Sarah Staar – Affiliate Formula X – Affiliate Training

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Sarah Staar – Affiliate Formula X – Affiliate Training

Price:  $197
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Affiliate Formula X is a brand new, high quality affiliate marketing training course. Highly successful UK affiliate marketer Sarah Staar has created this course after being asked by people at Internet Marketing network events how she makes her money from affiliate marketing. Sarah was asked

by many marketers at these events if she knew of any good quality affiliate marketing training courses, and having searched thoroughly, she could not find any of a high enough quality that she could confidently recommend.

So she decided that she should create her own affiliate training course, teaching the way that she does affiliate marketing. Affiliate Formula X was born. Sarah claims in the video that she regularly makes £9,000 ($15,000) per month just from affiliate marketing, and I have no reason to doubt this. She has a great track record, and has numerous successful marketing products to her name. She certainly knows what she is talking about. Also, importantly, she has the ability to teach her skills to others. A good teacher is essential if you want to learn what works now in affiliate marketing. Don’t pick the wrong teacher, and get taught the wrong things.

Sarah has a teaching style that is clear, no nonsense, and easy to understand. Having experienced quite a few of her training videos, I can say that she explains all of the topic with clarity, and in a step by step manner which you would find easy to follow, regardless of experience. Her training videos are always clear, concise, and relevant to the technique that she is teaching. There is never any fluff or filler, as you find with many training videos that are out there. Some marketers seem to think that length of video signifies a quality product. Sarah doesn’t work like this, she keeps everything focused and on topic, which is why I regard her training so highly.

Her videos are always professionally done, practical, and well worth listening to, for the knowledge and techniques that you will learn. I’ve always learned something from all of her previous training videos, and this course promises to be one of her best yet. She will be delivering the training material as she creates it, and this gives anybody getting in now, a bit of a bargain, really.

The reason being, that the eventual full course is going to be a high end training product going for about $1,000, but you have an opportunity to get in for $197, as she is looking for success stories that she can use to promote the finished product.

This is a limited offer, so if you want to take advantage of it, I suggest that you get in now, otherwise you risk paying the full price, and without the live training classes. Just think, you could even be one of her featured success stories. I can imagine that would be quite a boost in traffic to your sites, if she features your story on her promotional pages.


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