Travis Smith – Lift Division: Google Local/Places

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Travis Smith – Lift Division: Google Local/Places

Google is Fed Up with the “Wild West Days” of Keyword Advertising Tricks & Gimmicks.

When searchers type in keywords for your kind of local business, Google wants YOU to show up at the top. Not some traffic scammer who has figured out how to job the system.

In fact, they’ve cleared a path for your ad to show up at the top of local search results.

And IF you know the method for achieving this top spot, 2011 will be the best year ever for your business.

Consider this…


In the U.S. alone in November 2010, Google reported:

  • 20,400,000 searches for a restaurant
  • 3,350,000 searches for a dentist
  • 450,000 searches for a plumber

These are just the searches for one 30 day period. Multiply these by 12 months and the numbers are staggering. Your customers are searching for YOU on Google. Not in the yellow pages.

And you really can move to the top of the local rankings, without spending a dime on advertising if you follow the method I’ve used to take clients from page 4 to page 1 in less than 60 days. This is the same method I teach at the University of Missouri – Columbia to students with no knowledge of how Google works…and they consistently get immediate results.

But First the Bad News: Your Competition Is Spending HARD Online…

According to TechCrunch, online local advertising is estimated to grow 26% this year, while total online advertising is only expected to grow 2%. This means that LOCAL businesses are abandoning old school advertising and throwing fistfuls of cash at online advertising! At a rate 10 times greater than online businesses!

This is seriously bad news if you don’t have a well-thought-out strategy for marketing your business online. Your competition is throwing money at Google and you’ll get pushed off the “map” if you don’t do something about it.


Now the Good News: “Stupid Money” Means Opportunity for Smart Marketers Like You

It’s Good News if you do have a well-thought-out strategy. Because a TON of the local advertising money spent in 2011 will be STUPID money. If you know what you’re doing, you can

  • Use your competition’s ignorance against him
  • Spend less than your competition (how does $0 sound?)
  • Get higher rankings than your competition
  • Scoop up more business than your competition
  • Capture and stay in touch with your visitors (while your competition just stands helplessly by as they float in and out of his website)
  • Leave your competition wondering “what just happened?”

Does Your Business Qualify for the Top Spot?

  • Do you have a physical location that sells products or services to local customers? (great for dentists, restaurant owners, plumbers, contractors, or consultants who work with these clients)
  • Do you want to reduce your advertising spend but increase results (how does a number one ranking for free sound?)
  • Do you want a simple checklist system you can do yourself, delegate to an assistant, or use to keep your SEO consultant honest? (Just give this to your $8/hour assistant and watch your ad rocket up the rankings…this is NOT rocket science).
  • Do you want to be perceived as #1 in your market?
  • Are you (or your assistant) willing to spend two hrs per wk for 6 weeks to get results?
  • Is your online reputation a priority?
  • Are you interested in a tested and proven template system for staying in touch with (and up-selling) visitors even after they leave your site?

If You Qualify, Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • Paying customers. They will find you. They will come to your location. They will buy.
  • A simple checklist system for LOCAL online marketing that blows away Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media marketing black hole.
  • A system that costs about 5% of what a year long Yellow Pages ad costs! And the ads themselves are free!
  • A method that will catapult your business to the top of Google Map rankings in no time…less than 6 weeks!
  • The most cost-effective method for marketing your business in today’s fiercely competitive economy.
  • Tools from Perry Marshall’s Autoresponder Email Marketing Bootcamp for turning visitors into raving fans that buy again and again. 99.9% of your competition have NO clue about how to do this.

Here’s What You Will NOT Get…

  • A list of 4,375 items to add to your “to do” list. My simple checklist-based system can be done by an assistant in less than 2 hours per week!
  • High-priced consulting fees. I’ve condensed hundreds of hours of consulting work into a simple checklist system. If you want to keep your SEO consultant, fine, use my system to make sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to for you!
  • These are the same strategies my consulting firm uses to move our clients from page 5 to page 1 of search results. The same system I teach in my marketing class at University of Missouri. It’s designed for non-internet-gurus.
  • I’ve opened the vault to all my insights and expertise and revealed our “checklist system” and insider secrets for listing NUMBER 1…and quite simply, making more money….

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Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20110704215829/http://www.liftdivision.com/get-found-in-google-local

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