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BlackjackTrader E-Mini Trading Course Information

Learn how you can trade the S&P 500 e-mini futures with the same techniques used by professional emini traders.
We’re located in the Chicago area — the home of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the S&P 500 trading pit, and the birthplace of the SP 500 e-mini futures contract.
Our e-mini daytrading strategy is uncomplicated and easy to learn. We will teach you how to trade the e-mini for consistent profits. You will learn an emini trading method that only identifies trades that have a very high probability of being profitable. The trade alert that you will learn is very exact and easy to identify. Every trader will see the exact same trade alert — there is no confusion and no other way to interpret the alert.
The BlackjackTrader emini trading course will teach you how to follow the “smart money”.
The “smart money” are large brokerage firms and other large institutions. They drive the market. We will teach you a basic emini trading signal that will alert you to the fact that the emini is getting ready for a move.
When the “smart money” tips their hand as to which way the market will go, we jump on for the ride. You will learn how to calculate 2 profit targets. These targets are extremely accurate in predicting how far the S&P E-mini will move. They are not exact goals but they are very important in helping you to lock in your profits.
We never predict the market — we just react. The course will teach you how to follow the “smart money”.
Our e-mini trading method will teach you how to earn a living — potentially a very good living. To trade the e-mini, no experience or special education is required and only a small amount of start up capital is needed.
The BlackjackTrader e-mini trading strategy teaches you how to capture consistent profits. We’re not trying to make the “big score” — we’re first trying to earn a living.
The BlackjackTrader e-mini trading system alerts the student to trade setups that over and over again have proven to be profitable. We specialize in identifying trades that have a high probability of success.
The BlackjackTrader method uses guerrilla trading tactics — jump in – attack – and jump out with a profit.

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