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A practical application of the retail Forex market. A lock, stock and barrel approach to successful Forex trading


In this Forex Trading Course, I have shared my personal experience on how I developed THAT winning strategy. In this course, I will teach you How to Trade Forex with these easy to follow rules.


Course Goals

    • Successfully analyse the Forex market using technical analysis
    • Understand Forex Terminology, like ask, bid, spread, margin etc.
    • Be able to follow one of the successful strategies, or create one that works for you
  • You will know how to manage your risk when trading Forex
  • You will be able to select a reputable broker and understand the basics of regulations
  • A full and complete understanding of what Forex trading is, how it works, how to profit from it and how to manage your risk
  • You will learn how to use the fundamentals (forex news events) to decide when to trade and when not to.

Your Instructor

Stephen Beak

Stephen Beak


Course Curriculum

The Complete Forex Trader
Getting Started – what is Forex Trading all about

PDF Downloads

What Is Traded And How Do People Make Money ? (12:02)

Which Pairs Are The Most Profitable ? (6:20)

How to read Long versus Short (4:36)

First look at a Forex chart (5:49)

Choosing the right broker – looking at regulations (8:20)

Understanding Lots, Leverage, Profits and Loss (8:37)

Learning Meta Trader 4 – Possibly the best forex trading software available

Forex Platform – Installing Meta Trader 4, The Money Maker ! Forex Platform (7:30)

Forex Platform – Introduction to Meta Trader 4 : Basics (24:13)

Forex Platform – Introduction to Meta Trader 4 : Functions (8:41)

Forex Platform – Introduction to Meta Trader 4 : Advanced (19:48)

Forex Platform – Meta Trader 4 : Putting it all together (6:31)

Learning the Forex tools – popular and more reliable indicators

Forex Indicators – How To Add And Edit Indicators (7:00)

Forex Indicators – ADX Indicator (4:18)

Forex Indicators – Bollinger Bands – Earning from the squeeze (5:30)

Forex Indicators – Moving Averages – How to predict market movement (6:32)

Forex Indicators – MACD – Easier than you think, once you know how. (6:22)

Forex Indicators – Relative Strength Index (RSI) – How you can profit from it (6:06)

Forex Indicators – Stochastics – My favourite indicator for catching the trades (6:27)

Putting together some scalping systems

Forex Trading – Cowabunga System Part 1 – The setup (10:28)

Forex Trading – Cowabunga System Part 2 – The Forex Strategy – where we earn (13:22)

Forex Trading – Stephen ‘s Simple Scalper – High Profit and High Risk strategy (5:54)

Forex Trading – Stephen ‘s Simple Scalper Part 2 – How to use it and earn (14:14)

Longer term Forex Trading strategies

Forex Trading – Price Action Part 1 – Finding and Using Resistance/Support Lines (4:49)

Forex Trading – Price Action Part 2 – More on how to find important price levels (23:37)

Forex Trading – Price Action Part 3 – Finding those violent turns (15:52)

Forex Trading – Price Action Part 4 – Pin Bar entries (14:50)

Further Education – Additional Forex Trading Resources

Live trade, discussing money management and thought process of the trade (43:25)

Waiting for a Trade, following Price Action rules – EUR USD Forex Pair (12:54)

Preparing for the week starting 22nd July 2013 (25:41)

Forex Trading and the NFP – Non Farm Payroll (6:00)


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