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Sean McCabe – Supercharge Your Writing

Price : $997
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Double your sales and learn a valuable skill that will serve you for life.

Write with clarity. Move people along each stage of the buyer’s journey with a carefully crafted narrative.

Convert prospects to buyers. Get people off the fence and turn the audience you have into customers.

Increase your sales. Make every word count with copy that keeps serving you long after you’ve written it.

You’ll No Longer Compete on Price

Yes, there are other people doing the same thing as you. Yes, there are people trying to compete. But you have a unique voice. You have a unique perspective and experience.

When you learn to uncover, develop, and use that voice, competition no longer matters. There are plenty of other writing and sales courses online. Why are you here? Why get this course? Because it’s from me.

I have developed a unique voice and you resonate with that writing, teaching, and speaking style. You can find other courses on the subject, but they wouldn’t be from me. That’s why I don’t have to compete. I don’t compete on price, I don’t compete on anything.

You don’t have to compete either. When you find and embrace your unique writing voice, you remove yourself from comparison and won’t end up as a commodity.

This course will help you develop your own unique writing voice and use it to your competitive advantage.

Everything You Write Will Sell

The focus of Supercharge Your Writing is to give purpose to your words. Writing the right words for the right people at the right time is what’s going to make a difference.

If you knew you’d make sales every time you sat down to write a thousand words, wouldn’t you write more often?

This course will show you what to write and exactly where to use it. Your writing is an asset. Learn to get the most out of it by employing your writing in areas that will continue to serve you.

Knowing what to write brings clarity to your daily writing habit. You’ll never wake up wondering what to write about again.

We get very practical on developing a writing habit. The goal is to increase your productivity and maximize your output with each writing session.

Enrollment closes in 2 days and 5 minutes

Know Exactly What to Write

I used to experience writer’s block. At least I thought I did. I’d be staring at the blank page, desperately grasping for words that seemed just out of reach.

Writer’s block simply does not exist. I wouldn’t have believed it either had someone told me several years ago, but it’s true.

Writer’s block comes from a lack of planning, clarity, and purpose.

Let’s be real here: you don’t have time for writer’s block. There are words to write. There are projects to finish. There are things to do. There are people to be with!

What if all the time you spent in the past year staring at a blank page could have been spent with your family? How nice would that be? What if all the time you spent staring at a blank page was spent writing even more? You’d have books by now!

That’s how it can be and that’s how it should be.

Yes, having purpose to your writing goes a long way toward prevent writer’s block, but we also cover some tips, tricks, and writing “hacks” to overcome writer’s block once and for all.

Never Wonder Where Anything Goes

Purpose. I keep coming back to this word purpose.

You need to know what your goals are and reverse engineer the path to getting there. That path is your content. The content marketing will lead people to buying your product.

Your content needs to make sense together. You need to plan ahead and prepare in advance. All of this should be mapped out for weeks if not months.

There’s a strategy to employing copywriting throughout your content. I talk about the Rule of Reciprocity a lot, but don’t take that to mean you can only sell after weeks of value. That’s true at a macro level, but you don’t want to ignore the micro pitches you’re entitled to make.

Learn the Right Words to Use

There are two words that almost every business uses when it comes to the amount you pay for their products.

These two words are kryptonite if you want to be seen as a premium brand, but they’re so common most people don’t think anything of them. In fact, if I’d used them here and on any of the previous pages, you wouldn’t have even noticed.

But it’s not what you notice, it’s what’s happens subconsciously. You might not have noticed, but it would have affected your perception. I refrained from using these two words because they would have positioned my premium material as an expense to you instead of an investment.

If you feel like this course will be a worthy investment, there’s a reason you feel that way. There’s a reason you’re not comparing the amount for this course with anything else available.

Writing is as much about the words you don’t use as the words you use.

You need to learn to use the right words to advance people on the buyer’s journey.

Double Your Sales With Writing

The best investment you can make in your business is developing a writing habit and learning how to write in a way that sells.

It all starts with writing. If you’re in business, you’re selling something. You have to sell. Selling comes down to words. Words can be spoken or they can be written.

But even if you’re primarily speaking, writing is the best way to improve your speaking! The people who speak poorly don’t write. I guarantee it. At least, they don’t purposefully improve or audit themselves the way I teach.

I really truly mean it when I say it all starts with writing. Want to be a better podcaster? Write. Want to be a better public speaker? Write. Want to make more sales in your business? Write.

Dollar for dollar, you won’t make a better investment this year than this course. When you look back at what you invested in this course a year from now, you will be astounded. It will completely shift your mindset and approach to business.

You’ll finally get clarity on how to use your writing to increase sales in your business.


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