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Stone River Elearning - Introduction to Blockchain Technology1Stone River Elearning – Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Blockchain creates a shared system of record among business network members, eliminating the need to reconcile disparate ledgers. Blockchain is disruptive technology and if your in a business such as finance, insurance, logistics and IT you need to learn blockchain.

This course was designed to help give a broad overview for aspiring blockchain professionals before they move on to move complex blockchain subjects such as implementations, Proof of concepts, Ethereum programming,etc

Course Curriculum

What is Blockchain and what is Bitcoin
  • Course Overview (3:37)
  • What is Blockchain (7:36)
  • What is Crypto Currency (3:50)
  • Key Terms to know (9:31)
  • Whats the difference (4:38)

Blockchain 101
  • Blockchain Basics (18:14)
  • Blockchain Transactions (5:01)
  • Demo – Blockchain Explorers (4:09)
  • Demo- Hashing (6:35)
  • Blockchain Components (5:22)
  • Blockchain Consensus Mining (15:04)

Blockchain 102
  • Distributed Ledgers (3:19)
  • Ethereum Basics (9:08)
  • Demo – Ethereum Metamask (10:59)
  • Smart Contracts (10:53)
  • Demo – IBM BaaS (14:03)

Use Case and Value Creation
  • Uses Cases (8:01)
  • Value Creation (Tokens, Smart Contracts) (13:38)

Bitcoin Fundamentals
  • Bitcoin Overview (4:08)
  • Wallets (5:42)
  • BTC/LTC Wallets (2:55)
  • Wallet Demo (9:29)

Bonus Resources
  • Mining as a Service (2:51)
  • BaaS (2:52)
  • Ethereum Etherscan (4:17)
  • Ethereum Ethernodes (5:39)
  • Corda Transaction Whiteboard (3:21)
  • CBSA Blockchain Certification (2:20)

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