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Randy Gage - Multi-Level Mayhem

Randy Gage – Multi-Level Mayhem


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Are You Ready to Create a Ruckus?

Do You Want to Build a Huge Team and Become a Top MLM Leader?

The Ultimate High-Level Leadership Training for People in Network Marketing and Direct Selling

It’s time you stop building incrementally, bit by tiny bit. It’s time you unleash mayhem. Multi-Level Mayhem to be exact!

This new training program from Randy Gage was developed to help you reach the top levels of success in direct selling/network marketing. It contains all of Randy’s latest business building strategies, of what is working right now, in today’s market. This is exactly the resource you need to breakthrough and reach the top levels of success and build a huge team with duplication.

Multi-Level Mayhem is everything Randy learned since Mega-MLM and starting his Leadership Academy. It’s everything he learned building a huge worldwide business, and then launching a new one recently. There has never been a resource like this, from Randy or anyone else.

If you are a company owner or executive, a top leader or an aspiring one,
this resource is for you. By the time you’re done, you’ll know how to:

  • Develop your leadership team
  • Replace yourself in the leadership hierarchy
  • Prioritize where to spend your time for maximum results
  • Create a year of exponential growth for your team
  • Jack up your own rank advancement schedule
  • Take at least five years off your growth curve.

Create a Year of Exponential Progress on Your Team

MULTI-LEVEL MAYHEM is the ultimate training and strategy on how to lead and grow a massive, well-trained team.

Mayhem is a high-level training on the concepts of leadership – and specifically how they apply in the network marketing and direct selling arena. Most particularly, how these concepts play out in the process of team building. It’s a critical thinker’s view on how you combine duplicable systems & structure, leadership development, and organizational culture – to create powerful and sustained exponential growth.If you can create this exponential growth for at least one year, you’ll create enough momentum to create a lifetime of residual income for yourself. You will develop enough leaders to make yourself expendable and truly have a viable passive income stream.

The curriculum is divided into the five
most important areas for becoming a top leader and building a
huge team. They are:


Here you’ll get my best insights on what kind of structure your team needs for the best results. It’s a new world of smart phones, streaming video and social media. If you’re still trying to build with DVDs, email, and conference calls – you’re about to be left for dead.

We’ll talk mobile apps, live streaming, Google hangouts, replicated websites, and other digital resources. We’ll answer the question, “Do we still need print brochures and CDs?” I’ll show you the best structure to keep your team up-to-date, competently-trained and connected.  And yes, we’ll discuss the role of live events as well.

This segment will teach you how to integrate your training tools, counseling process, live events, online events and an annual leadership training to create a pathway for leadership development in your team.


In this segment, we’ll cover what duplication is, why it’s required, how you ensure the best duplication, and how strict you should be with your system. (Including my exact formula for creating true duplication.)

To lead a world-class team, you need to have and understand a recruiting system, training system, communications system, and leadership development system.
If you’re not locked in – in all four areas – you won’t get the results you desire. At every stage, you must ask, how do I automate this, how do I systematize this, how do I make this scalable?

In this module, you will learn the five critical rules for creating a duplicable system and the nine components necessary for a duplicable system.


In the post FTC/Vemma world, the rules have changed. Dramatically. If your presentations are built around product and income testimonials, you’re about to get slammed. If you think you can make the argument that distributors count as customers, you’ve got a great shot at getting closed.

You must have a viable customer program and that only happens with a viable customer culture. This module will show you how to create that. You’ll discover how to make this happen through your recruiting materials, training programs, marketing structure and even your compensation plan.


This session may not sound very positive, but it’s the one that will keep you in business and growing. Randy will alert you to the serious mistakes that can kill your growth, or even your team.

We’ll explore the things that get you negative publicity and/or government scrutiny. The “ego run amok” activities that drive people away. The contests and promotions that de-incentivize your team. And the practices that cause top leaders to leave for other programs. There are ten tripwires in total, that should be avoided if you want to get the best results for you and your team. This one session alone could save you a couple million dollars in lost income. Really.


This category should surprise no one. The most intrinsically vital part of your team building is how you lead, interact with, train, and inspire your people.

Here we’ll look at things like how you set a vision for your team, keep people motivated, build belief, deal with difficult people, balance strong egos, recognize potential leaders, attract natural leaders, and develop new leaders.

You will discover Randy’s insights on the “why,”” what,” and “how” of leadership. And most vitally – the ten most important leadership lessons in network marketing.

One thing to make abundantly clear…

This is NOT “where do I meet prospects,” “how do I make a presentation,” or “how do I turn customers into business builders” training. There are plenty of other resources available for topics like those.

Don’t sign up for this program if you’re looking for the answers to questions like those. Multi-Level Mayhem is the ultimate training on how to lead and grow a massive, well-trained team.

It’s not meant for beginners, part-timers or retailers. It’s designed exclusively for people who currently are, or want to become, top leaders in a network marketing or direct selling organization. Randy will show you everything he learned building a team in more than 50 countries. And then what he learned walking away and starting all over again.

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  1. Natalie Morris (verified owner)

    I was able to apply what I learned immediately. Thank you!

  2. Austin Russell (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    This course exceeded my expectations! The content was thorough and well-organized. Highly recommend!

  4. Brittany Price (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the hands-on approach to learning.

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