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Not only will you make life-changing affiliate commissions with this, but you’ll also be topping affiliate leaderboards & winning BIG cash prizes..

Stephen Gilbert & Simple Spencer – Secret Affiliate Intel

Price:  $297
Sale Page: secretaffiliateintel.com/30spots.html
Archive:  archive.is/X0ogL

It’s Live! We’re Opening Up 30 Spots ONLY To This Brand NEW 4-Figure/day Training +
6-Week Coaching Program…

Only a few of Stephen’s 5k coaching clients have had access
to this insider “Intel”… Until now…

Here’s EVERYTHING You’re Getting Inside Secret Affiliate Intel…
(Easily 5k+ VALUE… that’s what others have paid…)

VALUE: $497

4-Figure/day Secret Formula
With this formula, you simply cannot lose..

This is fantastic because..

  • Now you can finally CRUSH it as an affiliate even if you have no list, and no experience
  • This is the EXACT formula that Stephen only shared with his 5k clients. Now it’s YOURS ?
  • Not only will you make life-changing affiliate commissions with this, but you’ll also be topping affiliate leaderboards & winning BIG cash prizes..

VALUE: $1997

The 90 Min POWER Session
Stephen & Spencer spill their best-kept secrets…

This is awesome because..

  • In 90 quick minutes, we reveal our #1 PROVEN affiliate strategies.. No stone left unturned
  • Anyone who listens to this and follows it can seriously make 3-4 figures by tomorrow (even if you have a teeny tiny list)…
  • This one 90 min call by itself makes this offer soooo worth it.. (you’ll agree once you see it)

VALUE: $997

The 10k In 7 Days Template
August 2016 CASE STUDY + Template…

This is great because..

  • We take you behind-the-scenes to show you EXACTLY how Stephen raked in over $10k in PURE affiliate commissions in just 7 days
  • Imaine if you made just 1/10th of that… $1k in 7 days from now would be nice, ya?
  • Even if you don’t have a list right now, this PROVEN template is a must-have in your arsenal…

And to REALLY transfrom you into a 4-figure/day affiliate,
we’re also tossing in…


VALUE: $297

Fill In The Blank Email Templates
These templates make writing emails a BREEZE…

This is excellent because…

  • This is the SAME sheet that Stephen gives to his students who pay him $5k to teach them how to do this. You get it included..
  • How to “sell” without actually selling – often referred to as soft selling.
  • Exactly how to have a hugely profitable campaign, even if you have zero experience

VALUE: $97

Snap Affiliate Profits
Over 1000+ copies sold – Yours FREE

This is great because…

  • This course will show you how to build a list of RABID buyers (and fans) for less than $5
  • Just 20-30 minutes and you can easily bank $75 with this method.. not too shabby!
  • Simple 4-step method that you can easily rinse and repeat

And… “That’s Not All!” ?
You’re also getting instant access to these powerful bonuses…

VALUE: $197

The Profit Close Template
So many marketers do this wrong… (and they leave a LOT of money on the table)

This is powerful because..

  • This shows you how to close out an offer STRONG and get the most $$$ out of it
  • Everything is revealed step-by-step on how to write a powerful closing campaign..
  • You can 2x or even 3x your sales just with this
  • This is the same exact sheet that Stephen gives to his 5k clients

VALUE: $297

How To Get 40-50% Conversions
No more teeny tiny conversions…

This is great because..

  • This is THE EXACT mailing template that Stephen used to make $10,000 in 7 days in PURE affiliate commissions (August 2016 case study)
  • Literally all you have to do is fill in the blanks
  • It also includes when you should mail for maximum benefits, so you get those insane 35-50% conversion rates

VALUE: $297

The SAI Checklist
The only people that have seen this Checklist are Stephen’s 5k clients.

This is awesome because..

  • Simply fill this out and BOOM – you have a video that CONVERTS like crazy..
  • I haven’t made a video that didn’t follow this sheet in over 2 and a 1/2 years now. And in those 2 1/2 years, I’ve made over $300,000 in net profit affiliate commissions.
  • This makes creating videos that sell a breeze. You can use it to make your own videos, or use it to interview others. It’s Stephen’s secret weapon.

And for those that grab this TODAY, you’ll also get…


VALUE: $197

Super Simple Buyers List
A buyer lead is 10x more valuable than other garbage leads… This shows you how to get them.

This is fantastic because…

  • Spencer reveals his secret method to building a red hot buyers list without ever creating/launching your own product
  • Exactly where to go to leverage off of other people’s traffic
  • how to ‘legally’ and ‘ethically’ collect other people’s hot buyer leads

VALUE: $997

WEEKLY Coaching Calls
LIVE w/Stephen & Spencer (Two 7-figure marketers)

This is awesome because…

  • You’re getting TWO 7-figure marketers for the price of one..
  • These sessions will be chalk-full of powerful strategies to help you get those 4 figure paydays
  • These LIVE coaching sessions will go on for the first 6 weeks of your training so we can help you avoid roadblocks


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