Simon Sinek – Why Discovery Course

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Simon Sinek – Why Discovery Course

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Do you know your Why? The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do. Simon Sinek’s online Why Discovery course can help you learn and live your Why.

The best leaders are those that understand the meaning of service, those who are willing to sacrifice for their own people. This is the reason we choose to spend time and energy learning from and supporting those who live in service to others.

As a small token of appreciation for your service, we wish to give you the gift of Why. We are pleased to provide U.S. active military and veterans, home and abroad, with complimentary access to our online Why Discovery Course – an interactive Why Discovery where Simon serves as your video guide.

This special Salute to Service offer does not include a complimentary copy of the Start With Why book.

We are so excited by the success of this program to date! With the high demand that the program has generated, we have a team member dedicated to set-up service men and women with access to the course. In order to continue delivering this special offer at this volume, a $10 set-up fee will apply. Note: our team reviews and responds to Salute to Service requests once a week on Monday afternoons.


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