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ProfitProphet™ Swing Trading | Swing Trading Path to Profit

Insider Stock Trading, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis, & Day Trading w/ Hedge Fund CEO: Genuine Learning + Mentorship

What you’ll learn

  • Step-by-step, action-by-action » actually become a profitable trader & investor.

  • Genuine learning + trading + mentorship by rising Silicon Valley trading firm CEO.

  • Trading & Investing Bootcamp✧ –– See where + how to start trading in real life.

  • Thrive in the stock market » Apply the lessons – tools – mentorship to trade solo.

  • Invest in Winners! –– Pick first-class stocks with the ProfitProphet™ Checklist.

  • Upgrade your trading! –– Use the powerful tools we use to build profitable portfolios.

  • ✧LIVE✧ Trading Examples –– Watch Pros trade in real-time + build a stock portfolio.

  • Secure exclusive access –– My firm’s trade secrets + pro investors’ trading decisions.



  • Trust the process. Reap the benefits.



Join 350,000+ Students in the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Courses on Trading & Top-Rated Stock Market Investing Course!

REAL Life stock trading & investing education for…REAL Life swing trading in the stock market.

Actionable stock trading bootcamp, trading training, & swing trading strategies to not just learn how to trade stocks, but step-by-step, action-by-action, become, a profitable swing trader & stock market investor.

Welcome to the ProfitProphet™ (Novice) – taught by pro trader, investor, best-selling author, and founder of ProfitProphetX – one of the fastest-growing hedge fund trading firms in Silicon Valley.

Learning Trading Training Mentoring

Kickstart stock trading & investing with this complete swing trading course & stock trading bootcamp – from novice to actual, profitable trader & investor.

If you ever wanted to get in on the stock market, this is the course to take.❞ 

Business Insider

With my team of Silicon Valley’s top investors, advisors, and traders, I will teach, train, & mentor you to actually swing trade & invest. To pounce on trading & investing opportunities. To thrive in the stock market.

Swing trading – Stock trading – Technical Analysis – Day trading – Hedge fund trading – Investing – ETFs

14 Courses in 1 –– Everything You Need to Trade Invest Grow a Stock Portfolio

Insider access to our trade secrets – Learn how pro investors actually make trading & investing decisions. How to pick stocks –the best stocks to invest in.

A true stock trading course for beginners and trading guide to results-driven trading.❞

Amazon Kindle Nation

Know exactly where & how to start Apply what you learned – arming yourself with everything + everyone you need to immediately start trading.

Here is What

I’m Going to Show You + What You Will Be Able to Do:

1. Stock + Stock Market Basics: Master the basics – All you need to know about stocks & markets.

2. Trading + Investing Basics: Get our trading checklist – The Checklist that built my trading firm.

3. TraderInvestorBasics: Go inside the profitable trader’s mind – Psychology & market sentiment.

4. WhenWhereWhatHow to Trade Stocks & Invest Like the Best: Execution!

– When: Best times to trade/invest – When to buy. When to sell. When to stay out.

– Where: Pick & navigate the software + platforms where you will actually buy & sell stocks.

– What: Trade & invest in winners – Use a stock screener to filter through 5,000+ stocks & find

the best 10-12 tradable stocks.

– How: Deploy the ProfitProphet™ Checklist – Holding the most valuable trading analysis

tools & factors to unlock profits & minimize risk.

5. Technical Analysis: Master the technical indicators that matter – Master stock valuation.

– Charting – Trends – Moving Averages – Support/Resistance – RSI – Volume – and More!

6. Candlesticks: Foresee stock price w/ psychic-like Candlestick Patterns + Anticipate the market.

7. Moneymaking Candlestick Reversal Patterns: Guard profits w/ our data-driven list of top patterns.

8. Deploy!  Tools Skills Lessons: Apply new tools + trading training to find & assess the best stocks.

9. LIVE Trading Examples + Stock Portfolio: Watch me trade in real-time + Build a stock portfolio.

10. Setup Charting Platform: Tailor a charting platform for stock charts, stock analysis & tracking.

11. YOU Trade + Invest: Step-by-Step, go through the ProfitProphet™ Checklist to evaluate + 

pick moneymaking stocks.

12. Practice  Stock Market Simulator: Trade & invest in the stock market without real money.

13. Wealth Management: Grow & manage your world-class stock portfolio.

14. Confidential Exclusive access to my trading firm’s private tools & resources.

Results –– By the End of the Course:

Professional swing trading awaits ––You will have the knowledge, tools, skills, & experience to consistently make money trading and investing in the stock market. To actually be a successful swing trader & investor.

  • Pick high-quality stocks

    – Stocks that are right for you & your financial goals + needs.

  • Buy & sell stocks like my pro traders

    – Use the powerful tools, resources, & concepts we use to build lucrative stock portfolios.

  • Accurately predict the future price of a stock

    – Use Psychic-like candlestick patterns to buy low + sell high.

  • Mentorship – Leave the course with a lifelong coach, a safety net, and start trading + investing now!

Extra! –– You’ll Also Get

  • FREE stock! (limited supply)

  • Membership in our trading & investing club

  • Prizes + Giveaways (limited supply)

  • Games, worksheets, projects, homework, case studies, trading/investing examples, cheat-sheets, & more

  • Tips on how to invest

  • Lifetime access to course updates

  • Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section

  • Official Udemy Certificate of Completion – ready for download

Don’t Miss Out! –– Act Now

In order to provide attentive one-on-one coaching; we only have a limited number of spots available.

Every second you wait is costing you precious time and money.

This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – so there’s no risk to get started.

Go hit the “Take This Course” button to actually (and profitably) start trading + investing today!

Who this course is for:

  • Level 1 Novice Traders + Swing Traders + Investors –– Accelerate the learning process and go from novice to actual, profitable trader & investor.
  • Level 2 Apprentice –– Make trading & investing finally *Click* –– Profitably trade & invest in the real world.
  • Level 3 Intermediate –– Thrive in the stock market –– Apply the lessons – tools – mentorship to trade on your own + build a world-class stock portfolio.


Benjamin Kahriman
Pro Trader, Investor, Bestselling Author, & Trading Firm CEO

  • 4.3 Instructor Rating

  • 502 Reviews

  • 6,434 Students

  • 2 Courses

Welcome! My name is Benjamin Kahriman, and I am a professional trader, investor, bestselling author, and the CEO and founder of Kahriman Ventures -one of the fastest-growing trading and investing firms in Silicon Valley.

I started ProfitProphetX, a subsidiary of Kahriman Ventures, wanting to revolutionize the way people learn to trade and invest in the stock market by making it simple, direct, fun, and, above all, accessible to all.

We help people enter the market and then profit from the stock market by teaching them everything they need to be extraordinarily successful as swing traders and investors.

With my Amazon Best Seller, Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! Swing Trading and Investing Novice, more than 350,000 people across 36 countries have learned to actually swing trade and invest in the stock market and become profitable traders and investors.


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