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Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthroughs – Building a Brand New e-Com Store

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Day by day walk through of building a brand new e-commerce store. Check out the fun inside!
Heya !
Okay….so, I’ve decided to do the Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthroughs starting next Monday.
Here’s the plan…
I’m going to start a brand new Shopify store next week. I’m going to dedicate 1 hour per day to this store Monday-Friday to hopefully build a super successful brand
I’m going to make this 1 hour each day open to you through a webinar link where you’ll be able to watch me LIVE every day as I do all the work building and maintaining what I can in that time frame
You’ll be free to ask me questions duringthis event, sit back and mimic the steps I do for your brand, or just shoot the shit with me as I’m working. It’s kind of an over the shoulder walkthrough but with group coaching elements
This walk through will go at least 30 days. My goal is to do $30k in 30 days plus accomplish all the important systems needed to maintain a storefront. If I don’t hit it in 30 days, I may push the walkthrough longer untill I do hit it with consistency
There will be no store unturned because I’ll be live for the whole damn thing….and I’ll be recording it all for you to be able to watch at a later date too
Now, if you want to be a part of the Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthrough , then you can buy your seat through the link below…


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