TrendRider NOW (and if you have more than one of these problems you should purchase the program here immediately).

  • If you’ve ever seen a market opportunity but froze because you weren’t sure at what price to enter in …
  • If you’ve ever set your take-profit price too low and watched the market gallop past your position – snatching profits from your fingertips
  • If you are still sitting on the trading sidelines confused by conflicting Forex strategies taught by so-called guru’s, or baffled by analyst’s gibberish

Get download Vladimir – SRS Trend Rider at Forimc.com right now!

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