Viral Story Funnels – 10X Your Ecom Sales With Nicely Crafted


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Viral Story Funnels – 10X Your Ecom Sales With Nicely Crafted DFY Stories

Viral Story Funnels – 10X Your Ecom Sales With Nicely Crafted DFY Stories

Price: $997
Sale Page: app.paykickstart.com/checkout/9298
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The Most Profitable, Highest Converting eCom Strategy in 2018 – Nothing Else Comes Close
Here’s What’s Included in the “Done-for-You” VSF Program
50 DFY Viral Story Funnels
We have ready to launch stories in all the hottest eCom niches you could think of right now including travel, fitness, outdoor, skin care, self defense, pain relief and so much more. Each story comes in a DOC format and can be customized within minutes to suit the product on your store… there’s no experience needed.
VSF “Ready 2 Launch” FB Ads
To get you ready to profit from the story funnels immediately, we also give you “tested” FB ads campaigns for each of the stories. Each one comes in excel/csv format, just copy and paste to your ads manager and launch, every single ad has been tested by us and proven. Even if you have zero experience on eCommerce, this is going to work for you.
“6 Figure” VSF Templates
You’ll also get 2 of our 6 figure VSF templates like the ones you saw on the webinar today, these 2 templates are really simple but they’ve been they’ve helped us run winning stories that have generated over 100 thousand dollars in the last few monhs alone… Like I said, this is a done for you program, we’re giving you everything you need, all you need is just to launch and get sales.
Breakthrough Product Discovery Bootcamp
The #1 problem that kills 90% of all eCommerce vendors is they sell the wrong products Most shopify marketers are doing it completely wrong. They’re either selling products nobody wants to buy or they’re selling products that has been beat to death and can’t even sell anymore. If you want to win at eCommerce, from the word go… you must be selling a winning products. In this exclusive training, I will walk you through my breakthrough product discovery formula, so that the very next product you sell will make you $1,000 in a day and eventually bring you those 20k and 50k months.
SalesCurve Shopify Theme

Over the past few months, we’ve spent quite a ton of money and time testing and doing rigorous experiments in eCom to figure out what makes people buy and as a result, we’ve developed a conversion-oriented Shopify theme that’s getting 12 – 20% sales conversions right now. It’s unbelievable… The theme is available for $299 to get full license to use on all of your Shopify but when you join the VSF done for you program today, you’ll get access to the salescurve theme.
INFINITE Scale Hacking Class
The fastest way to grow your store from $200 a day to $3,000 per day is knowing exactly how to scale but the problem is that it’s not as simple as logging in to your ads manager and increasing your daily ads budget maybe from $50 per day to $250 per day. If it was that easy, everybody will be doing it and quite frankly every eCom store owner would have been a millionaire.
In this private training, I will teach you my Infinite Scale Formula that you can use to take any store from $100 a day to $2,000 per day within your first week and without shooting up your cost per click, cost per sale or eating into your revenue. If you really want to take your eCommerce revenue to the next level, scale big and generate more sales, you have to watch this training. We sell this a live class for $997, but if you join my VSF done for you program today, you’ll get it fully recorded free as part of the exclusive bonuses.
$135k “Outdoor” eCom Funnel
We’ll give you our full access to our “Outdoor” eCom funnel including the 2 upsells inside the funnel.
This funnel has grossed over $130k in sales. We’ll give it to you, just import and launch.
“Gold Rose Flower” Sales Copy
Our fastest selling physical product so far in 2018 has been the “Gold Plated Rose Flower” and this immense success has been as a result of the sales copy we’re using to sell the product.
We’re going to give you this sales copy so you can replicate them in your own eCom business.
2018 eCom Swipe FileProduct Price: $497
Want to know which eCom products are trending and selling like hot cakes right now?
Inside the swipe file, we’ll give 50 of the latest, trending and fast selling eCom products right now to to get into.
These products are flying off the shelves right now, sell any of these products and you’ll be banking massive profits


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