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Chasing down and running your dream business can be rough. The cost is high and the progress you want can be slow and painful.

Seth Ellsworth – Breakthrough Challenge Maximum

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Achieve More Real Growth In the Next 30 Days than You Did in the Last 30 Months… Without Changing Anything in Your Business


Dear Business-Minded Friend,

Chasing down and running your dream business can be rough. The cost is high and the progress you want can be slow and painful.

Makes you doubt it’ll ever happen.

So you push harder… and end up grinding so hard… Hustling so much that there’s nothing left in the tank to give to the ones you care about most if they’re still around.

The toll adds up. On your body, your mind, and your relationships.

Something’s got to give.

What do you do to hold it all together so you can keep growing toward your targets without losing it all? Without giving up?

You’ll never guess how simple it is to snap out of it and achieve more in the next 30 days… No matter what you’re going through right now.


  • Frustrated because you feel tapped out? You don’t know what to do to get more out of yourself. People are relying on you.
  • Stressed out about your business? How are you going to handle the stress? Is it that fear of success or impending doom?
  • Nervous that business is going so well (or not)? Something has to break. Will it be you?
  • Successful in the office but stressful at home? Are you scared they can’t handle this much longer?
  • Comparing yourself to others who have it all? As if they’ve unlocked some secret code. You wish someone would let you in on it already?
  • Feeling exhausted and embarrassed? Can’t get yourself to do the important stuff? You know you should do them but nothing works.
  • Constantly choosing between family and business got you feeling guilty? How long can they put up with this life?
  • Keeping your internal doubts a secret? What would happen if they were to find out?
  • Grinding away the best years of your life? Wish you didn’t have to sacrifice everything you care about? The payday seems so far away and the kids aren’t getting younger.
  • Running on empty at the end of the day? Nowhere to fill up your tank before it’s time to start over the next day?
  • Hustling but nothing changes? You know the pace is killing you and the stress adds up.
  • Sitting at the top and wondering now what? Winning didn’t mean as much as you thought?

Let Me Show You a NEW and Slightly Counterintuitive Way to
Go Forward Fast WITHOUT All That Stress and Pressure



Wishing that you weren’t too exhausted at the end of the day to play with the kids… if they’re still awake when you quit working.

Spending all day “getting ready to work” and finally sniffing some productivity at 3pm… then you get the text message… “ETA?” Forced to make the choice between family and business again… you go home like you should, but you’re not really home home.

Annoyed that your kids want to play when you just want to get things done. They thought you’d been working all day and daddy was actually “home.”

Trapped because you can’t see how to work less without giving up a chunk of cash or losing control. You can’t give up and go back to a job because it won’t make enough. But you can’t make more because you’re tapped out.

Distracted when your spouse asks “How’d your day go honey?” You say “fine” just to deflect the question. Really you’re embarrassed and feeling guilty because you need to make up for the mess today.

Waiting for the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship to end on its own so you can finally golf on a Thursday. But it doesn’t seem to stop. There’s no eject button from the grind and you’re tired of holding on for dear life.

Looking at the calendar and hating it. Because in 10 years you’ve never gotten your streak up to the 21 days they say you need in order to get the habit you want. All you see is that at this rate it will take 21 lifetimes to become the person you want to be. But you only have one and your best years are slipping by. The kids aren’t getting any younger.

Telling the people you care about “I gotta grind it out for a bit.” While doubting you’ll actually be able to take care of them like you want… if they are still around when the grind is over.

You’re behind on you favorite podcast so maybe you missed out on the one biohack or life hack that will finally be your get out of jail free card.

Staring at the deadline when the project is due but confused at why you can’t get yourself to do what you know you need to do. You have no idea why you keep doing this to yourself.

Cemented in your warm bed checking email and Facebook on your iPhone half asleep… after you hit the snooze button 9 times. Forget the morning routine.

Laying awake knowing your cash flow has slowed, wondering if the house of cards you built will it all come crumbling down again?

Standing in front of the mirror feeling like a fake business person… until you have the financial proof and scientific evidence. Nobody will take you seriously until you have your first $10,000 month. Until your first $10,000 day? Until your first $100,000 hour?

Wondering if THIS will finally be IT. The answer. The solution. Then things can finally change.

QUESTION: Sick of those symptoms yet?

The treatment is really simple. And it’s hiding within you, in plain sight.


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