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You’ve finally found it…

This resource is designed for those unfamiliar with Digital Marketer (DM for short) — and for those salty DM veterans that want a refresher course on the foundational principles of digital marketing.

It’s also a road map of sorts.

You see — all marketers and entrepreneurs are at various levels of STUCK.  There’s just so much to learn.

From beginner to seasoned pro — we are all looking to get better at what we do — always looking for an edge. It’s our defining characteristic.

This page is here to help you master this digital marketing stuff.

And by “stuff” we mean…

The System

It’s the same system Starbucks and McDonald’s have used to corner the coffee and hamburger markets.  It’s the same system Amazon uses to dominate ecommerce.  It’s how Best Buy, Beach Body (selling workouts like P90X) and Sports Illustrated have become household names.

This system works for small and enterprise level businesses.  It works for mom-and-pop shops and billion dollar retailers.  It works whether you sell traditional products, digital products or services.

This system works because it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth put forth by legendary marketer Jay Abraham:

There are only three ways to grow a business,

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

We call it Customer Value Optimization or CVO.

Read this page carefully.  Read it multiple times and commit it to memory.

This is the stuff they don’t teach in business school.

Learn the Steps to Customer Value Optimization

The following flowchart outlines the CVO system.

Print this PDF version and tack it to the wall next to your workstation.  If you plan to execute this plan, you’ll need to reference it often.

When you’re learning new tactics like Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics or SEO you’ll need to constantly remind yourself of the CVO process.  Otherwise, you’re wasting time and money.

This is a warning:  There is little profit in understanding, for example, Pinterest advertising or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in and of itself.  There is enormous profit in understanding how to apply these traffic strategies to the CVO process.


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