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Tanner Larsson – Optimized Ecommerce

Price:  $197
Sale Page: go.buildgrowscale.com/optimized-ecommerce
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Let Me Show You How We Took A Struggling Shopify Store & Increased Our Profit From $28,851.10 To $117,573.67 In 63 Days From The Same Amount Of Traffic.

For The First Time Ever, I’m Going To Pull Back The Curtains And Show You The 24 Optimization Tweaks That Resulted In A 124% Increase In Conversions AND A 307% Increase In Profits.
(These Optimization Tweaks Will
Work In ANY Niche Or Market Online)
Tanner Larsson here, and before I explain how that’s possible, let me as you a question that may sound silly, but in fact is quite serious…
Do you like throwing money away?
I’ll bet you answered no, but in reality that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING if you are sending paid traffic to your ecommerce store.
Sound crazy?
 Well, Let me explain what I mean through an analogy I call…
The Leaky Bucket

Imagine your ecommerce store as bucket and the traffic you send to it as water.

Now when you pour water (traffic) into the bucket, the water that stays in the bucket is your sales and the water that falls out is lost.
This would not be an issue IF every business had a solid bucket, but they don’t.

In fact all ecommerce businesses have multiple holes in their buckets that cause them to leak.

These holes include things like…
  • Bounce rate, 
  • Cart abandonment, 
  • Mobile issues, 
  • Weak cart values, 
  • Targeting errors,
  • and about a dozen other issues.

All those leaks add up to lost opportunity and sales.

And the more leaks you have the harder it is for your business to turn a profit, much less grow.
Most businesses ignore the leaks and try to solve the problem by buying more traffic.
This is like…
Using A Firehose To Water A Flower!

It’s overkill and wasteful.

Even worse, this behavior leads to…
  • Spending way more than necessary on your traffic.
  • Damaging your offers conversion rate. 
  • Losing a substantial amount of new customers. 
  • Increasing your Cost Per Acquisition beyond what you can afford 
  •  And stunting the growth of your business.

The good news is that all of those things can easily be fixed by focusing on plugging as many of the leaks in your bucket as you can first before spending any money on traffic.

And that my friend is why I’m talking with you today.
The fancy name for plugging the leaks in your business is called:
“Conversion Rate Optimization”

… And it scares the crap out of most business owners.

Therefore those leaks continue to get ignored.
Well, I’m putting a stop to that today.
At Build Grow Scale we are fanatical testers. We are continually optimizing, tweaking, split testing and recording metrics on our various stores to get them to perform at their very best.
And we’ve identified…
24 ROI Boosting Optimization Tweaks

These are the tweaks that have consistently out performed all of our other tests combined and are the go-to optimizations we now apply to all our businesses.

We recently applied these 24 tweaks to one of our stores that was struggling to turn a profit and within 63 days we had…
  • Cut Bounce Rate by 27%
  • Reduced cart Abandonment by 24.87%
  • Increased initiate checkout by 79.2%
  • Boosted our conversion rate by 124%
  • Increased our Average Cart Value by 18%

In total those 24 tweaks increased our profits by 307% in 63 days without even a single penny of increase in our ad spend.

Pretty crazy right?
And right now,

To my way of thinking, when you have something awesome, the worst thing you can do is keep it to yourself.

Beyond that, sharing my ‘optimization secrets’ with you is not going to make them less effective for me or anyone else. There is no aspect of “saturation’ here.

The only possible outcome is that your store becomes more optimized and makes more money.  It has worked from day 1 and will still be working right on up until the internet dies…and we all know how likely that is.

This is your chance to skip the testing process and jump to the front of the line with what actually works.

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in adspend and testing to figure out that these are 20% of improvements you can make that will produce 80% of the results.

Take a look for yourself…


And this is true whether you are just getting started or if you are already a veteran ecommerce store owner.
Then of course there is the old adage, that if you help enough people get what they want, you can have everything you want.
So, this is your chance to get me to help you get what you want…MORE MONEY FROM YOUR EXISTING TRAFFIC and exponential improvements that grows your business profits with no additional work on your part!
And the best way I can think of to share this information with you is to do it in one of my famous crash course workshops.
With that said … let me jump right in and show you …
Exactly What You’ll Be Getting…

Before we go on, there are 2 things you need to understand…

1. This is a real “in the trenches” training workshop from me and my team, NOT some pre-recorded cheese ball course.
2. This is a $997 training program. You won’t have to pay that today, but that is the real, honest to goodness price that it will be sold for in the future.
I tell you that to squash any thoughts you may have about this being one of those cheap products of the day you see touted everywhere.
This isn’t like anything else you’ve ever purchased (and you will buy this…if you’re serious about business) and it isn’t like other training you might have purchased.
There is no fluff. There is no filler.
This is 100% pure, uncensored, HARD CORE marketing content …specifically for “A-Players” who want to absolutely crush it online.
When you leave this training you will be equipped with everything you need in order to skyrocket your conversions and profits!
Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll be discovering…
  • How a 10% change in one store metric cut our traffic cost in HALF. (This takes about 20 minutes to implement in your store)
  • The Shopify upsell app that out performs all the other ones on the market. (this is free money waiting to be collected…and it’s cheaper than it’s competitors) 
  • Which elements on your store should be color matched to each other. (this increased our conversion rate by 1% overnight)
  • 33% of our visitors clicked the same Shopify feature on the product listing page that by default shows up but does nothing.  We changed out it’s function and saw an immediate 9% lift in sales. (this is a stupidly simple change you’ll kick yourself for not noticing sooner)
  • The right way to position your catalog pages to boost your average cart value. (most people don’t know they can do this)
  • Why 99% of people do conversion optimization wrong and how to ensure you are not one of those people. (This is counter intuitive but very important)
  • The super popular trust icon that actually LOWERS conversions on the checkout page. (we would have never guessed this was gonna hurt)
  • How adding a simple % to the our upsell headline increased take rate by 11.4% (it has nothing to do with a discount either)
  • The simple image tweak that will cut your bounce rate by as much as 30%. (This is brain dead simple and requires no skill to implement)
  • 3 mobile shopping cart changes that will increase conversions by at least 18%. (Most mobile responsive themes still screw this up)
  • The site navigation structure that will kill your chances at google rankings as well as increase page abandonment by as much as 25%. (this will shock you because so many themes are built this way)
  • Where NOT to place your customer testimonials. (we actually found places that it lowered our conversions.)
  • The 10 Second Test that will immediately show you where you are loosing up to 1/3rd of your potential sales. (You’ll kick yourself when you see how much you are losing.)
  • Which refund guarantee image and date range (30, 60, 90 days) increased sales by 17% and which one actually lowered our conversion rate. (Hint: it’s not what you think.)
  • The 1 word we found that out performed “Free Shipping” by 16% AND boosted add to cart’s by 7%. (This will blow you away)
  • How do dial in fast on the exact audience ranges you should be targeting.
  • The 7 words we added to the checkout page that instantly boosted our average order value by $4. (you will kick yourself for not implementing it sooner…it’s so simple.)
  • How some of the most popular Shopify Apps we all use can actually hurt your sites performance and conversions even when they are doing what they are designed to do. (This blew us away and cost over $1500 to prove it really was a problem.)
  • The simple addition we made to our video ads that boosted our Facebook Ad Click through rates through the roof. (If you run video ads you need to be doing this)
  • And a TON more…
This Is REAL Training With BGS!

That means no holds barred and no stone left un-turned. We don’t skimp, dodge topics or skip over anything you need to succeed.

Not only will you learn everything above and more, but you will also get side line commentary and insights from me, traffic master Matthew Stafford and the Build Grow Scale Team.
This commentary is worth it’s weight in GOLD as we take you inside our businesses and show you not only what we did, but also why we did it, as well as what didn’t work.
Why would we do this?
Because I want you to be successful and implement the training in your business fast!
At this point you might be wondering…


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