Richard Telfeja – Ecom Profit Masterclass

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Richard Telfeja – Ecom Profit Masterclass

Price: $997
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Learn The Exact Strategies I Used To Make $2,000,000+ In A Month on Shopify and Google And Get Direct Access To Me As A Mentor & Coach

Would You Like Me To Teach You How I Made $2.2 Million Dollars In One Month Using Google

In The Next 15 Minutes…

  • I Will Show You How I Built A 7-Figure Store In Less Than A Year
  • How I Did Over $2 Million In Revenue In Just One Month
  • How I Am Making Sales Each Minute Of The Day (Even When I Sleep)
  • AND How I Am Currently Helping My Students Achieve Similar Results

This Is For You If You Want…

  • To build a Shopify store from scratch in one day or less
  • To improve or scale an existing Shopify store
  • Massive and fast growth on a limited budget
  • To quit your 9-5 job even if you have no online experience
  • A way to diversify your income
  • Launch stores in less than 1 hour
  • $2.2 Million in JUST one month
  • More than 200,000 sales generated
  • Helped others build MASSIVELY successful ecommerce stores


  • Maybe you just don’t know where to start (information overload)
  • Facebook ads are confusing and becoming expensive Finding winning products takes a lot of time and money (if you’re not using the correct strategies)
  • Running a store can be time consuming Building a high converting, beautiful store is EXPENSIVE and hard
  • Build A Professional, Ready-To-Sell Online Store In Just A Few Hours
  • Find High Converting Products That Sell And Make Us Money
  • How To Test And Scale With Google Adwords Fast And Without Wasting Much Money. We Will Also Automate This Whole Process!

Get All The Content Free Today!

Join the Ecom Profit Masterclass today and get ALL of my bonus content for FREE!

  • Fully Optimized, Ready-to-Sell Theme ($997)
  • Access to Our Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group ($997)
  • Live Coaching Once Per Week ($1997)
  • Zero to $780 Case Study ($497)


The Ecom Profit Masterclass is a six week online video training and direct mentorship program that teaches you every single step needed to create and grow a massively profitable Shopify ecommerce business.

On top of world class training videos, Masterclass Members get direct access to me and my business partner, Laz Chavez, as mentors. This combination of coaching and training videos has resulted in over 100+ student success stories and makes the Ecom Profit Masterclass the most unique, fully featured Shopify training program on the market today.

Week 1: Shopify Setup

– Setting up your online store and designed for a TOTAL beginner

– How to set up the back end of your online store step by step without any coding involved whatsoever

– Getting a domain and setting up email forwarding

– How to set up your legal pages without any lawyers involved

– Installing our high converting, proven to sell theme

– Creating a logo and customizing your theme without any designer experience

Week 2: Zero-Risk Products

– How to use the research tools I use to find winning products that will sell and make us money

– How to offer hundreds of different products WITHOUT ever spending a dollar on inventory

– How to find suppliers who have the products for a cheap price

– How to import these products into your store with just one click

– Editing product titles, description templates, and images to look extremely legit

Week 3: Apps & Order Fulfillment

– The exact apps to ensure your online store is a success

– Setting up simple, yet very effective apps that will 2-4x sales and make your life much easier

– How to place orders with your supplier with just one click

– How to send tracking information to your customers with just one click

Week 4: Google Setup

– Step by step Google Adwords and Merchant Center account setup

– Getting familiar with the Adwords platform

– How to easily set up conversion tracking so that you know your ROI

Week 5: Google Ads Setup & Optimization

– Never made a Google ad before… no problem, we build them step by step in front of you

– SUPER Cheap $20 per day Google Ads is all it takes to make this work

– How to setup your first Google Shopping campaign to test products automatically

– Our exact blueprint to turn tiny stores into 7 figure businesses

Week 6: Search & International Expansion

– How to set up the most profitable search campaign ever… that will get you conversions for $1

– How to leverage Google Shopping data with search campaigns

– How to scale your business internationally with Google Shopping made easy

$4000+ Bonus Package

– Fully Optimized, Ready-to-Sell Theme ($997)

– Access to Our Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group ($997)

– Live Coaching Once Per Week ($1997)

– Zero to $780 Case Study ($497)


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