Sandi Krakowski – Social Media Masters ON DEMAND VIDEO SCHOOL

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Sandi Krakowski – Social Media Masters ON DEMAND VIDEO SCHOOL

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Never Before Taught: Highly Effective Copywriting, Ad Writing, Content Creation & Social Media Influencer Apprenticeship.

For Small Business Owners OR Anyone Wanting A New Career!


Seeking highly motivated & ready-to-work people who want MASSIVE exposure online with the new “social media engagement marketing” world!

Dear small business owner, home business builder, startup entrepreneur, musician, author, coach, ministry or non-profit leader & anyone looking to change the world & be hugely successful doing so:

During my 18 years of building businesses online, there are a few things that I have MASTERED that have caused me to be noticed by international influencers globally, and have paid me MILLIONS of dollars.

It is these few things that I am going to be spending 12 weeks pouring into an elite group of students who desire to MASTER social media culture, engagement marketing, content creation and copywriting through my Social Media Masters “Learn At Your Own Pace” on demand school.


THERE IS NO ONE teaching this level of social media content creation anywhere online today.

One of the BIGGEST keys most so-called ‘social media experts’ are failing on is regular content creation that builds culture and closes a sale, every single day.

If you can build a big following that’s great. Hats off to you!

But if NO ONE is converting or conversing with you daily, you’re really just spinning your wheels and treading water.

Let me teach you how to build a COMMUNITY that changes the world

and content they want to read every single day!

Content is king! When you write ads, the copy on your sales page, your social platforms and all of your connections need to mirror your message, what your customers want and it needs to happen so effortlessly that you will ask yourself every single day, “Am I really working?”

It’s been more than 2 years since I’ve sat down with an elite group of students and edited their copy. The last time I worked together with a group of apprentices, we let them look over my shoulder as I created million dollar sales pages, ad campaigns and content that converts into sales.

I edited their copy and gave them secrets that most people never get access to. The results were HISTORIC!


The sum total of your results on social media will be 100% tied to your copy, your content and ultimately, your conversions.

This is where my 18 year speciality can help YOU! If you hired me personally to write your copy, just like several multi-million dollar brands have done, you’d pay $2997 per hour.

But with this class you can work in a group setting with me for less than $6 per day!

Not only that but I’m bringing my son, Jeremy Krakowski, who has been working with me every single day for the last two years. We’ve been reviewing what is going on in the field, how we can improve our content and we’ve made it our personal undertaking to study like mad marketing scientists what works and what doesn’t work so that we can bring this expertise back to you, the student.

Take for example this little tip for your campaigns:


If your copy and your content don’t mirror each other, conversions won’t happen.

Sometimes it can be two words that take people from 0% closing ratios online to 50% but how will you ever know if you don’t have an expert helping you and critiquing your work?!

I am ready to work with you to get results that will change the history of your business.


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