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Unicorn IQ Academy

Unicorn IQ Academy

Price: $297
Sale Page: unicorniq.co/unicorn-iq-academy
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Learn How To Acquire More Customers & Scale Your Business From The Top Marketing Experts In The World!

When you invest in Unicorn IQ Academy today you’ll have access to a library of courses covering Facebook, AdWords, Instagram & LinkedIn, 90 minute live daily trainings with our expert mentors, a private group made up of 7-9 figure business leaders, 24/7 support, all future courses including SEO, Amazon & marketing automation & over $3,000 worth of bonuses.

You’ve discovered the only marketing training solution specifically designed to help you supercharge your customer acquisition and scale your business, Which Has already helped thousands of business leaders.

The days of building a 7 figure plus business exclusively off of Facebook Ads are dead. Scaling to 7 figures and beyond now requires omnipresence. Put simply, you need to be active on multiple traffic channels and know how to play to each one’s strengths. Luckily for you we created Unicorn IQ Academy, a hybrid training platform combining knowledge packed courses and daily live trainings with expert mentors, to help business leaders like yourself achieve explosive growth in 2018 and beyond.

4 Knowledge Packed Courses

Members get instant access to over 300 training videos across 4 different courses, which cover Facebook, AdWords, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Daily Live Training Sessions

Courses are great, but the real breakthroughs happen during the 90 minute live training sessions, which are led by our expert mentors from Monday to Friday.

All Future Courses

We are already in the process of creating our next 3 courses covering Amazon, SEO and Automation. Members get instant access to all new courses and content just like Netflix!

Learn The Strategies Needed To Create, Manage and Scale Profitable Marketing Campaigns!

Not only did we put all of our combined marketing knowledge into an ever-growing video library, but we also brought in some of the most successful marketers in the world to help you grow as well.


This means that not only will you get our team’s knowledge, but you’re also getting knowledge from the best marketing experts in the world.

The foundation of Unicorn IQ Academy is a cutting-edge interactive training platform. Our training platform combines our massive library of videos, daily training with experts, a collaborative group of business leaders and much more!

Through this platform, we’re able to teach you exactly how we’ve used a wide range of platforms (from Facebook to LinkedIn) to create winning marketing campaigns for some of the biggest companies and personal brands in the world. Whether you are brand new to Facebook ads, Google Adwords or managing six figures in monthly spend, Unicorn IQ Academy will help you supercharge your customer acquisition efforts.

One of the biggest problems with courses is that they teach strategies that worked up until the time they are published. We all know that platforms change and what worked a year ago or even 1 month ago might not work today.

Every day our mentors are testing new strategies and features and sharing everything that is working. When they find things that work they share them inside the course and during their weekly live trainings. Long story short, you aren’t buying a course that will never be updated an become obsolete in a few months.

Step-By-Step Blueprint For Consistently Creating Profitable Facebook Ads Like A Pro!

When You Invest In Unicorn IQ Academy TODAY We Are Also Giving You These EXCLUSIVE BONUSES!


Quarter One Mastermind Replay ($997 Value)

Our quarter one mastermind replay is jam-packed with over 5 hours of content where Maxwell Finn dissects his Seven Figure Ad Funnel, shows you the ins and outs, discusses current marketing trends and even does a live Q&A. 85 business leaders paid $5,000 to attend the Mastermind.


Our Two Comma Club Funnels ($1,997 Value)

Remember the pictures above of us with our Two Comma Club awards? That is a Clickfunnels award for anyone who sells over seven figures with ONE funnel.

You will not only receive access to both of our Two Comma Club funnels, but you will also get access to all of our top funnels.


Our Top Performing Email Sequences ($497 Value)

One of the most common questions we receive, time and time again is…how’re you selling through email and is it still possible?

Yes, it is!

As a bonus, we will be giving you one of our most profitable email campaigns. You will receive the workflow and emails. Our shared email workflow will provide you with the ability to customize each email to your specific audience and start selling through email again… Profitably!

Over $30,000 Of Value…

Facebook Ad IQ Academy $7997 Value

LinkedIn IQ Academy $8997 Value

AdWords IQ Academy $7997 Value

Instagram IQ Academy $8997 Value

Facebook Weekly LIVE Training $1497 Value

LinkedIn Weekly LIVE Training $1497 Value

AdWords Weekly LIVE Training $1497 Value

Instagram Weekly LIVE Training $1497 Value

SEO Weekly LIVE Training $1497 Value

Access To Exclusive Collaborative Group Of Business Leaders $4997 Value

And much more!


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