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Are you an Affiliate, a Marketer, Blogger, a Digital Vendor, Product Jacker, a Niche Marketer… Maybe you have an eCom business

VidSkippy – Turns Any Video Into Your Own Sales Machine + Oto1

Oto1 Unlimited Campaign Life Time Account

Price:  $161
Sale Page: vidskippy.com/live/
Archive:  archive.is/oFZxH

Watch Me Turn Somebody Else’s Video into My Own ‘In-Stream’ Clickable Video Ad… Just Like YouTube does

Unique Software: Turns Any Video Into Your Own Sales Machine… In Minutes

Forget making your own videos and building website after website… VidSkippy lets you put a Live Clickable link inside anyone’s video and Instantly share on Social media.

Finally: A Proven, User Friendly Way To Target, Engage & Sell… In Minutes. A ground breaking method that doesn’t rely on outdated methods, tricks, gimmicks or any other short term loophole… And you won’t even need a website!

A highly engaging method that both captivates and converts any audience… without cost and without work.

It takes just minutes to complete each project… *Because you use other people’s videos*

Forget The HYPE… You already know this works because YouTube have been doing the very same thing for years… And NOW You can do the same… Only without the cost!

Are You Ready to Dominate Any Niche and Crush Your Competition?

More Effective than a TV commercial

In-Stream Video Ads resemble traditional TV commercials. I.e. you want to watch that show and so you have to watch the advert… If that advert fits the demographic of the show there’s a very good chance it will appeal to you.

Just like a TV commercial, video ads appear before or during an online video. Which means… if you want to watch that video, you’re going to have to watch at least part of that video ad.

But… In-Stream Ads are so much better than a TV ad. Why? Because they contain clickable CTAs right there in the video… That’s right; prospects can click a link right inside the video which ensures advertisers make money

YouTube worked it out… It’s Easy to Sell to a Captive Audience…
In–Stream Ad’s Enable Anyone to Profit by Ethically Forcing Viewers to Watch… and then giving them the ‘Live Link’ right there in the video!



Well are you…

Which one are you?

Are you an Affiliate, a Marketer, Blogger, a Digital Vendor, Product Jacker, a Niche Marketer… Maybe you have an eCom business… or perhaps you have an offline business.

And… if you’re any of the above, or any other type of online marketer, then you’re probably….

Spending more and more on tools and training in an effort to propel your business and profits?

Spending countless hours trying to figure out effective ways of putting your offers (whatever they may be) in front of your target audience

Perhaps you’re building your business around loopholes, hacks or just a wing & a Prayer


Maybe you’re just getting started and have no idea which way to turn.

Sound familiar? OK, let’s be realistic for a moment… It isn’t working. You know it and so do we…

We all know that it’s harder than ever to captivate, Engage or simply grab the attention of that target audience…

We know it’s harder than ever to get them to respond to your call-to-actions!


Getting new leads, subscribers and sales has become more & more difficult… so much so that many new marketers give up on their online marketing dreams within 3 months of starting with less in the bank than they started with.

You’re ‘probably’ working harder and harder and spending more and more on your online business…

Does that sound about right?


Wanna See a Real Solution?

Things come and things go all the time… but the real trick is to look at what the big fish are doing.

Companies like YouTube spend millions on research, testing, tweaking & perfecting. With In-Stream video ads being at the forefront in recent years.

Yep… In-stream video ads have become so successful that even Facebook have now jumped on the wagon… and we took note.


But… do you want to pay YouTube hundreds of dollars every week to advertise your products and offers? No, I though not… and neither did we, which is why we developed V I D S K I P P Y


  • Vidskippy is a ground breaking cloud based software that puts the very same technology YouTube use to generate millions at your fingertips.
  • And just like YouTube you can use other people’s videos to captivate any niche, any audience you like in minutes…
  • Plus: you can also embed your own clickable link right inside that video.
  • Clickable Links Inside Your Videos


Oto1 : vidskippy.com/oto1/


You Get…

  • Unlimited users can use VidSkippy without limits…

You probably know by now that each VidSkippy campaign will only take 2-3 minutes to set up. That means you can deploy as many as you like. Unlimited use gives you the power to do just that.

  • V I D S K I P P Y Testimonial Feature

The perfect sales tool Add-On. Social proof sells better than anything else. Add testimonials to the main video or In-Stream Ad (See below)

  • Integrated Link Shortening

The link you share doesn’t have to say Vidskippy. With our unlimited package you can choose to instantly shorten and cloak.

Please note: Link shorter has now been added to the FE product.

  • Additional Thumbnail Images

Make your VidSkippy videos unique and enticing with even more ready to use images built in and ready to go.

Oto 2 : vidskippy.com/oto2/

100% Profit: Sell VidSkippy… Keep all the money.

Videos: Use our marketing & demo videos

Marketing: Use our marketing materials and sales pages

Agency: Set up accounts for your clients…

Sell V I D S K I P P Y Like This


100% Commission on VidSkippy as an affiliate.

How does this work?

As soon as you purchase an Agency license our software will know instantly via IPN. You will receive an email with your agency log in credentials as well as a code to use in order to be set up as a 100% commission affiliate.

The whole thing is automated so you won’t have to wait around.

You refer our product in whichever ‘Ethical’ way works best for you, and for each referral you make you receive 100% of the profit, which could amount to as much as $381 profit per customer (you get 100% commission on all products in the funnel, Including this one).

Sell V I D S K I P P Y Like This



Let’s assume you have a list… maybe a list of clients or students. You know how effective, stable and easy to use VidSkippy is and you want to sell it directly to your clients.

Maybe you want to run VidSkippy as a service… perhaps you want to set a higher price.
Agency gives you full control to do all that and more… Take a look at the video below.


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