Rebus University – Certified Outbound Lead Specialist 2021

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Certified Outbound Lead Specialist

Earn More Commissions With Strategies Proven To Generate And Convert Outbound Leads!

Proven Methods For Generating, Managing, And Converting Outbound Real Estate Leads

Are you tired of wasting time and money with outbound lead generation strategies that fail time and again?

What if there was a proven way to generate outbound leads your team could convert with relative ease?

Wouldn’t you want to learn more?

Even better, what if there was a program that walked you through the entire process of generating and converting outbound leads?

Now, thanks to the Certified Outbound Lead Specialist course, there is. Learn the top strategies for generating, managing, and converting outbound leads and watch your commissions soar. This course gives you the tools needed for effective outbound lead management and demonstrates exactly how to use them.

Sign up today and learn the methods industry experts use to generate and manage outbound leads for optimal conversion rates. If this course doesn’t drastically improve the effectiveness of your prospecting efforts, simply take advantage of Pat’s 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

Start generating better outbound leads, setting more appointments, and earning higher commissions with the best lead management tools and strategies.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to generate and convert more outbound leads from Sam Monreal and Dale Archdekin – two of our industry’s leading authorities on real estate leads.

Sam is the founder of Pitchstack – a sales consulting firm that builds sales and inside sales teams for real estate organizations and startups. Previously, he was Director of Sales at the Heyl Group Real Estate Team (which was named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America) and a Partner and the VP of Business Development at Rokrbox – an organization handles over 15,000 online real estate leads every single month. 

Dale Is the founder of Smart Inside Sales where he helps top real estate agents and companies build and manage successful inside sales teams and improve their overall lead generation and conversion metrics. Prior to this venture, Dale was the Director of Lead Generation for one of the top 5 teams with Keller Williams Realty. Dale uses his 15+ years of experience to successfully guide other agents and companies through the many difficulties of creating a productive and profitable inside sales department.

Leverage their experience and knowledge to avoid costly mistakes and crack the code of outbound prospecting and lead generation.

Packed with nearly 2 hours of video, this course will guide you through the latest, most effective outbound lead generation and conversion strategies. Featuring 5 course categories on topics ranging from outbound lead sources to professional prospecting (see the curriculum below), the Certified Outbound Lead Specialist course is an incredible resource for new and seasoned agents alike.

As you work through the course, you’ll master the skills needed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales efforts. If you have a dedicated sales department, this course will guide your team to the next level of real estate success (remember to take advantage of our team pricing).

Sign up now for the Certified Outbound Lead Specialist course and receive:

  • Nearly 2 hours of video
  • Exclusive course downloads (scripts, checklists, worksheets, etc.)
  • Strategies for generating leads, setting appointments, converting leads, getting listings and more…
  • Information on the best lead generation tools and practices
  • Email subscription to Rebus Real Estate Profits Insider
  • Certification at time of course completion

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction Video

    • What Is an Outbound Specialist? Video

    • What Is an Outbound Specialist? Quiz

  • 2

    1. Outbound Lead Sources

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 1) Video

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 1) Quiz

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 2) Video

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 2) Quiz

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 3) Video

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 3) Quiz

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 4) Video

    • Outbound Lead Sources (Part 4) Quiz

  • 3

    2. Technology for Outbound Prospecting

    • Technology Resources Video

    • Technology Resources Quiz

    • Dialers Video

    • Dialers Quiz

    • Data Video

    • Data Quiz

    • CRM Software Video

    • CRM Software Quiz

    • Text and Voicemail Blasting Video

    • Text and Voicemail Blasting Quiz

  • 4

    3. Successful Lead Engagement

    • Types of Leads Video

    • Types of Leads Quiz

    • The Right Mindset Video

    • The Right Mindset Quiz

    • Follow-Up Video

    • Follow-Up Quiz

    • The Prequalification Process Video

    • The Prequalification Process Quiz

    • Prequalification Script

  • 5

    4. Appointments and Nurtures

    • Setting Appointments (Part 1) Video

    • Setting Appointments (Part 1) Quiz

    • Setting Appointments (Part 2) Video

    • Setting Appointments (Part 2) Quiz

    • Setting Appointments (Part 3) Video

    • Setting Appointments (Part 3) Quiz

    • Nurturing Prospective Clients Video

    • Nurturing Prospective Clients Quiz

    • Old Expired Listings Video

    • Old Expired Listings Quiz

  • 6

    5. Professional Prospecting

    • Entering Conversations Video

    • Entering Conversations Quiz

    • Mastering Scripts Video

    • Mastering Scripts Quiz

    • Objections and Conditions Video

    • Objections and Conditions Quiz

    • Bragging vs. Explaining Video

    • Bragging vs. Explaining Quiz

    • Honing Your Skills Video

    • Honing Your Skills Quiz

  • 7


    • Conclusion Video

  • 8

    Course Downloads

  • 4-1-1 Action Goal Worksheet

  • First 100 Days Checklist

  • Sample End-of-Day Report

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