Russ Ruffino – The Money Tree Method

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Russ_Ruffino_-_The_Money_Tree_MethodRuss Ruffino – The Money Tree Method

“Watch Me Bring in $250,000 My First Year Online (and Close to $1 Million in the Second…) Using Fast 12-Hour Products That ANYONE Can Create!”


This is it. The DEFINITIVE guide to building an information marketing EMPIRE.

If you’re one of the THOUSANDS of Warriors who have bought my courses in the past, then you know I’m the real deal.

But just in case you don’t know me, let’s get the income proof out of the way, first:

My first Clickbank product EVER brought in $160,000 PROFIT in the first year. (That’s PROFIT, not revenue).

My 2nd WSO – Video Sales Firestorm – did $34,880.13 in just SEVEN DAYS…and another $29,998 profit on the back-end.

My LATEST WSO – Knockout Profits System – did $28,344.04 in the first 7 days…and thenan ADDITIONAL $86,260 in pure PROFIT on the back-end (and counting…)

Long story short?

“I’ve Been Online EXACTLY 2 Years And 5 Months, And In That Time, I Have Done Close To A MILLION DOLLARS In Sales Online. Here’s How…”

The secret to creating long-term, sustainable wealth online is to create and market your own information products.

Don’t believe me? Think of ANY Internet Marketing multi-millionaire….Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Mike Filsaime…anyone you want.

I can pretty much damn well guarantee you that person has made their fortune creating and selling their own information products.

I’m not saying there isn’t plenty of money to be made in CPA, affiliate marketing, or offline consulting. There is. But having your own product has some KILLER advantages:

Affiliates have driven 99% of all my traffic. That means that the VAST majority of the traffic I have gotten has been 100% for FREE, and 100% PASSIVE. No babysitting ad campaigns, no working about Facebook ad approval…just a steady flow of affiliate traffic that never stops.
Because I own the product, I get the list of BUYERS all to myself. Look back at those income numbers above. Sure, I’ll make $20,000 – $30,0000 in front-end sales…but then I’ll make FOUR TO FIVE TIMES that on the back-end. That is ONLY possible when YOU control the list of buyers! As an affiliate, you don’t really get to do that.
I have maintained 100% complete and total control over my income. If you’re an affiliate, sure, you can make money, but DO YOU HAVE CONTROL? What happens if the product you’ve worked so hard to promote gets pulled from the marketplace? What happens if Amazon decides to suspend their affiliate program in your state? Your income evaporates. But when you own your own product, you NEVER have to worry – you are in total control over your income!
My front-end products PRE-SELL people to my higher ticket programs. I have gone from offering $7 courses straight into offering $5,000 workshops, and selling LOTS of them. You simply cannot do that if you’re an affiliate!

Deep down, you know that the shortest road to wealth is selling your own products, right? You know that because that’s what you see ALL of the gurus and millionaires and six-figure marketers doing!

But something has been holding you back from stepping up and creating your own products, courses, and workshops.

“Here’s the Real Deal: My Complete System for Creating and Selling Thousands of Dollars Worth of Products…Without Spending a DIME on Advertising or Traffic!”

When I first got started, learning Internet Marketing was like a jigsaw puzzle that would never end. I had to get one piece here, another piece there…it SUCKED.

All I wanted was a COMPLETE SYSTEM to make money on autopilot forever.

That system didn’t exist…until right now.

Introducing The Money Tree Method:

This system took me from broke newbie to a million in sales in JUST UNDER 3 years…what could you do with results like that?

In this course you’ll learn:

How to create your own best-selling products in just 12 hours…even if you’re not an expert (I wasn’t!) and don’t know ANYTHING about the niche.
The easiest way to get THOUSANDS of visitors to your site, without spending a DIME on traffic…
How to instantly establish leadership and credibility with EVERYONE who comes to your site, so they see you as a trusted advisor and friend…
My “inside” conversion secrets to achieve stunning conversion rates…
The conversion machine I use to turn $7 buyers into $5,000 clients, again and again and again.

This is literally EVERYTHING you need to know to build a six-figure business from scratch.

And not just a BUSINESS, a MONEY TREE:

“This Course Will Show You How to Build a TRUE Money Tree – a Sustainable, Passive Income Business That YOU Control.”

Let me make one thing clear right now: It’s not JUS T about making money. It’s ALSO about FREEDOM.

I designed this system from SCRATCH to not only create massive windfalls for you on autopilot, but ALSO to do it as QUICKLY and CHEAPLY as possible!

That’s why the Money Tree is the PERFECT metaphor:

Your product will make sales, on autopilot every day…whether you’re spending time with your family, or playing Call of Duty, or traveling around the world.

How would a six-figure passive income change your life this year?

Where would you go?

What would you do?

This system is your ROADMAP for making it happen.

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