Scott Britton – Udemy 6 Figure Fast Track

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Scott Britton – Udemy 6 Figure Fast Track

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What would you do if you didn’t need a full time paycheck?

Travel? Experiment with new business ideas? Learn new skills?

I think what everyone really wants is the ability to live life on their terms.

There’s a lot of programs on the internet that teach you how to achieve this, but they rarely work for most people because to actually get results they require:

– Technical skills

-A massive pre-established audience or platform

– You to be a sophisticated online marketer

– Spending money on online advertising

Of all the lifestyle business opportunities on the internet, Udemy is the most straightforward way to make meaningful, consistent passive income online without needing any of these things which is why I created this course.

I’ve made over 6 figures on the platform and in this course teach you how to do the exact same thing guiding you through ever single step of the process.

Here is my income from just Udemy from the last 6 Months of last year: $55,650

This is just from the Udemy platform and does not include other channels where I sell the same exact content like webinars, my personal platform, Clickbank and other 3rd party marketplaces.

My results are not typical.

I get an edge by using strategies that less than 1% of people teaching on Udemy know about. This is exactly what I will share with you in this course.

The average instructor only makes $7,000…and my hope is that as a member of this course and community you will do far better than average.

Whether your goal is to use this opportunity to make passive income, grow your brand, or build a platform off the back of Udemy, I want to take the thinking out of creating highly successful Udemy course by sharing with you exactly what works for every step of the process so you don’t get taken off course by any roadblocks or frustrations.

What You’ll Learn

This course will take you from starting from scratch to launching a profitable course set up to sell itself and build your personal platform.

I’ll be right there with you guiding you each step of the way as well as the community of other members so that there is never a doubt in your mind exactly what you need to do.


Here is how the course is laid out.

Section 1 – The Massive Opportunity On Your Hands

This section will provide you with a clear understanding of how Udemy works and the size of opportunity. This is important for you to understand so that you know exactly how the platform works before making decisions on what to teach and how position yourself.

You’ll learn:

  • How the Udemy marketplace works
  • Udemy’s exspansion plan and what that means for you
  • Details and step-by-step instructions for getting set up on Udemy from my own personal experience.

By the end of section 1 you’ll know exactly how everything works so that you can set yourself up to maximize success.

Section 2 – What Should You Teach?

I’m going to give you an expansive framework to determine what you should teach taking into account your strengths, network, and the competitive landscape on the platform.

Getting this right is critical and can be the difference between a 1,000 a month vs. 10,000 a month. At the end of this section you will have a clear understanding of what to teach and how to turn it into profit.

You will be learning:

  • How to identify platform opportunities
  • The best and worst topics to teach
  • How to position yourself even when there are strong competitors
  • The mindset to empower you for success

When you’re finished section 2, you’ll have narrowed it down to a few topics that you know will be successful in the marketplace.

Section 3 – Getting Validation To Derisk and Improve Your Course

This section is about honing your topic and even getting validation before you create anything. A lot of people make the mistake of creating a course that no one wants and this section helps you feel confident that there is demand for your course before you spend too much time on it.

You’ll learn:

  • The various ways you can approach creating your course
  • What a presale is and how getting them validates that you’ve selected the right topic
  • How to throw an event to inform the content of your course

By the end of this section you will know exactly what you’re teaching and may even have some sales before you’ve created anything if you choose to implement some of the demand validation strategies you’ll learn like email presales and hosting an in person test event.

Section 4 – Your Content Creation Schedule

Creating a schedule critical to make sure you get your course done fast so you can start making income quickly. I’ll be showing you the lessons and strategies I’ve learned to make quality courses in record time.

We’ll dive deep on:

  • Creating a launch date
  • Your course creation schedule
  • Examples that breaks down exactly what you need to do each day
  • Accountability measures you can put in to beat procrastination

My goal is to take out the thinking of this entire process for you as much as I can. By the end of this section you will have a course creation schedule that reveals exactly what you should be focused on every single day

Section 5 – Your Unbeatable Strategy for Marketplace Domination

It’s really important to understand how the marketplace works in order to properly plan your content so that when you do launch you have an unfair advantage vs. everyone else and the course eventually sells itself.

You’ll learn

  • The 80/20 mindset approach to profit optimization
  • How organic discovery on the platform works and how to optimize it so Udemy promotes your content for you
  • The 4 quarter strategy to get more reviews and students to your personal platform. It’s critical to understand this before you start creating your content

By the end of section 5 you’ll have the right frame of mind to begin creating your course in such a way that it will maximize the number of sales for you with Udemy doing the heavy lifting.

Section 6 – The Best Way to Create A Course Outline

I know you might be thinking “ I know how to make an outline” but what you probably don’t know is what strategic components you need to be inserting into that outline in order to maximize effectiveness and profitability which is why this is critical.

We’ll cover

  • The most efficient and effective outlining process
  • Where to source content for your outline from potential students…that you can sell later!
  • How to build upon competitive courses to make yours not only more comprehensive, but also attractive to students in the marketplace
  • The optimal content structure in terms of section and course length which factors into the student experience thus your success and profitability

After completing section 6 you will have an outline that guides you through the entire course creation process as well as certainty that the course you’re creating covers everything you need in order to be successful

Section 7 – Creating Amazing Content

In order to create a course you need to create content! We’ll make it crystal clear showing you the exact steps how to get all your ideas into a winning format for the platform.

I’ll show you in detail:

  • What makes great content citing specific examples
  • How to select the best format for your topic
  • The technology you need to use including my exact setup that has made me 6 figures,
  • The pros and cons of slides vs. live video
  • How to actually take your outline to creating the content you will present
  • Whether you need to create a script or not and how to do that
  • How to do this whole process efficiently so you don’t spend weeks on it…which I’ve absolutely did for my first go round

By the end of section 7, you will be finished the core content of your course and almost ready to upload by the time you finish this section.

Section 8 – Everything You Need to Know About Production

You can have great material, but if you don’t make sure to do the right things to ensure quality in the production quality, you’ll end up dead in the water. You don’t have to be a “tech” genius to do this properly.

You’ll learn:

  • The 80/20 on the level of quality you really need to be successful
  • My exact setup that I’ve used
  • How to use the screen capture software screenflow including:
    • How to edit
    • Combine multiple forms of media together
    • Create cool introduction slides
    • Add annotations to make your content more engaging

When you are finished with this section you’ll be ready to put your course on the platform.

Section 9 – Publishing and Creating A High Converting Sales Page

In order to really do well, you need to dial in all the elements that influence buyers when they are determining to buy your course or not. Getting this stuff right on your sales page can be the difference of thousands of dollars a month so it’s important to pay close attention.

You’ll learn

  • How to price your course on Day 1 and even test prices
  • Proven copywriting principles for your sales page
  • A primer on how to title your course
  • How to select your course category so that it reaches the maximum number of buyers
  • How to pick appealing images that attract buyers
  • A winning framework you can use to construct your promotional video

When you are finished this section you will be ready to submit your course for review after which it will be live to prospective students. Again, understanding how to properly optimize all the elements of your course for organic discovery and sales is crucial. Even just a 2-3% increase on any of these elements could be the difference in thousands of dollars given Udemy’s 5 million users.

Section 10 – The Proven Fast Track Launch Strategy

Launching your course is a really unique opportunity to get your course set up to start selling itself. Missing this mark here can make things more difficult late on.

Here’s what a few people who I’ve helped with on their launch strategy are saying:

You’ll learn:

  • Setting up analytics and tracking for your course for later optimizations
  • The appropriate launch mindset
  • How to price your course at launch
  • Strategies for finding initial evangelists and reviews
  • How to optimize your course for conversion when it goes live in the marketplace
  • How to get social proof for your course on Day 1
  • Forums where you can attract students
  • And a launch case study that outlines in detail one of my own courses

If you follow the instructions in this section, by the time your course gets published to the platform you will already have 100’s if not thousands of students as well as positive reviews to help you start making sales out of the gate.

Section 11 – Scaling Your Sales

Once your course is done there is a ton of things you can do to reach more people and ultimately make more income from the upfront work you’ve already done which is why this section is crucial.

In section 11, we’ll go into detail on:

  • How to continue to fuel your organic growth strategy
  • Blogging
  • Youtube
  • Quora
  • Events
  • Ebooks
  • Slideshare
  • Growing an email list and your personal platform

By the end of this section, You’ll have an ongoing organic growth strategy as well as specific ways to drive sales to your course through blogging, youtube, events, ebooks, slideshare, and your email list.

You’ll also get an exclusive look at how the top online educators sell their products using a combination of all of these things.

Section 12 – Joint Promotions and Affiliates

You’ll want to pay close attention to this section because this is where we’ll cover how you can have other people sell your course for you and begin to use your existing students to grow your platform. This, of course, is a major part to making passive income.

You’ll learn

  • How to get yourself set up on the affiliate marketplace
  • The ins and outs of announcements and promotions which are basically the platform version of an email list you can use to present offers to your students

After this section you will have your course set up so other people start selling it and an understanding how to cross-sell other courses to your existing audience which can be very lucrative.

Section 13 – Profit and Conversion Optimization

Once you have it set up, you’ll want to start tweaking it to maximize the profits and the number of students you reach while Udemy promotes you.

You’ll learn:

  • A winning organic conversion optimization strategy
  • How to conversion test and tweak elements of your sales page on an ongoing basis

By the end of this section, you will have an exact system you can use to test elements of your course that directly affect sales. In some instances this has doubled profits for me as well as helped me reach even more people that were seeking to learn my information

Section 14 – Grow Your Empire Outside of Udemy

This section is powerful because you’ll learn how to leverage all the existing work you’ve done to create more opportunities off of Udemy that can highly profitable and amazing for your personal brand.

You’ll learn

  • How to continue to grow on Udemy
  • Why to publish a 2nd course and a framework for deciding which one
  • How to leverage Udemy’s 5 million users to start building an email list. I doubled my email list in one day using Udemy which we’ll cover in this chapter. People pay consultants thousands of dollars to coach them on how to grow email lists, but this way is much simpler since its off the back of a massive platform. I also used Udemy to drive massive traffic to my podcast which we’ll cover in the course.
  • How you can take your existing content and use it one other marketplaces

You may not know this, but Udemy is just one place I sell my courses. I’ve made 10’s of thousands of dollars selling courses on my own platform, affiliates and other marketplaces as well.

By the end of this section you will know how to build upon everything you’ve done to scale your income, audience, and reach so that your destiny is really in your hands. The possibilities are really unlimited.



Scott Britton

Scott Britton is one of the top instructors on Udemy teaching over 30,000 students from everything to Sales and Business Development, to Sleep and Email Efficiency.

His site Life-LongLearner.com is one of the top 40 most trafficked personal development blogs on the internet and his podcast The Competitive Edge regularly appears in the top 50 on Itunes Business.

Before venturing out on his own, Scott was a business development executive at SinglePlatform, a company acquired by Constant Contact for 100 million dollars.


Welcome And The Opportunity
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    Welcome I’m Scott

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    Course Layout

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    The Opportunity and Udemy Background

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    My Story and Results

What Should I Teach
  • Start

    The Most Empowering Teaching Mindset

  • Start

    But I’m Not An Expert!

  • Start

    Mining Platform Opportunities

  • Start

    What You Shouldn’t Teach

  • Start

    How To Beat Out Existing Incumbent Courses

Finalizing Your Topic and Demand Testing
  • Start

    Your Options For How to Create Your Course

  • Start

    Getting Paid For Your Course Before Creating It

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    The Art of In Person Events


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