Sean Terry – $100K Wholesaler 4 Week Advanced Master Class


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Sean Terry – $100K Wholesaler 4 Week Advanced Master Class

Sean Terry – $100K Wholesaler 4 Week Advanced Master Class

Price:  $997
Sale Page: www.flip2freedom.com/100k-wholesaler-sales-page/
Archive:  archive.is/zS0sP

  • The BIG PICTURE: Your VISION, You Have to Know Where You’re Going First
  • Understanding the Numbers:  How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals
  • What KPI are the Most Important to Manage and Scale Your Business to a $100K a Month
  • How to Build a HUGE Responsive Buyers EMAIL List.
  • Discover the BEST Email Platform to Deliver Thousands of Emails at a Press of a Button.
  • I’ll Give you MY Adwords Campaign to Upload so You Can Start Getting Leads Online ASAP (Over a $200,000 Value)
  • PLUS You’ll get my Adwords Buyers Campaign for the Google Push: Leads 24/7
  • Discover How to Add The Most Effective Marketing Channels for Explosive Growth
  • Swipe My Highest Converting Buyers Website
  • Lean How to Get Perpetual FREE Leads Online for Buyers and Sellers
  • How to Read People Like a Book to Increase Conversion
  • Using the Custom Covert Intuitive Presentation to Eliminate the Competition
  • Understanding and Using the Objection Annihilation Method
  • Discover an Advanced Hyper Effective Strategy for Maximizing Each Lead for Increasing Profits
  • How and Why We Use the “Agreement for Sale” and the “Contract for Deed”
  • How to Prep Your Closing Agent for Creative Closings
  • In Depth Property Analysis
  • Identifying the Right Lead So You’re Not Playing a Guessing Game
  • Negotiating the Deal With the Seller (The Pitch)
  • Writing Up the Contract: Exact Verbiage and Contracts I Use.
  • Marketing the Property to the Right Seller for a Fast Sale.
  • Negotiating With the Buyer and Writing Up the Contract.
  • Assigning the Contract for a HUGE Fast Profit
  • Closing Day: What to Expect and What to Watch Out For
  • How to Hire Rock Stars to Run Your Business So You Can Have Amazing Balance.
  • Understanding their Positions and Responsibilities.
  • Where to Find the Best Rock-stars
  • Using the Kolbe Test:  The Theory and Application
  • How to Create the Right Expectation
  • Access to My Employment Contract
  • Using Systems to Have Your Business Run on Autopilot
  • The Best Payroll Company and Why They Will Make Your Life Super Easy
  • Managing Your Time with Your Team
  • Setting Up Podio for Fast Implementation
  • How to Manage Your Team with Podio
  • App Integration with Podio to Make it Seamless
  • Discover the Best Business Structure to Maximize Profits and Reduce Taxes
  • How to Gain Massive Traction Through Weekly, Quarterly and Annually Meetings
  • Managing Your Money and Expenses for Maximum Profit



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