The Complete Crowdfunding PR System by CrowdCrux


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The Complete Crowdfunding PR System by CrowdCrux

The Complete Crowdfunding PR System by CrowdCrux

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The Complete Crowdfunding PR System


Do you want to get backers on Kickstarter?

Then listen up!

I’m going to share a MAJOR breakthrough with you…

How the heck can some products get in the media so easily?

Why do some stories GO VIRAL and others just kinda fizzle out?

This PR business is so damn confusing. A lot of the time, journalists don’t even reply to your emails.

All you want is to get in the media, so that you can get a surge of pledges! There’s gotta be some kind of secret.

I’ve been working since 2012 to figure this whole system out, and I’m happy to announce… I’ve cracked the code.

Once I started using some of these techniques, I instantly saw results.

I got cited by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, The Next Web, Foundr Magazine, and the list goes on…

Not only did these and other media hits drive me traffic, but they also elevated my brand. Getting in the media put me head and shoulders above other casual bloggers.

All of a sudden, people looked at me differently. I started speaking more. I was even invited to do a talk at Harvard (John F. Kennedy School of Government).

I was amazed.

Over the next few years, I’d come to realize that many of the MOST SUCCESSFUL Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns out there apply the same techniques that I’ve used to get in the media.

Weird, right?

It’s almost like things aren’t adding up…

You’ve heard about all of these crowdfunders who have raised tons of money on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

You’ve spent a few hours googling around the internet.

You have a great product or creative project that you know people will love.

But… for some reason… you’re not seeing that that surge of backers that everyone talks about.

Journalists are turning you down, or worse, not even replying to your emails.

You know… if a 25 year old kid who has never had “formal media training” can figure out this entire business, so can you.

I’m here to share with you the proven step-by-step plan to get media attention, so that you can:

1. Boost your sales!

2. Raise your credibility.

3. Turn more passive visitors into active campaign backers!

I’m going to demystify the entire PR process and do it in a way that’s fun!

These videos are engaging, easy to consume, and above all else, focused on results.

You’ll quickly breeze through through the videos, templates, checklists, and resources.

Before you know it, you’ll have your first media hit!

You’ve heard it time and time again. One PR hit can drive THOUSANDS of dollars worth of sales to your campaign.

This is why all those fancy PR agencies make the big bucks. They know, just like I do, that their work can make you a lot of money.

Rather than paying $5,000 for a PR agency, I’m going to show you how to get media hits quickly and for a fraction of that investment.

Introducing… “The Complete Crowdfunding PR System.”

With this system and me as your guide, you’re going to have a huge advantage over every other crowdfunder out there.

All of the work is done for you! You just have to copy what works.

Ready to Demystify the world of PR?

Awesome! I’m excited to have you as a student!

Let’s get started with The Complete Crowdfunding PR System!

I’ll see ya on the other side.

– Sal

Why Media Attention is So Lucrative

Haha, wanna know something ironic? I was the worst student in school.

I’d skip classes in college all the time.

I always HATED taking courses that had zero practical value.

That’s why I’m laser focused on the results that you can generate with this system.

Simply put, getting media attention is extremely lucrative.

Imagine… all of a sudden, you find that thousands of dollars in pledges have poured into your Kickstarter campaign.

You’re getting notification after notification. New backers are joining your campaign in waves.

You a do a quick google search and find that you’ve just been written about on a MAJOR media publication.

All you can do is smile, because you know that this media hit completely changes the game.

This is the power of the media.

Every media publication is frequented by loyal readers who know, like, and trust the brand.

This is a HUGE audience that, with the right strategy, you can easily gain access to!

Don’t be surprised if you get a burst of traffic when all of these readers learn about your campaign.

Since you’ve been written about on a popular publication, your “trust factor” is through the roof in the eyes of these customers.

You’re no longer just another Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign online.

You’re now a campaign with raving fans who trust you and believe in what you’re doing.

The media is a great tool to “get your foot in the door,” so that you can get more backers and rocket past your fundraising goal.

This is for you if…

1. You’re just about ready to pull your hair out!

2. You’ve finally HAD ENOUGH trying to figure out how to get more backers on Kickstarter.

3. You’ve wasted a bunch of money on marketing that just doesn’t work!

I’m with ya. There’s a lot of BAD advice out there. I’m here to change that.

You’re about to gain access to a treasure chest of tested strategies that are extremely profitable.

Whether you’re gearing up to the launch of a Kickstarter campaign or are currently running a campaign, you’re going to get MASSIVE value out of this system.

This is a winning blueprint for getting media attention and blowing past your fundraising goal.

Rest assured, this system works perfectly for both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

I must admit something to you though…

Honestly, I think that you could figure out all of the tricks I’m going to show you inside.

Really, I’m not messing with you.

I know that I have a smart audience. You are much more savvy than most of the entrepreneurs and creative types out there.

You’re actively educating yourself. You’re always learning about key topics like social media, email marketing, and more.

It took me four years to figure all this out, but you could probably do it in two, maybe one year.

There is no obligation here.

Some of you will continue to learn from the free information that I and others put out. You’ll eventually paste it all together from different sources.

You can do it… it’s just very time consuming. It’s also freakin’ confusing. You gotta separate the good advice from the B.S.

I’m giving you a chance to speed up the process.

It really comes down to how much your time is worth.

Just like all business decisions and investments, it’s all about that ROI. It’s about the opportunity cost.

Sure, you could spend a ton of time hunting down effective strategies and tricks. But, what else could you be doing with that time?

This is for you if you want everything in one place. All of the tutorials, videos, templates, tools, and downloadable content.



  • Start

    How to Get The MOST Out of This Course (4:34)

Module 1: Hacking the Mind of a Journalist
  • Start

    Lesson 1: Why the GOAL of a Journalist Matters (4:11)

  • Start

    Lesson 2: The BIG Difference Between Bloggers and Journalists (4:47)

  • Start

    Lesson 3: The Secrets Behind a COMPELLING Cover Story (3:56)

  • Start

    Lesson 4: Why A Roundup Post Will Get You SALES (1:07)

  • Start

    Lesson 5: Build Authority and Credibility with “Expert Status” (1:18)

  • Start

    Lesson 6: The Traditional News Story Framework (1:44)

  • Start

    Lesson 7: How to Rack up Opinion and Review Articles (1:05)

  • Start

    Lesson 8: A Sneaky Way To Get in The Media with “How To” Posts (1:19)

Module 2: Crafting a Winning PR Story
  • Start

    Lesson 1: The Formula for a Successful PR Pitch (3:07)

  • Start

    Lesson 2: Appealing to Logic: The Perfect Framework (4:26)

  • Start

    Lesson 3: Appealing to Emotions: The Secret Behind Storytelling (12:24)

  • Start

    Lesson 4: How to Get Different Audiences to Care About Your Story (5:34)

  • Start

    Lesson 5: Becoming Newsworthy: Join the Media Conversation (5:47)

  • Start

    Lesson 6: Press Release Websites (3:27)

  • Start

    Lesson 7: How to Trade Up The Value Chain and Get More Media Hits (4:11)

  • Start

    Lesson 8: Get the Most out of PR! (5:21)


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