Ultimate Chiropractor Lead Gen Tool – Teacher Appreciation

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Ultimate Chiropractor Lead Gen Tool – Teacher Appreciation

Price : $399

This is designed to be a chiropractor marketing package, but seems to be applicable to many other types of industries- dentists, etc.  Not real expensive, and a unique twist.  Have a look for yourself and see what you think.

This is one Chiropractic Marketing Strategy
That Will Ensure You Start Enjoying The Easy, Lucrative, and Fun Chiropractic Business
You’ve Dreamed Of!

With this Exclusive System you’ll DISCOVER…

*What’s the first step you need to take when contacting a school?

*How do you introduce yourself when you go to the first meeting?

*What is the first question you should always ask?

*How do you get to the decision maker without upsetting the gatekeeper?

*What’s the best way to answer the Gate Keeper’s questions at your initial meeting?

*What are the most commonly asked questions from the Gate Keeper?

*What documentation should you have before you ever contact the

*You need to find out where this school office is before you ever contact them about doing a Teacher Appreciation Program. (This will keep you out of trouble with the head honchos.)

*What is the standard form you have to fill out before you go to the school for your first meeting?

*What KIND of service should you OFFER the teachers? This is important as you can spin your wheels if you OFFER the wrong kind of service.

*How long should you spend with each teacher?

*How can you tie chiropractic in to their health problems (Hint: …you can do this with a simple little form that I provide you with).

*What can you offer to get teachers bending over backwards to get in line waiting for you to talk to them?

*What you have to share with the school administrator about the other schools in the district so you peak their interests.

*How do you respond when they ask, “Do you have some information you can leave for the principle?”

*What 3 items should you have ready to leave with them if they ask?

*What are the best schools to target?

*What are the magic words you say to them to “get them” to pencil in a date for your Teacher Appreciation Program within a week.

*What questions should you ask teachers during the event?

*What do you offer the teachers that will get them so excited they’ll want to sign up immediately?

*What return on (R.O.I.) investment can you expect for doing each Teacher Appreciation?

*How many teachers should you prepare for daily when you’re doing your Teacher Appreciation Program?

*How do you delegate your time with each patient so no one has to wait to talk to you?

*What is the best type of sign up sheet to use at a Teacher Appreciation event and what should you do with the names?

*What time is the best time to start your Teacher Appreciation Program?

*What is the perfect interval, time wise, to get a teacher in and out effectively?
*How many teachers will you be able to reach per day… comfortably?

*Can you have your C.A. doing the event for you?

*Why is it best to have 2 people at an event if you have a large number of teachers scheduled?

*What are the legalities of doing a Teacher Appreciation Event?

*How can you monitor your time and have a set schedule that is very timely?

*What is the SECRET to STOPPING cancellations?

*What kind of show rate can you expect with a Teacher Appreciation Event?

*What are the 3 forms you have to leave the school with if they do not commit to the EVENT initially?

*How do you do the follow up contact that almost insures you’ll be doing the EVENT?

*What’s the best way to follow up with the Teachers?

*What should your follow up email say to get the school to say ‘YES’ to your Teacher Appreciation Event?

*What should you do if they do not reply to your follow up email to insure they reply positively in the future?

*How many days should expire before you follow up with the school?

*What is the SECRET to increasing your new patients following the EVENT?

*What is the message that makes a “teacher” sit up and listen to what you have to share?

*What are the different approaches you can use to get them interested in you as a chiropractor?

*Is face to face the best technique or are there better strategies to use when getting them to schedule?

*What times are the best and why do you want to schedule them at those times?

*What do you need to have available BEFORE you ever walk into the school and talk to the principle.

*What should you tell the principal you can help them do at this special event?

*What do you always take with you when you’re going to talk to the teachers so they know you care?


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