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The Gold Mine Version 2.1Shawn Buige – The Gold Mine Version 2.1

– Where the Money Comes From

– How Our System Can Put the Money into Your Pocket

– Examples of Actual Deals Worth Tens of Thousands of Dollars!

-Testimonials – What are Folks Saying after they Buy the System

Yes, its True…

Now You Can Find and Secure Huge Blocks of Money Very Quickly!

Watch Your Income Go Through the Roof Using Our Simple, Proven System.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your finances and change your life dramatically, please read the VERY important letter, below, for the exciting details…

Dear Friend and Entrepreneur:

We don’t think it’s any secret that the government holds an incredible amount of money, in the form of surplus funds aka excess proceeds. It’s also no secret that there are methods for getting that money out of the government’s accounts and into your account! BUT, you need to know where the money is and how to get it!

You could have the most amazing investigative powers, and a team of researches at your disposal, but without knowing where to start looking for the money, and how to get it out, legally it’s just interesting information.

Now imagine for a moment that you had a tested, proven ‘treasure map’ that showed you how to find the money and how to get it into your name.

Think that would take your income to another level? You’re right, it would…

But, aside from trying to be a ‘finder’ (limiting your income) and having to jump through regulatory hoops, there hasn’t been a proven, simple way to find and get these mountains of cash.

Until now that is… yes … what once was impossible is now easily achieved. And what we share with you will have a bigger impact on your financial future than anything else you have ever seen online.

Do you wish you could:

– Find a secure incredible blocks of money, we’ve personally found some over $100,000!, simply, easily and quickly?

– Operate a business that will allow You to call the shots and has no limit on income?

– Have access to Decades of files, where you could literally pick & choose what to take?

– Actually help other people while you are creating personal wealth?

If you said yes to any of these, then we have good news for you, because we’ve outlined our proven, tested system that allows you to do all of this and more, quickly and easily, literally allowing you to flood your bank account with surplus funds that have no statute of limitations and are constantly being added to. Make no mistake – this is not a ‘get rich quick’ program. You do have to put effort and time into the program. But, you get paid for your effort — very, very well paid.

Where Does All This Money Come From?

Every weekday, property sells at foreclosure. This has been going on for decades. Everyone know that.

What they don’t know is that these homes often actually sell for more than the foreclosing bank is or entity is entitled to. The same is true for foreclosures from tax liens. Here’s an example:

Let’s say a home forecloses for $250,000 and the bank debt totals $200,000, including attorney’s fees.

The bank is not allowed to keep the overage. So where does that money go?

The bank or substitute trustee gives that money to the Clerk of the Court for the County. That way, anyone with a judgment or lien doesn’t lose out on collecting from the proceeds. Or, if there are no liens or judgments, the ex-owner can collect the equity the bank isn’t entitled to.

The problem is that the County doesn’t have the time or manpower to contact anyone. Okay, the County is also allowed to keep the interest on money while they hold it, so there is some incentive to hold onto it – but we don’t want to get all ‘conspiracy theory’ on you.

Okay, so you’re saying, ‘Yah, but houses are selling for less than the bank is owed’. You’re right – over the past few years, homes often sold for under the amount owed. But not always. More importantly, you can often go back years and even decades looking for surplus.

Do the math. Assume an average County has only 2 foreclosures/month with overage and the average overage is only $5,000. These are seriously conservative numbers, guys. That’s $120,000 generated in surplus funds per yr, per County. Over 50 yrs, that’s $6 Million/County. There are approximately 100 Counties in any given State. That’s $600,000,000 – Six Hundred Million Dollars – per State. With 50 States, we’re talking $30,000,000,000 – Thirty Billion Dollars, Nationally!

Let me clue you guys in. It’s way more than that. When we have a downturn, everyone gets hit, not just folks without equity. It would not surprise us if the number was closer to $100,000,000,000.

Think they want to give the principal to the owners, when they can make interest on $100 Billion Nationally? Florida is so greedy its passing laws to try to make it impossible to claim the money after only a few months. Look it up, Google it.

Without a legal loophole system, you can’t get the money. You can be a finder, and make a small commission for a ton of work, or you can get the Gold Mine System. This information is so powerful, even attorneys in Florida tried to take a short cut – they forged signatures on documentation – and took over $500,000 out. They cheated the system and still make half a million bucks before they got caught. Had they used the system, they’d still be in business and at the rate they were working, they’d probably be over $2 Million by now…


There are now 3 ways to use the Gold Mine Premier Edition 2.1.

One option is to build a business around our system and make your own deals, maximizing your income. Everything you need is in the e-book. We have folks who are doing that right now.

The second option is to build your business but make a lot of deals that require some funding. Lean on our funding network to build your business without using any money on deals that need funding. The majority of buyers to date are doing this.

NEW – The 3rd option is simple. Using our system, you find deals, refer them to us and make a commission while we do the work.

The system works as a part time money marker, a full time career, or as a stand alone business. You can easily make Thousands a WEEK working during your lunch hour and a couple of hours per week online at night. Or you can build a multi-million dollar business and work it full time.

The System Works For Anyone Regardless of Background, Education, Etc..

You can start making money almost immediately. Its so simple we tested it on a 12 Year Old and They Found $30,000 in 30 Minutes with Just a Paragraph’s Worth of Instruction on How to Find It! Yep, one of the easiest ways to get money…


What Buyers of the System are Saying –

Mike, Utah – I thought this would be another finder system. You guys are WAY out front doing things I didn’t know were possible. I am going to tear this up! Thank you!

Bob, Florida – I’ve done judgment collections for yrs. I knew this money existed but had no idea I could get it. You’ve even shown me new methods for judgment collection. WOW!

Shirley, Texas – I am going to work with with my daughter, who has lost her job. I took your advice with the internet shortcuts and have millions to work on already…

Mike, Arkansas – I’ve found over $300K already and am putting deals together right now! ((Note from Shawn – Mike purchased the system less than 8 hours before sending me this email!!))

Monty, Georgia – I’ve found over $6 Million in tax lien surplus. I’m sending files over next week. I can’t believe there is this much money just sitting there...

Jeff, Arizona – I’ve had businesses over the years, including loss mitigation for foreclosures. NOTHING has ever had this kind of upside.

**Our System Has Been Bought by Judgment Recovery Co’s, a County Clerk, and an Owner of an Equity Recovery Company. The Pro’s Buy Our System!


Guys, look up at the numbers again. We work 5 local Counties and have more deals than we’ll ever get to in our lifetimes, seriously. So why not make a small profit selling the system, and a very small piece for funding deals for folks?

In addition, this information, if used to get the money out of the court house and into folks’ hands, can literally change lives. This will make the so called stimulus package look like a paper route.


1. A true ‘treasure map’ showing you how to find the files – not easy without our directions!

2. A Step by Step Guide for Securing the Money in Your Name – Full Edition Only.

3. The information sheet we use when we identify the blocks of money.

4. Data and resources for determining the best years of files to search for surplus.

5. The Document That Allows You To Get the Money!! – Full Edition Only.


FREE Enrollment in Updates – Updated Books with video links – We Take You By the Hand in a Question/Answer Format! AND You have the training hotline for help – available Monday through Friday 9AM – 1PM Eastern Standard Time. That’s Right – Ongoing Support!

Failure is Not an Option With Our System


We guarantee that the E-Book is true and correct. Further, it provides knowledge that can be used to attain very large sums of money in a short amount of time. This is powerful and potentially lucrative information. However, it is not a ‘get rich quick’ program – you have to apply the information to make money, and there is work involved. We are so confident that there are surplus funds to be had in every County in the US that we include a refund sheet with the program if the funds do not exist (we’ll never have to refund because they always exist!). A simple verification will result in a complete refund. This is valuable, powerful information. This information is Copyrighted© material. Once purchased, you have the information for your personal use. By purchasing this program, you agree to not share the information with anyone else, unless of course they also purchase the E-Book.

Your success is only limited by your own desire…

Honestly, after what you’ve seen with actual blocks of money, and the testimonials, we don’t think the decision should be all that difficult.

With our system, you could create your desired income on your terms.

Take bold action right now.

Get the proven Gold Mine System and change your life!

Your success is only limited by your desire – do you desire success?



Working On – Example 1 – $49K+ in Surplus Funds/Unclaimed!

Below is the sheet that details the surplus funds available. To the Right of that the court says they don’t know who to pay!

Working on – Example 2 – $90K+ in Surplus Funds/Unclaimed!

Below is the sheet that details the surplus funds available. To the Right of that the court says they don’t know who to pay!

Working on – Example 3 – $155K+ in Surplus Funds/Unclaimed!

Below is the sheet that details the surplus funds available. Look at the Money and Where the Pen is!

Okay, Just Because its There, That Doesn’t Mean You Can Get It, Right? WRONG!

Look At What Was Retrieved Using Our System! – $79K+ – Just ONE OF MANY!!

Note the DATE funds were entered – February 10, 1997 – Taken Out Over a Decade Later!

Remember, these funds Don’t Have an Expiration Date!

Step by Step E-Book – Complete with Full Documentation, Full System.

You Will Have Instant Access to the System, at your fingertips!

Failure is not an option with this system!

Proof Content

Shawn BuigeSalepage: http://www.surplusfundsriches.com/
Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20110307044848/http://www.surplusfundsriches.com/

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