Rob Hoffman – Trend Trading Techniques

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Trend Trading Techniques

This is a must own course for Futures, Stock, ETF, and FOREX traders. It is over 4 ½ hours long packed with countless trend trading setup examples on multiple trend trading timeframes to really drive home the setups! These are real setups Rob uses in his Live Trading Room! So regardless of your trading style, you’ll want this video and setups as part of your trading toolbox!

Topics and Tips Covered

30 minute charts, larger profits
30 minute good setup
30 minute Scalping Trades and spreads
30 minute Swoops, profit opportunity
30 minutes – Great trade – Sweat Spot
30 minutes – RSI stairsteps, Swoops, MACD rising
30 minutes – Speedline closing is suspect – too Risky
30 minutes – Too Risky
60 minutes – Caution but good indicators, Reaction bars
60 minutes – Doji Star, speedlines, Resistance level, needs more confirmation and background
60 minutes – Fish hook, good setup, RSI bounce, pullback bar on light volume
60 minutes – good setup – Air and support level
60 minutes – No trend, RSI at flatline and Hockey Stick
60 minutes Too much Air
Accumulation / Distribution on Open
Before midnight and liquidity comments
Demo a good Short setup
Divergances and exiting trades
End of Day trades
Exit techniques
Fish Hook, After hours and profit potential
Fish Hooks
Good setup but a trend change
Hourly charts are important
Key Reversal Up
MACD histogram, RSI
MACD, Crooked finger, volume pullback, counter trend, support and resistance levels
Mixed Trend
Moving stops – separate webinar called for
No Trading rules
Not a good setup – swish cheese
Pivots, support and resistance levels
Resistance Levels and Aggressive trades
Risk and Reward assessment on 15 min chart
Risk management and trend quality
Risk mitigation and Capital preservation
Risk, last half hour comments, swoop
Scaling techniques per speedlines
Senior trends and Grow and Go
Speedline Setup
Speedline setup variations with volume specs
Speedlines and Hoffman 2 and 3 bar
Speedlines and Moving averages
Stop outs using 20 MA
Swiss Cheese
Thrust Pullback Thrust
Trend – Absense of
Trend – Junior
Trend continuation – TC20
Trend continuation, Accumulation, Doji star
Trend Resumptions and good trade

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