Stephen Pierce – Profinacci Trading System

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Stephen Pierce – Profinacci Trading System

How a 755-year-old “divine proportion” still works with the precision of a Swiss watch today, so you can easily accelerate your profitable trading cycles, even if you flunked high school math!

From Stephen Pierce
Tuesday, 5:45 a.m.

Dear Trader,

You’re undoubtedly familiar with market bubbles. Perhaps you’ve even been caught in a big “pop”. That’s a painful lesson, as any wounded survivor of the 90’s dot-com slaughter would agree.

That’s why it’s advisable to heed billionaire wunderkind Warren Buffet’s simple rules of investing…

Don’t ever lose money

Don’t ever forget rule #1
And $42.9 billion net worth speaks the truth! It’s a strategy so abundantly obvious, even a 9-year-old kid with a lemonade stand easily understands it, practically automatically.

If only it were that simple….

Because today you’re all grown up, and you’re not dealing with a fistful of dimes and a pile of lemons anymore. You’re playing a high stakes game with the big dogs now.

You’re doing everything you can to try and figure out the winners…solid high-yield/low-risk trades for your hard-earned money.

Maybe you’ve gone through a trading service or used a trading method, that supposedly has done the legwork for you…only to find that “sure thing” with the impressive profitability, was really an accounting gimmick that dressed up bottom line winners.

They throw up a smoke screen that hides the real numbers.

The discouraging fact is, over 50% of the S&P 500 have been caught red-handed, whipping their earnings into an artificial frenzy for their stockholders by as much as 23% or more! Many trading products and services do the same thing with there report results.

You’ve worked too hard to get where you are to help some greedy “expert” practically steal your lifesavings from you…it’s like meeting the burglar at the door and filling their sack with your silverware!

Instead, I’d suggest you…

There has never been a more detailed, concise and accurate display of Fibonacci being applied to the Futures and Forex markets!

Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase your Digtial ProfinacciTM package…
Instant Access of our Tutorial Software containing the complete Profinacci Trading System.

 Instant Software download containing the FREE Profinacci (Fibonacci) Calculator Software.

Instant Access of Tutorial containing 61 Forex Trading videos (recorded LIVE) showing Stephen Pierce applying Fibonacci analysis and giving Forex trade recommendations as provided to clients of his Desktop Market Analysis service.

Instant Access of Tutorial containing 47 Futures Trading videos (recorded LIVE) showing Stephen Pierce applying Fibonacci analysis and giving trade recommendations as provided to clients of his Desktop Market Analysis service.

In your  ProfinacciTM , you will discover…

The clearest way to identify entry and exit points with market direction over the short or mid term.

How to read a chart to understand the market’s flow and rhythm.

Them most effective way to allocate equity and margin your account for more balanced and profitable trading.

How to quickly and easily create Fibonacci Retracement and Expansion levels, to eliminate guesswork or confusion in selecting the market swing points to measure from.

Basic indicators to use with Fibonacci to accelerate your trading effectiveness.

How to know which Fibonacci Retracement and Expansion levels are most likely to be the market reversal point.

Increased trading confidence as you learn precisely how to select the right pivots to gauge the obvious Fibonacci levels, as well as the not so obvious levels.

How to precisely enter and exit the market and clearly see entry points, protective stop levels, and profit targets.

How to determine if the Retracement is finished at the 38% level, or whether it will go to the 50% or 68% level, with the exact confirmation indicators you need to trade confidently.

How to find the top and bottom successfully, in just about any market.

The best trend indicator to use with Fibonacci.

The two biggest obstacles to trading successfully and how to finally conquer them both.

What to do when a market goes beyond a 0.618% Retracement and how to know if it’s going to keep going or not.

How to use confirming indicators to filter out market noise and know with a high probability that the market is about to stall or reverse.

Which Retracement level is suitable for entry with clear indication of when to use the 38%, 50%, or 68% for market entries.

Identifying Fibonacci BUY Zones and SELL Zones.

Get download Stephen Pierce – Profinacci Trading System at Forimc.com right now!

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