Tom Vizzini & Kim Mcfarland – 3D Mind (Changing Your Mind)

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Tom Vizzini & Kim Mcfarland - 3D Mind (Changing Your Mind)Tom Vizzini & Kim Mcfarland – 3D Mind (Changing Your Mind)

There are 8 instructional videos that will guide you through the process

You also receive the downloadable workbook and a journal to track your progress.

This is online only and should play on all tablets and phones.

Lifetime access

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Imagine your life beginning to change……. Now imagine you can do it yourself. The 3D mind is an easy to learn skill that you can use for the rest of your life. In just a few days you can begin the journey of taking control of your life and heading into the direction you want to go instead of moving away from things you want to avoid. We came up with the 3D Mind 8 years ago and it has taken self improvement to the next level.

Each year we have improved it and made what was a really easy process even easier.Now with the 3D Mind 3.0 we have a process that allows you to easily identify where and what you have to change in order to get where you want to go.

How do you do it Kim and Tom? After years of studying the brain and how problems really start we have identified one simple concept. The problem stays alive because of the filter that you look at the world through. This filter is an emotional filter that has a specific formula. When you learn what your formula is you can disable that filter and move past the blockage naturally.

What is different about 3D Mind 3.0 and what you taught before? Good question. We have improved the 3D Mind in 3 areas that have made a huge difference. 1. We now have 5 different ways to identify the precise area of your life that needs the change. This is the biggest problem that most people have. The “think” that know what the problem is BUT spend years working in the wrong place.

2. Identifying USEFUL resources to help balance the problem and dissolve the filter that gets in the way. Even when you find the problem you need to have the right resource. Most people choose the wrong resource by trying to overpower the problem by using overpowering good feelings. We now have methods to find

3. Cleaner ways of implementing the 3D Mind making it a more streamlined process that keeps you from getting distracted and sidetracked by unproductive states and directions. What kinds of problems can the 3D mind help with? Eliminate any phobia Remove shyness and social anxiety Enhance confidence Stop bad habits Dissolve Stress and anxiety

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