Stephan Resting – The Single Leg X Guard Masterclass


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Stephan Resting – The Single Leg X Guard Masterclass



Single Leg X Guard MasterclassIn this brand new 4 volume set BJJ black belt Stephan Kesting reveals his step-by-step formula for the Single Leg X Guard, including all the techniques and drills you need to get good fast.

The Single Leg X Guard is a form of open guard used by world champions like Marcelo Garcia and Leandro Lo.

Because you don’t need to wrap your legs around your opponent’s torso like in the Closed Guard it’s much faster to get into the Single Leg X.

In the Single Leg X Guard you’re completely dominating one of your opponent’s legs, which makes it very difficult to pass, yet at the same time offers you many powerful attacks to keep your opponent on the run.

Also the Single Leg X Guard blends really well with other forms of guard, including the Butterfly Guard, Sitting Guard, Regular X Guard, de la Riva Guard, Spider Guard, and many other positions.

In this 4 part instructional you’ll get my complete gameplan for your Single Leg X Guard. It’ll be a drag-and-drop guard module that you can add to any kind of guard game to make it super-aggressive and effective.

You’ll learn how to reliably get into the Single Leg X from a ton of positions, how to stop your opponent from passing your guard, how to attack him in powerful combinations, and drills to make all these moves smooth and instinctive.

The material in this set applies to both gi and no gi grappling. So whether you practice BJJ with a kimono, or submission grappling in a rash guard, you’ll still benefit from the techniques in this instructional.

There are 4 volumes (plus one bonus section) in the Single Leg X Guard Masterclass. Let’s go through them one by one…



SLX Fundamentals and Drills

In Volume 1 of the Single Leg X Guard Masterclass we start by making sure that you’re doing the position correctly.

You’ll learn the most critical variations of the position, and more importantly, you’ll learn when and where to use them.

And because there’s a world of difference between just learning a position and actually being able to implement it on the mat, you’re also going to get 5 critical drills.

I developed these drills to help me with my own Single Leg X Guard; they made a world of difference to my game and now I want to share them with you. These are some of my very favourite drills in BJJ that’ll make yourSingle Leg X Guard smooth, fast and instinctive.

  • Why the Single Leg X Guard?
  • The 4 Types of X Guard
  • SLX Core Position – Legs and Hips
  • SLX Core Position Hands and Arms
  • SLX Core Drill Standing
  • SLX Core Drill Kneeling
  • Swinging Leglock Drill
  • Four Directions Off Balancing Drill
  • SLX to X Guard Cycle Drill


SLX Entries
A lot of instructionals cover a certain position but completely neglect how to get into that position in the first place. That’s NOT the case here – by the end of this volume you’ll be hitting the SLX from everywhere!

In Volume 2 you’ll learn powerful entries to get into the Single Leg X Guard against a resisting opponent from your feet, and against both standing and kneeling opponents from your guard.

These are the entries used by the highest level Single Leg X Guard players in the world, broken down for you with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Learn these and your opponents will never feel safe again.

  • From Instep Guard vs Standing
  • From Instep Guard vs Kneeling
  • From Butterfly Guard vs Posted Foot
  • From Butterfly Guard vs Both Knees Down – Double Lift
  • From Butterfly Guard vs Both Knees Down – 2 on 1 Sweep
  • From Butterfly Guard vs Both Knees Down – Lapel & Knee Grip
  • From Butterfly Guard with Both Knees Down – Butterfly Sweep
  • From the de la Riva Guard
  • From the Spider Guard
  • Pulling SLX from Standing
  • From the Bottom of Mount



SLX Sweeps

Once you’ve achieved the Single Leg X Guard you’re in an incredibly powerful position, and your opponent is now at a real disadvantage.

You want to take advantage of the deck being stacked in your favour and immediately attack, sweeping your opponent and getting on top.

The techniques in this section have been hand-picked to be the most effective, most powerful Single Leg X Guard attacks, which is why you see high level grapplers all over the world using them again and again.

Everyone can do these techniques; high levels of strength, flexibility or athleticism are NOT required!

  • Attack, Attack, Attack
  • The Twist Sweep
  • Twist Sweep Variations
  • The Lumberjack Sweep
  • Triple Twist Combination
  • Bridge and Kick to Twist Sweep
  • Transition to X Guard and Technical Standup
  • Direct Technical Standup vs Kneeling
  • Pull-Towards Kickover Sweep
  • Double Shin Sweep



Slx trouble shooting and guard pass prevention

Just like every other position in jiu-jitsu, your opponent is going to be trying to figure out your Single Leg X Guard and pass to a more dominant position. The techniques in Volume 4 are designed to stop that from happening.

Here you’ll learn the simplest ways to shut down all the most common guard passes you’ll run into against skilled opponents. With these techniques you’ll not only keep them in your guard but you’ll also set them up for the sweeps and attacks you learned earlier.

This is one of the most detailed sections of the entire instructional: many of the sections below actually consist of 3 to 7 different techniques, each of which shuts down your opponent’s guard passing attempts completely.

  • Problem Solving
  • Dealing with a Kneeling Opponent
  • Dealing with Peeling the Foot
  • Dealing with Peeling and Gripping
  • Blocking the Backstep Pass
  • Blocking the Knee Stuff Pass
  • Goat Riding Leg Pinch Pass Prevention
  • Going to and Options From the Position of Last Resort
  • Single Leg X Guard Summary


4 step slx quick start guide


There’s quite a lot of material in the Single Leg X Guard Masterclass instructional.

But I’m including one more thing with the training: my “SLX Quickstart Guide.”

This is a super-concentrated crash course on the most important things you need to know about this position in order to get the biggest results as fast as possible.

The quicker you get up and running with the Single Leg X then the happier I am, so in this section I make sure that you get the most important concepts, positions and attacks right away.

The SLX Quickstart is a 4 step process that’ll start you out with a huge advantage when you start trying out the SLX on your opponents.

(It’ll be kind of like going into your very first boxing class already with an outstanding knowledge how to stand, how to move, and how to throw the jab and the cross. You still have to learn more – sure – but at least you’ve got enough to get you started.)

Many of the reviewers and early customers of the Single Leg X Guard Masterclass have told me that this quickstart guide is one of their very favourite parts of the instructional, because it allowed them to get up to speed quickly.

And it’s all about getting benefits as fast as possible…

In the future we may sell this quick start guide to the X Guard guard separately, but for now it’s yours for FREE as part of the course if you purchase it today.

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