Shawn Coyne – Story Grid Trinity Seminar 2023

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Shawn Coyne – Story Grid Trinity Seminar 2023

World-Conflict resolution at both the macro and micro level of building, character development, conflict resolution Story.

Story Grid’Science-Deep Dive Based The Theory of Storytelling

You will learn about the seminar. Shawn Coyne Uses powerful storytelling lens to give you a more true perspective on the whole narrative theory Story. He brings science and humanities together by introducing philosophers and scientists from the past and present to help us see. Story From all angles.

Story Grid’s approach is based on:

  • Cognitive science;
  • Evolutionary theory
  • The works of Aristotle and Plato, as well as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, are examples of ancient and modern philosophy.
  • Historical and contemporary masterworks, with a deep dive into one of the world’s greatest—J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Giving precise, detailed training and demystifying the squishy language.

You probably have a shelf (or six shelves) full of books on the writer’s craft.

And you’ve probably taken a few (or a dozen) courses on writing.

When you look back at all those books and courses, do you ever feel like you’re stuck in that An ancient parable about the elephant and the blind?

Each man touched a different area of the elephant and came away. Understanding only a fraction of the whole animal—never the true nature of the beast.

Truth is that each course and craft book has only given a glimpse at one aspect of the elephant. You have never seen the full nature of this elephant. Story—until now.

The Story Grid Trinity Seminar Start by cutting the Story Problem in half.

  • The Theory Half: Understanding the Organization and Structure of Story
  • The Practice Half: Understanding the Functional Purpose Story

How can we do it? Story Grid?

Step 1: Diagnose what’s not exciting, intriguing, or cathartic in a particular story. This is the order. In this order, a story must be able to excite and inspire the audience. It should also plant intrigue seeds, offer catharsis, or at least stimulate them.

Step 2: Provide powerful and objectively quantifiable analytic processes for the creator to generate more audience excitement, intrigue, catharsis, and subsequent drafts.

What you will learn in of Story Grid Trinity…

MODULE 1 The Story Problem

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize it. Shawn Guide you through the big Story This article explains the elephant problem and why we must solve it.

MODULE 2 Story Pathway Schema

How editors approach story problems and why you, as a writer should learn this method.

MODULE 3 The Writer’s Schema

Discover the methods a writer uses in solving a story problem in logical, step-by-step fashion-By-Step-by-step instructions

MODULE 4 The Pipes of Information & Energy

Find out how your reader views your story to ensure that you communicate effectively with them

MODULE 5 Diagnosis Story Problems

Find out how to Story Grid Trinity This will allow you to identify the problems in your story, and then develop practical solutions.

MODULE 6 Masterwork Analysis: The Hobbit

This classic masterpiece by J.R.R. is worth a deep dive. Tolkien’s classic masterwork and how to apply it. Story Grid Trinity Guidelines for your writing.

MODULE 7 The Story Approach & Big Schema

Apply what you have learned here. Story Grid Trinity Your own work in progress.

MODULE 8. Extensive Q&A

Listen in as Shawn Coyne Questions about the Story Grid Trinity From writers like you.

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