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5 Alive

Change Your Professional And Personal Life With The 5 Alive Real Estate System!

Work Smarter. Earn More. Enjoy Life.

Everything You Need to Succeed! Proven 5-Part System Guaranteed to Earn You a MINIMUM of $75K in Real Estate Commissions Annually

Are you tired of always chasing the next deal and wondering where your next commission check will come from?

Do you feel like you are running on a treadmill working 40+ hours a week and constantly prospecting but never filling your funnel with enough high-quality leads?

It is exhausting and stressful just thinking about it!

Instead, what if you had a system you could simply plug into and follow step by step that took all the guesswork out of prospecting, getting leads, closing deals and collecting commission checks?

What if we told you that system was guaranteed to deliver a MINIMUM of $75,000 (most agents earning up to $150,000) in real estate commissions annually with you only having to commit 25 hours a week?

Imagine how different your professional and personal life would look then.

You don’t have to imagine. You only need to sign up now and follow the 5 Alive course – a system that has been tested, tracked and proven to deliver real results for hundreds of real estate agents of all backgrounds and experience levels.

This is a no-brainer. Follow the system. Work smarter. Earn more. Enjoy life.

This is an amazing opportunity for real estate agents to change their professional and personal lives for the better!

Sign up now for this amazing course which has never been released to agents outside of Chantel Ray’s team until today.

5 Alive Delivers More Clients and More Commissions

5 Alive was born from the simple need for a real estate program that worked for agents of all backgrounds and experience levels. After working with a team of agents who had mixed results following different methods, Chantel Ray knew that there had to be a better way to help her agents succeed.

Chantel took the best strategies with proven results and combined them to create one of the most effective programs for getting clients and earning commissions.

Now, after years of testing, analyzing, and streamlining into the exact formula which delivers maximum results, Pat Hiban is honored and excited to offer Rebus University real estate agents the opportunity to benefit from this course – a course never previously offered to anyone outside of Chantel Ray’s team of agents.

Why is Pat so excited for you? Because he knows that, with a minimum time commitment of 25 hours and by following the 5-part system exactly, 5 Alive will change your professional and personal life for the better.

Everything you need to succeed – a plug-n-play system to follow, scripts for face-to-face meetings, templates for emails, texts and voicemails, a proven secret social media formula, a step-by-step Monster Open House recipe, and much more – is right here in the 5 Alive online video course.

Because 5 Alive is so powerful, Chantel is able to guarantee real estate agents joining her team at least $75,000 their first year. By following 5 Alive and Chantel’s advice, the agents of Chantel Ray Real Estate have achieved unrivaled success in Virginia.

Now, thanks to Rebus University, you can experience the same level of success in your market! Simply follow the 5-part program with a 25-hour-per-week commitment; that’s it!

In return, you’ll generate the same $75,000+ commissions Chantel’s agents do. If not, simply take advantage of our 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and let 5 Alive guide you to real estate success.

Sign up now for the 5 Alive course and receive:

  • Over 2.5 hours of video explaining exactly how to follow the 5 Alive program
  • Templates and scripts for emails, texts, voicemails and face-to-face meetings proven time and again to win clients
  • Chantel’s secret social media formula for generating high-quality leads
  • Step-by-step guide (with a downloadable checklist) for hosting open houses that fill your funnel with high-quality buyer and seller leads
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to real estate advice from two of the most successful agents in the industry
  • 27 quizzes to test your knowledge and ensure you understand the 5 Alive system and how to implement it in your business
  • Much more…

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction Video

    • Weekly Worksheet

    • $75,000 Agent Contract

  • 2

    1. Call 200

    • What Is Call 200? Video

    • What Is Call 200? Quiz

    • Getting Personal With Old Leads Video

    • Getting Personal With Old Leads Quiz

    • How to Hook Old Leads Video

    • How to Hook Old Leads Quiz

    • Writing Effective Emails Video

    • Writing Effective Emails Quiz

    • Leaving Effective Voicemails Video

    • Leaving Effective Voicemails Quiz

    • Getting FSBO Appointments Video

    • Getting FSBO Appointments Quiz

    • Email, Text, & Voicemail Scripts

  • 3

    2. Power Hour

    • What Is the Power Hour? Video

    • What Is the Power Hour? Quiz

    • Business-To-Business Marketing Video

    • Business-To-Business Marketing Quiz

    • Buyer Consultation (Part 1) Video

    • Buyer Consultation (Part 1) Quiz

    • Buyer Consultation (Part 2) Video

    • Buyer Consultation (Part 2) Quiz

    • Buyer Consultation Review Video

    • Buyer Consultation Review Quiz

  • 4

    3. Facebook Frenzy

    • What Is a Facebook Frenzy? Video

    • What Is a Facebook Frenzy? Quiz

    • Market Snapshots Video

    • Market Snapshots Quiz

    • Business Highlights Video

    • Business Highlights Quiz

    • Community Events Video

    • Community Events Quiz

    • Vlogs and Blogs Video

    • Vlogs and Blogs Quiz

    • Marketing Listings Video

    • Marketing Listings Quiz

    • Stalking Commissions Video

    • Stalking Commissions Quiz

    • Deal Reports Video

    • Deal Reports Quiz

    • How To Create a Business Highlight Guide

    • Market Snapshot Examples

    • Business Highlight Examples

    • Vlog and Blog Examples

    • Listing Marketing Examples

    • Deal Report Examples

    • Real Estate Memes

  • 5

    4. Monster Open House

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 1) Video

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 1) Quiz

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 2) Video

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 2) Quiz

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 3) Video

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 3) Quiz

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 4) Video

    • Hosting a Monster Open House (Part 4) Quiz

    • Open House Checklist

    • Open House Sign-In Sheet

  • 6

    5. Elbow Rubbing

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 1) Video

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 1) Quiz

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 2) Video

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 2) Quiz

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 3) Video

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 3) Quiz

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 4) Video

    • Rubbing Elbows and Building Rapport (Part 4) Quiz

  • 7


  • Conclusion Video

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