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SearchEngineNews - The 2015 Advanced SEO Certification Course

SearchEngineNews – The 2015 Advanced SEO Certification Course

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The 2015 Advanced SEO Certification Course

Interactive Online Training begins on Monday, March 23rd @12pm PDT / 3pm EDT

Advanced SEO Training Course

If there is one constant in the field of SEO, it’s change! But you already knew that. You also know that success depends on separating yourself from your competition. That’s why you’re dedicated to staying abreast of that change. Because, when you do, you can…

Use change to your advantage!

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that some people resist change. We both know that’s foolish because, by embracing change, you gain your edge! And without an edge, you’re just one of the crowd … eventually everybody catches up and that makes it hard to stand out. But, because you know that, you also know there’s no better investment you can make than investing in YOU.

So, today I have great news. The upcoming Advanced SEO Certification Course that begins on March 23rd is about…

synchronizing ALL of the Advanced SEO Strategies while
harnessing the changes in ways to gain your distinct advantage.

Let’s get straight to the details.

Beginning on Monday, March 23rd you’ll be learning the latest strategies for:

  • Microformats, also known as Google’s rich snippets. These have become an important ranking factor that can produce dramatically higher click-through rates. But recently, there have been critical changes you need to know about that are focused on “quality and quantity” as well the rise of “topical authority” and the effect it has on rankings. This section covers everything you need to know about:
<p>* Schema.org vocabulary<br />* Marking up a product page<br />* Marking up a location<br />* Event markup<br />* Combining multiple markups<br />* Author Rank Defined<br />* Snippets Quality Guidelines<br />* Trouble Shooting Problems</li>
<li><b>Video Optimization</b> is an essential skill regardless of whether you’re an SEO, Web Designer, or Online Marketer. Not only is Video a powerful content tool, but the use of Video in ways that Google will <i>like</i> iscritical to your success. In this category you’ll learn everything you need to know about:* Youtube Video Optimization<br />* Universal Search Video<br />* Facebook Video and Power of Tagging<br />* Open Graph and Microformat Markup<br />* Video Sitemaps</li>
<li><b>Image Optimization</b> is far more important that most people realize. When all else is equal between one site or another, it is often the image optimization that decides the advantage in rankings. By understanding every nuance and strategy for optimizing your images, you position your pages to take advantage of <i>every little detail done right</i> to create top ranking pages. In this category you’ll learn everything you need to know about:* Optimizing Images for Faster Loading * Core Ranking Fundamentals<br />* EXIF Data and Geotagging<br />* Image Sizes and Ranking<br />* OpenGraph & Microformat Markup<br />* Image Sitemaps<br />* Troubleshooting Ranking Problems in Image Search</li>
<li><b>Next Generation Link Building Strategies</b> – Google crushed link building vehicles in 2014 while updating their Webmaster Guidelines with strong warnings against <i>Article, Press Release, Advertorial</i> and even <i>Guest Blogging</i> links. In this section you’ll learn how to distinguish between <i>good</i> and <i>bad</i> links as we focus on <i>Next-Gen link building strategies for 2015</i>. The topics include:* Recognizing which link building strategies are now obsolete.<br />* The growing importance of Natural link building in 2015.<br />* The 4 characteristics that make a link Google-friendly<br />* The 9 classes of links that are still worthwhile<br />* The list of best tools and techniques in the post-Penguin link world</li>
<li><b>Google Penalties</b> are to be avoided like the plague. But Google’s <i>moving target of ‘best practices’</i> doesn’t always make it easy! That’s why it’s important to stay current on what’s acceptable. The strategies that are working today could lead to a Google <em>Penalty Smackdown</em> tomorrow! This section will teach you everything you need to know to remain in Google’s good graces.* What’s a Google penalty (difference between ban and penalty)<br />* Common causes of Google penalties (why a site gets penalized)<br />* Different kinds of Google penalties (manual vs automatic)<br />* Checking for a Google penalty (tools and best practices)<br />* Cleaning up a Link Profile (link pruning 101)<br />* Creating a Successful Disavow File<br />* How to unwind a Google penalty (secrets of a successful reconsideration request)</li>
<p><b>About Your Trainers</b></p>
<p><img decoding=John Heard is one of the best SEO trainers in the world. He’s the head of the SEN research department and our lead technical writer. Furthermore, John has been with Planet Ocean and SEN since the very beginning back in 1997. Along with Stephen Mahaney (SEN & Planet Ocean founder), John is THE original researcher on the SEN team. John has seen EVERYTHING! …and he’s got the resume to prove it.

    casey_markee.jpgCasey Markee is Planet Ocean’s Lead SEO Consultant (since 2004) and a San Diego SEO expert practitioner (since 1998). When Casey isn’t unwinding Google penalties for clients or contributing content to SEN, he’s doing SEO consultations @$750-$1250/hr. It’s a privilege having Casey teach a section of this course. We’re sure you’ll agree as he reveals his in-the-trenches SEO expertise! …illuminating the path for staying in Google’s good graces or unwinding the penalty should your rankings fall off the proverbial Google cliff.

    Course Materials and Logistics

<ul class=
  • The course will be LIVE and held entirely online. That’s right, you’ll be attending from the comfort of your office or home. Prior to the beginning of the course you’ll be admitted into our Web-based teaching system that seamlessly streams live audio while displaying the course content. There is no need to call into a phone line.
  • ramon.jpgRamon Williamson will be your host. He’s top-notch and will be with you the entire time to ensure you get the most possible benefit and to make extra-sure you don’t get lost anywhere along the way.
  • Recordings of the course will be provided. You’ll be able to download MP3s and a copy of each day’s slides after each session. Once the entire course is finished, we’ll release the complete video recording. Everything will be available to you from within SearchEngineNews.com.

The Schedule and Dates

Five Sessions over Two Weeks.

  • Four LIVE 60 minutes Training Sessions with Q&A
    (typically a 45min presentation, followed by 15min Q&A which may run a bit longer)
  • PLUS an Entire One Hour LIVE Session dedicated to 100% Q&A

Time of Day

  • Sessions begin sharply at: 3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT/ Noon PT

Week #1, the dates:

  • March 23rd, Mon – Session 1Advanced SEO Strategies: John Heard
  • March 25th, Wed – Session 2Google Penalties: Casey Markee
  • March 27th, Fri – Session 3More Advanced SEO Strategies: John Heard

Week #2, the date:

  • March 30th, Mon – Session 42015 Link Building Strategies: Casey Markee
  • April 1st, Wed – Complete Q&A + Graduation Day: John and Casey

Bonus! Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the course you’ll receive our Official Certification showing you’ve received expert SEO training conducted and sanctioned by SEN. Suitable for framing, your Certification displays to your clients and peers that your professionalism is based upon training and a commitment to success that you take seriously

Delivery Method

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– If you cannot find the download link, please don’t worry about that. We will update and notify you as soon as possible at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (UTC+8).

Thank You For Shopping With Us!

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