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Do you have a product that you personally created and are proud of and want to learn how to create not only

Sandi Krakowski – 12 Weeks Your Store Video Class

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Dear Small Business Owner, Musician, Author and anyone who wants to run an online store:

Do you have a product that you personally created and are proud of and want to learn how to create not only a fantastic store online but you also need to learn the marketing and social media to increase sales?  This is for you.

What if you already have a great product that someone else created and you want to set up a responsive theme store so people can purchase these products  from their laptop, smartphone or even their pad device? This is for you!

Or what if, you have digital and hard copy CDs and DVDs, eBooks, videos and even white papers for sale  and you want to not only sell more product, but you NEED to learn how to set up a great storefront online and connect your social media channels to it as well? This is also for you!

Lastly… if you’re in a direct sales company and you want to learn how to connect your company provided website with your very own online store so you can sell more products and get off the phone… THIS is for you!

In the 1990’s when Google first started and the online world was just picking up steam, I built my very first online store. It was a kitchenware store where we dropped shipped through out the continental USA over 450 kitchenware items. What started out with a desire to just ‘drop ship’ high end kitchenware soon became a major disruption in the kitchenware industry and my store, run from my kitchen table, became a huge competitor to huge corporations!


Whether you already have products you are looking to sell or you’d like me to teach you how to IDENTIFY what a great selling item is, this class is for you! Find your best selling product that people are already buying… or maybe you want to create your own! I can help!

More than 67% of ALL TRAFFIC on Facebook Today is mobile traffic. There has never been a better time to serve these on-the-go customers! Your store can serve the customers who want to shop at any time of day. Your own online store with built in shopping cart makes it super easy to service the mobile commerce customer. Learn how to set up an online store quickly where your clients can browse and make purchases right from their mobile phones no matter where they are, at any time of day!

This video class is PERFECT for anyone who has created their own product, wants to drop ship someone else’s product, has a direct sales product or even an information digital product and needs a great store AND marketing help!

Have you always wanted to start your own store but never know where to start? Don’t worry any longer- the hard work has been done for you! Any serious business owner can set up their own store and be in business in less than a few weeks with these simple steps.

It’s never been easier to be a MOBILE BUSINESS OWNER where you can not only service the mobile customer but you can manage your store right from your mobile phone when you are out of your office.

Managing your own online store could be one of the most rewarding things you’ve EVER done in your life! We will be using SHOPIFY as our preferred method for creating our store! All students will receive a special access pass to see me do things NO ONE has ever seen me do before, from start to finish!! AND I’ll be here to do strategy sessions with you as well! Every single week we’ll meet together LIVE on a call, and you can ask questions so that you don’t get stuck!


We will be using Shopify as our preferred platform for our store! I can’t WAIT for you to see what I pick out to sell in my new store! Woohooo!!!!  Shopify is also giving a BIG DISCOUNT to every 12 Weeks Your Store student so that it’s easier than EVER to get your store up and running! You will be doing everything I’m doing, one week at a time!

12 Weeks Your Store is a step by step college level course where I will be teaching you how to do everything involved from start to finish in running a business. This is NOT for the hobbyist or the person who wants to play around. It’s for the person who will DO THE WORK and will serve their customers.

Let’s write the best descriptions for your products so your customers feel at home with you.  I’ll teach you how to say words so naturally you’ll be shocked you actually wrote the copy yourself! You will also receive my award winning PPC 1 and PPC 2 class so NOTHING is left unturned and you are FULLY equipped to run your own store!

We will even cover parts of a business most people do not ever talk about like getting support once you’re set up, how to get the best merchant account, negotiating your rates, getting the best color schemes for your site and more!



Your Video Class Starts INSTANTLY! This “learn at your own pace” class puts you in the driver’s seat with weekly email reminders from Sandi, done in the comfort of your own home!


REGISTER NOW and let’s create your store together!

When: Class starts INSTANTLY!

How: All of your lessons will be delivered in a private membership site for you to access indefinitely and add to your learning library


  • 16 video trainings (12 weeks of class content PLUS 4 weeks of bonus classes Sandi added PLUS all of the BONUS training!)
  • Recordings of weekly strategy sessions that Sandi did with previous class attendees
  • Private Video Membership Site For All Members to review content on computer, laptop and smartphone
  • BIG discounts on your Shopify.com store (if you need one)
  • Special COPYWRITING secrets never taught before by Sandi for eCommerce
  • Step By Step eCommerce Marketing


  • INCLUDES PPC 1 Pay Per Click Made Simple Class $147 value
  • INCLUDES PPC 2 Class $77 value


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