Stephen Beak – EXCEL 2016: Excel from beginner to professional

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Learn Excel 2016 and the most important and popular functions. Learn to use Excel like a pro with this Excel Course

This course has cut down on the fluff and empty space to keep it shorter, but still cover a wide range of topics. Designed for people starting out with Excel, it also covers some of the more complicated and important areas like Pivot Tables.

This Excel course is recorded completely using Excel 2016, the latest version of Excel offered in the Microsoft Office 2016 suite.

Some of the topics include (but not limited to)

  • Creating your first workbook
  • Referencing from other sheets within a book
  • Quick Charts
  • Quick Sorting
  • Flash Fill
  • Named Ranges
  • Excel Sheet Management (moving, colouring, creating)
  • Creating 3D maps using address data in a list
  • Popular Excel Functions like SumIf, VLookUp, Left, Right, Mid, Len and more
  • Power Excel functionality like nested formulas
  • Using slicers to quickly sort and make spreadsheets look good
  • A complete set of Pivot Table videos

I aim to add 4 new lectures every month to the course, and would love to have your feedback. So once you have signed up and completed the training, let me know what you would like to learn next!

What are the requirements?

  • You will need to have a copy of Excel 2010 / 2013 or 2016. 2016 is recommended, but a lot of this is backwards compatible

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Use Excel in a professional environment
  • Create and manage complicated spreadsheets
  • Manage constantly changing data
  • Understand what Excel is and how it really works
  • Create a 3D heat map to plot sales geographically
  • Set up and manage Excel Pivot Tables

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who needs to manage large amounts of information with as much efficiency as possible
  • Anyone looking to join an admin related position, or enhance their current employability
  • General PC literacy

Your Instructor

Stephen Beak

Stephen Beak


Course Curriculum

EXCEL 2016: Excel from beginner to professional
Getting Started

Jumping Straight in to Excel 2016 – Our First small Excel Spreadsheet (5:57)

Creating an Excel Workbook using a template (2:28)

First look at Excel Formula – Creating a Worksheet in Excel 2016 (9:16)

Quick Charts – How to quickly add charts to your Excel 2016 Spreadsheet (4:21)

Quick Sorting – How to quickly sort your Excel 2016 Spreadsheet (3:50)

Flash Fill – Excel 2016’s incredible time saving fill feature (4:25)

Formatting Data Types in Excel 2016 – Numbers, Text, Percentages and more (7:26)

Increasing Efficiency to save time in Excel

Copy Paste – How to increase your efficiency in Excel 2016 (7:53)

Transposing with Copy Paste (1:32)

Inserting, Deleting and Hiding Rows in Excel 2016 (7:45)

Absolute Reference – Copy and Pasting with Absolute Reference in 2016 (4:37)

Exploring the Clipboard using Multiple Copy and Paste in Excel 2016 (2:26)

Named Range Referencing – Simplifying Excel Cross Worksheet Referencing (4:12)

Copying Moving and Deleting Excel 2016 Sheets (3:37)

Changing Excel Sheet Tab Colors (3:01)

Using Excel’s Autocorrect to Speed Up Typing (3:07)

Adding, Editing and Deleting Comments in your Excel 2016 Sheet (2:22)

Managing Excel Sheets – Best Practices for Cleaning up Raw Data (5:15)

Using the data in your Excel 2016 spreadsheet

3D Maps – Creating 3D maps and plotting addresses from your Excel spreadsheet (12:08)

SumIf Function – How to use it in an Excel Spreadsheet (6:46)

Creating a Drop Down Cell – Using SumIf command with it (3:38)

Creating an Independent Drop Down – Using SumIf (3:25)

VLookUp Part 1 – How it works, and how it makes your life easier in Excel (6:02)

VlookUp Part 2 – More indepth and pulling information from other Excel sheets (10:06)

Left, Right and Mid Functions – Editing Text in Excel (5:28)

Find and Len Functions – And using nested formula (6:39)

Creating a Table Within your Excel 2016 Spreadsheet (6:19)

Using Slicers in your Table for Quick Filtering your Excel 2016 Sheet (4:41)

Pivot Tables – How to use them in Excel 2016 and why you should

Pivot Tables Part 1 – Setting up for first Excel Pivot Table, and how it works (8:46)

Pivot Tables Part 2 – Adding Automatically Updating Charts (4:04)

Pivot Tables Part 3 – Using Slicers in your Pivot Table for Quick Filtering (3:29)

Pivot Tables Part 4 – Using Timeline for even easier filtering in Excel sheets (3:36)

More functions – General Excel 2016 Functions

Concatenate – How to join text together in Excel 2016 (2:39)

Lower, Proper, and Upper functions – Formatting text in Excel 2016 (2:12)

Repeat Function – Using REPT in your Excel 2016 sheet for quick duplication (1:19)

Substitute – Easily replace pieces of text with other pieces of text in Excel (2:30)

Trim – An Excel function to quickly format out extra spaces (1:38)


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