Travis Petelle – The POD Master Class

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Travis Petelle – The POD Master Class

( Print on Demand Master Class 2017 )


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Here Is My Step By Step Print On Demand System For Discovering HOT Niches, Finding Winning Products, & Building Lucrative Assets

Get a complete over the shoulder look at the day to day tasks to grow a lucrative print on demand e-commerce business…

The PoD Master Class

I’m going to do everything in my power to help you overcome the roadblocks most people face when entering the print on demand market. You will get an over the shoulder, no stone unturned, no task un-shown workshop, where you’ll get to watch me on a day to day basis for 5 whole weeks as I launch print on demand products in search for new winners and lucrative niches.

Most of my courses and training over the past 1-2 years has been focused on Shopify stores, brand building, and advanced techniques like recurring box offers.

This workshop is going to cover the step that everyone is stuck on… FINDING YOUR FIRST WINNERS & establishing a system for what to do once you find them.

Without this first step taken care of, all that other stuff doesn’t matter at all. You need to find a winning product and print on demand products are a great place to do that.

We have a huge added benefit to this program starting this time as well. It’s the holiday season! During this 5 week program, we’ll have a handful of money making holidays to play with.

Halloween… Veteran’s Day… Thanksgiving… Black Friday… Cyber Monday… Christmas…

The fourth quarter is the most lucrative time of year for most businesses. We can take advantage of those sales opportunities during this program to not only maximize results but also show you different strategies that may not be available during other times of the year.

Not only this, but I plan to cover a wide number of topics as the program goes along. You’ll get to see…

  • The secret to designs that go viral and seller techniques for each product on the market…
  • An inside looks at the pros and cons to platforms like GearBubble Pro, ViralStyle, Gooten, etc…
  • My simple to follow and proven Facebook ad strategy… you’ll literally see my ads dashboard each day…
  • Backend techniques that turn a single product sale into a high value lifetime customer…
  • How to make bonus sales every day by integrating your print on demand products with Amazon…
  • And best of all, setting this entire system up to be handed off to employees ASAP…

I’m sure tons more topics will come up through the full 35 day program too as different scenarios pop up.

I will treat my situation as if I am a brand newcomer to the industry and looking to find my first winners. As we find our winners and gather data, we’ll be able to take the next steps to setting up the foundations needed for long term growth.

Every piece of this will be recorded and nothing will be done off camera. You can be there LIVE or you can watch the recordings in our member’s area at any time.

The LIVE program starts on October 30th and this super special pre-launch offer will be closed for good October 29th at midnight.

If you’re looking for the tricks of the trade to dominate print on demand… a consistent system for finding hot niches and winning products… a business plan with long term success in mind from the beginning, then the PoD Master Class is the program for you.


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