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Robert Hollis - Millionaire Creation Formula

Robert Hollis – Millionaire Creation Formula

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Everybody knows to have a successful business you NEED the right people!

So if you have been trying to build your business and you haven’t found the right people doing all the things “they” have told you to do… but you’re still not getting the kind of results, respect, and income you desire… then you need to drop whatever it is you’re doing right now and read this letter from start to finish.

Here’s why:

Most of the things you’ve been taught about how to build a business and find the right people are wrong, wrong, wrong.

And not just a little bit wrong… I’m talking DEAD WRONG.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m overstating my case?

I’m not.

Check this out…

We all know that a very small percentage of people have a successful business, and according to Forbes and Inc. websites, 96% of all businesses fail.

The percentage of online and home based businesses that make even $100 a month is very small.

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but $100 is nothing. You could make more money by collecting shopping carts at Costco for a day.

Think about it, one hundred measly bucks for all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into building your business? That’s it?

Average that over a whole year, and it’s just 33 cents a day. It’s practically an injustice. People in third world countries make more than that!

You deserve better.

You really do.

I tell you what, the fact that so many businesses are making basically nothing for their efforts makes me absolutely crazy.

If you understand how easy it is to find the right people, the rest all falls into place. It’s EASY to make six figures a year.

I’m not even talking about speaking gigs, consulting gigs, or all the other ways you can get paid once you build a successful business. Add in all these other potential income sources and you could be making 7 FIGURES a year.

I’m not kidding. I’ll tell you exactly what it was that turned my life around and catapulted me into the millionaire group.

But first, I have to level with you… my life was very different years ago.

The Millionaire Creation Formula is my video training program that teaches you how to build a successful business, no matter how competitive the market is. It will turn your business into a predictable stream of revenue of at least six-figures a year.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this course so that you can begin applying it immediately and get almost instant results — even if nobody knows who you are right now and even if you’ve failed multiple times in your past (like me).

When you login for the first time, you’ll discover all my best strategies and formulas for building your business and translating that business into cold hard cash. Here is what you’ll get:

Module 1: If They Can Do It, YOU Can Do It!

One of the biggest keys to success in anything is understanding that other people’s success stories inspire us! When you get the “POP” in your mind and heart, that if one person can do it, you can do it. That is when the magic happens! You will go from focusing on what you don’t have, to becoming very resourceful!

Module 2: Taking Fast Action

The moment you get results, your belief in what you are doing sky rockets! The more action we take, the more results we get, the higher and stronger our belief. It turns into a success cycle and you will feel accomplished and happy to see that what you are doing produces desired results!

Module 3: Your Time to Take Control!

Most people in life are upset and unhappy by trying to control things that are out of their control! Imagine feeling in control and learning to focus only on things that you can control. Mastering this key will produce a fulfilling life!

Module 4: Fast Start – Expert from Afar

Most things we do in life are the exact opposite of what we should be doing to get the results we want! Becoming aware of not needing to know everything and learning to use a system that works was a huge part of my success! I already had what I needed to be successful and happy!

Module 5: You Are A Winner! Get Your POP!

We all get results in life based on our belief and intentions. We don’t try to do something when we think we will fail at it, or when we are wondering what people will say and think about us! When you can know in your heart that you will win and you find your place of passion (POP), where you don’t care what others say or think, miracles happen!

Module 6: Art of Sorting!

Why do we try so hard to convince the wrong people at the wrong time in their lives to believe what we do? It still boggles the mind! Everyday can be so happy and fun when chatting with people that are the right people in the right time of their lives! Ever wonder why business seems so easy for people? This is one of the keys, and mastering this art makes life a blast!

Module 7: Is FEAR Stopping YOU?

There are so many things in life that we want to do, and should do, but FEAR stops us! Most people never figure out how to conquer FEAR. When my mentors shared with me how to overcome this, everything in my life quickly changed for the better! Learning to feel the fear and do it anyway is a key to happiness and success!

Module 8: (GTR) Get Them Results!

Once again, the world teaches us the opposite of what we should be doing to be happy and have a successful business! Imagine helping others get what they want in life. Not only will you get an incredible feeling of contribution and fulfillment, you will make amazing lifelong friends! Money will be the last worry you will have!

Module 9: Master the Mundane

Most people in the world have ADD: Always Dealing with Distractions! Have you heard the phrase, “Jack of all Trades, a Master of none?” Learning to focus everyday on doing simple things that produce the best results is very important! Your goal is to have the freedom that you have always dreamt of!

Module 10: Time – Will it be Worth It!

As we all know, money comes and goes. Once time is gone, it’s gone forever! The key is to learn that the time you are investing now will truly pay off in the future! If you think for a second that this won’t be worth it, you will stop doing it. Some people never start again, and they take all their dreams, ideas, and inventions to the grave!

Module 11: You Want a Following!

We all understand that things get done faster in life when you have a group of people working on it instead of just one person! Getting people to help and follow you is easy when you create a reason for them to do so! It is easier than ever learn to create a following through the internet!

Module 12: Master Your Tools!

Your time is the most valuable asset you have, learn how to find the right tools that make your life the one you want to live!

Module 13: Momentum – Find Gold & Diamonds

Creating Momentum in life is so important. Everything is either growing or dying! Most people do just enough to not get fired or just enough to survive another day! Being aware of that, you can learn how to create momentum in your life and find people that are focused on making their life amazing. This will give you the freedom to enjoy life!


Module 14: Do You Know You? Personalities!

(1hr 15mins)

Learning to communicate and connect with people is priceless! When my mentors made me aware of all the different personality types, I was blown away. It changed me forever to finally feel accepted for the first time. Imagine finally realizing why some people didn’t understand me, and why I didn’t understand them! This subject one of my favorites!

Module 15: Relationship Marketing

(1hr 14mins)

When you use the law and power of reciprocity, everything is so fun and effortless! I don’t like selling or being a salesperson, 95% of people are the same way! When I shifted perspective and learned that I need to be a Go Giver and serve people, I thought, “I love helping and teaching people!” People don’t care what you know until they know that you care!

Module 16: 7 Steps to an Effective Presentation!

(1hr 13mins)

In this module, you will learn how to create an effective presentation! When you know how to tell if a presentation is effective, you will get desired results! Nothing is worse than working to get people in front of a presentation to only have them say “No” or “I will think about it!” It feels like they join the witness protection program, never to be heard from again!

Module 17: Understanding Marketing

(1hr 13mins)

You will never get what you want by doing what you despise! I used to think that sales and marketing were the same thing. They are not! In this module you will learn the difference, and once you do, it will make all the difference in the world! Why? Because people buy things everyday and people love buying! But no one likes to be sold!

Module 18: Commit To A Better YOU!

(1hr 20mins)

Imagine being the person you always wanted to be! If you are like I used to be, believing what I heard others said about me, or worse – believing what I thought about me! Thinking, “I can’t change, a leopard can’t change it’s spots!” Today, I look back and I have changed every spot I had! If you only changed 1% a day, in one year you would be over 300% better! I believe in YOU!

Module 19: Effective Presentation!


In this module, I demonstrate an effective presentation that you can either duplicate for your business, or have a template that someone can follow to create one! One of the most important keys is handling objections during the presentation and getting that person to want to do business with you when the presentation is finished!

Module 20: Steps To Success


When the presentation is over, most people are thinking, “Now what? You must have step one to step done, easy to follow baby steps to getting the desired results!” When people want something, they want someone to guide them through the process. In this module I will share exactly what to do and show you how!

Module 21: You Need A Game Plan!


I will show you how to design a plan for you and others! It’s a very important step to get yourself into action! It’s just like a map when you are trying to find a location, or blueprints when you are building a home. People need a plan to follow to wherever they want to be in life! Confused people do nothing, add fear on top of this and you have no action, which equals no results!

Who Will Benefit Most from the Millionaire Creation Formula?

The Millionaire Creation Formula is perfect for a variety of businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, including:

  • Local businesses who want to dominate their local niche and become the go-to company for the product or service they provide.
  • Bloggers who want to get more traffic, more shares, and more sales.
  • Freelancers who want to become highly paid and highly respected experts in their niche.
  • Network marketers who want a proven method for building authority, generating leads, and attracting new team members.
  • Speakers who want to achieve celebrity status and fill their calendar with lucrative speaking gigs.
  • Any business person who wants more authority, more leads, more sales, and more income.

Take Action Today and You’ll Also Get

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In this 7 hour video series, Robert will show you the exact steps that made him a millionaire. And even more importantly, the steps he showed 46 others that helped them do the same.

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the Platinum Edition of Roberts Bestselling book, How Is That Working? Which comes with the Audiobook + Ebook and 2 Courses on how the book was written, and how to write and market a bestselling book. This package is for people who want to jumpstart their successful writing career by learning the methods that make your book stand out!


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6.Life Mechanics Billings

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7.Life Mechanics New York

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8.Mastering The Science Of Getting Rich

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He goes through individual chapters in detail and shares the breakthroughs he found that helped him build his million dollar career and businesses. This course will teach you how you can apply the same techniques to your life, company, and spirituality.

9.46 Million Dollar Blueprint

($997 value)

In this 7 hour video series, Robert will show you the exact steps that made him a millionaire. And even more importantly, the steps he showed 46 others that helped them do the same.


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