Robin Robins – The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack


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Robin Robins - The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack (MSP Contracts) (2017)

Robin Robins – The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack

(MSP Contracts) (2017)



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If you’re supporting your clients’ networks, critical operations and data without a signed MSP contract — or the wrong one — you’re at enormous risk.

The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack provides guidelines and templates for managed services contracts. In this training, you’ll also learn how to use contracts to close managed services sales faster, avoid confusion about deliverables and command greater respect from your clients.

With The Ultimate MSP Contract Pack, you gain access to unique training from Gregory Phillips, an attorney specializing in practical legal advice for small and medium managed services providers.

Greg was an Assistant General Counsel with two former Fortune 7 companies and served as in-house counsel to Compaq Computer Corporation’s senior management team. He has extensive experience in all types of business transactions for managed services providers including contract law, liability, technology licensing, new technology development, non-disclosure and confidentiality terms and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Sign up now for audio training with Greg Phillips and learn how to use these MSP contract templates to close more sales.


MSP Contract Templates That Could Save Your IT Firm

A frivolous lawsuit has the potential to take down your business. But hiring specialized legal counsel to draft your contract or service agreement is expensive and unrealistic for small IT firms. These MSP contract templates and audio training help you develop contracts to close MORE managed services contracts faster and with less effort.

Through this legal training, you’ll also:

  • Protect your IT services firm from frivolous (and devastating) lawsuits. When you access and support your clients’ data and operations, liability naturally falls on you. These MSP contract templates protect you from getting sued for faulty third-party hardware and software you installed and other potential lawsuits.
  • Instantly establish a higher level of trust, professionalism and authority with your clients. Providing a comprehensive service contract conveys professionalism and gives potential clients peace of mind.
  • Close sales faster. Eliminate common sales roadblocks and clients’ fear of contracts with these proven templates.
  • Develop 7 critical legal terms you need to know. Every IT services firm CEO should be well-versed in these 7 legal terms. You’ll learn the language you must use in every client and vendor engagement contract to avoid being burned (or embarrassed).
  • Shorten the time between signing your agreement, delivery and payment of services. These MSP contract templates cover every phase of the sales cycle to expedite engagements and get you paid faster.
  • Help clarify the managed services deliverables to avoid misunderstandings and disgruntled clients.

Yes! Please sign me up for the Ultimate MSP Contract Pack so I can learn how to avoid frivolous lawsuits and judgments and close managed services sales faster.

I understand that the materials provided in this package are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute individualized legal, tax, financial or accounting advice. I understand that the review and/or use of these documents do not establish any form of attorney-client relationship between you and Phillips & Reiter, PLLC. Before implementing any of these documents, you should consult qualified legal, tax, financial or accounting counsel to determine the current law and how it may apply to your particular situation, city, or state.


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